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Publication numberUS2513127 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1950
Filing dateDec 4, 1945
Priority dateDec 4, 1945
Publication numberUS 2513127 A, US 2513127A, US-A-2513127, US2513127 A, US2513127A
InventorsWolters Carl F
Original AssigneeRemington Rand Inc
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Index tab
US 2513127 A
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June 27, 1950 c. F. WOLTERS INDEX TAB Filed Dec. 4, 1945 Patented June 27, 1950 i 21. If

N T-Ev! INDEX T AI B Carl F. Wolters, Kenmore;- NJ-L'YE, assignor' to Remington Rand Inc.

ration of Delaware ,1 Buffalo, N. Y.,.a corp- Application December 4, 1945Serial Nof6'32jfi 84 This invention relates to index tabs forcorrespondence guides.

The invention comprehends the provision of an index tab for guide cards that is inexpensive to manufacture, is formed of transparent material having the body portion formed to magnify the index on the label, having retaining lips on the magnifying body portion for detachably retaining the label against the rear face thereof,

and having an attaching portion formed by an 10 extension on one of the lips to provide a means for attaching the tab to a guide, in which the attaching portion and the integral lip at the upper end of the attaching portion cooperate to provide means for determining the position of the tab on the guide.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 shows the improved index tab with a fragmentary portion of the attached guide in perspective, looking from the front.

Fig. 2 shows the index tab with a fragment of a guide to which it is attached, in perspective, looking at the rear.

Fig. 3 is a vertical transverse section through the index tab and the portion of the guide to which it is attached is taken on line 3-3 of Fig. 2.

The guide card I, in the form of the invention as illustrated in the drawing, has a tab extension 2 projecting above the upper edge thereof on character as shown in Fig. 3. The transparent material comprising the body between front convex face 6 and rear fiat face 5, forms a lens for magnifying the indicia on label 1.

Opposite longitudinal margins of body 4 are formed with rearwardly extending flanges 8 terminating in inturned lips 9 extending inwardly toward each other in parallel relation to the rear face 5 of body 4 for providing grooves l0 along opposite longitudinal margins of body 4 for slidably receiving opposite margins of label or index strip 1 so as to retain this index strip in position against the rear face of body 4. Between the edges of lips 9, the index tab is open to provide access to the rear face 5 of body 4 and to the rear face of index strip I, in order that the index strip 66 Tab 3 includes a 5 maybe readily engaged for insertion and r moval from its support against the back portion of the body. a

A rearwardly curved section II is formed as an extension on one of the lips 9 in the manner shown in the drawing, which merges into a flat attaching strip 12 extending in acute angular relation from the rear of body 4. Attention is directed to the fact that flanges 8, lips 9, curved section II and strip [2, are of uniform cross-sectional dimension. The front face of strip I2 is secured against the rear face of tab extension 2 on guide I, in the manner shown in the drawing, and is rigidly secured to the guide in any suitable manner, such as by means of rivets l3. In securing attaching strip I2 to guide I, curved section II of lip 9, cooperates with the attaching portion in providing a position determining means for fixing the position of the tab along the upper edge of the guide. This is obtained through the upper edge of tab 2 engaging curved section II where it extends laterally and forwardly from strip l2, as indicated at I4 in Fig. 3. This provides a means for readily and uniformly fixing the vertical position of these tabs on all guide cards so that the tabs on adjacent guides will be uniformly mounted.

This structure provides a tab for guides in which the label or index strip is supported in an angular position so that the front face of the label containing the index caption, will face upwardly at an angle so that it will be readily visible from the front of the guide in a manner wellknown in the art.

The index tab is inexpensive to make in view of the uniform cross-section of the lips, curved section and attaching strip as they extend away from body 4 in a continuous, uninterrupted form that provides a simple structural form capable of being made from plastic material by the wellknown extrusion process. The angular support for the index strip with the magnifying lens portion thereover provides an index tab that is easy to read in view of the magnification of the index characters on the strip through the use of transparent plastic material.

The invention claimed is:

1. A transparent magnifying index tab comprising an elongated body portion having a substantially flat rear face and a convex partially cylindrical front face, flanges formed on the longitudinal edges of said body extending rearwardly therefrom, inturned lips extending inwardly toward each other from the inner ends of said flanges in spaced parallel relation to said,

to form a guide retaining groove at, the front of I said strip, said'lips and attaching striphaving a uniform cross-section.

2. A transparent magnifying index tab comprising an elongated body portion having a relatively flat rear face and a convex front face,

flanges formed on the longitudinal edges of said a body extending rearwardly, coplanar inturnedlips extending inwardly toward each other from the rear ends of said flanges in spaced parallel relation to the rear face of said body and forming longitudinal grooves opening toward each other along said rear fiat face for slidably receiving oppositemarginsof an index strip for support along the rear face of said body, a rearwardly curved section extending from;the inner edge of one of said lips, a flat attaching strip formed at the rear edge of said curved section extending in acute angular relation outwardly from said rear face of said body and last-mentioned lip, said rearwardly curved section, lip and attaching strip cooperating to form a guide retaining groove at the lower sides thereof, and a guide card secured to the front face of said attaching strip with the adjacent edge retained in said guide retaining groove between said attaching strip and adjacent lip.


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