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Publication numberUS2513169 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 27, 1950
Filing dateDec 24, 1947
Priority dateDec 24, 1947
Publication numberUS 2513169 A, US 2513169A, US-A-2513169, US2513169 A, US2513169A
InventorsGriswold Owen H
Original AssigneeWilliam M Noe
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Safety belt buckle
US 2513169 A
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June 27, 1950 o. H. GRlsWoLD SAFETY BELT BUCKLE Filed Dec. 24, 1947 INVEN TOR. OWEN H. GRISWOLD o M Hareys Patented June 27, 1950 lowenv` H. Griswold, 'santa' Monica, Calif., assigner to WillamM.' Noe, Los Angeles, Calf`.

Applieauol'necmter 24, 1947, sedative; 792,619`

7 claims. (crei-17m f 4 i' l i 1 My invention relates to"safety4`-b,elt buckles intended to connect safety belts usedto`v restrain passengers in airplane seats. Included in the objects of my invention are:

First, to provide a safetyben buone which f assures a iirm'grip on the safety belt capable of withstanding extreme loads although inexpertly or hurriedly fastened.

Second, to provide a safety belt buckle which, although capable of maintaining a firmandde- 'pendable grip, may be quickly and easily 1unbuckled when desired irrespective of whether the safety belt buckle is subjected to normal or excessive loads at the time it is desired to release the buckle, the buckle thus being particularly advantageous in case the safety belt must be quickly unfastened under adverse conditions as might occur in the event of a crash landing. v

Third, to provide a safety belt'buckle which incorporates a novel clamping means in which extremely powerful leverage is available to open the jaws of the clamping means when desiring to release the safety belt.

Fourth, to provide a safety belt buckle which tends to adjust the safety strap automatically to passengers of different girth for the reason that the buckle automatically locks when released by the passenger after drawing the safety belt about him.

With the above and other objects in view as may appear hereinafter, reference is directed to the accompanying drawings, in which:

Figure 1 is a plan View of mysafety belt buckle shown attached to and securing a safety belt, the belt being shown fragmentarily.

Figure 2 is a side elevational view thereof.

Figure 3 is a longitudinal sectional View through 3--3 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a similar sectional view Ishowing the movable jaw in its released position and indicating by broken lines the movable jaw in confronting relation with the fixed jaw.

Figure 5 is a transverse sectional View through 45--5 of Figure 4 showing the movable jaw in its relation to the release lever.

Figure 6 is a bottom view of the safety belt buckle with a portion broken away and in section, the sectional portion corresponding approximately to line 6 6 of Figure 3. y

My belt buckle includes a frame I having parallel side members 2. The side members are joined at one end by a fixed clamp jaw 3` and are connected by their lower margins adjacent their opposite ends by'a mounting web 4. -A slot 5 is defined between the fixed clamp v-jaw 3 and the mounting web 4'; The side ofthexed damp jaw'y confronting 'the slot 51slopes upwardly therefrom and forms a serrated clamping face 6.

The sidevjmevmbers 2 )extend `upwardly :and

slightly'beyond the mounting web 4. A'journal pin l is secured between thesev portions of the lside members and supports a release lever 8. The release lever is U-shaped to form' legsv 9 journaled o`n`the pinl and a rounded handle 'portion `Il!`.`.The legs extend from the pin 1 along the insidesurfaces of the side members 2 land overliethe xed clamp jaw 3. The handle portion projects 'beyond the fixed clamp jaw.

The legs- 9 adjacent'the journal pin 'I support a second rjournal pin II onwhich is'pivotally mounted a movable jaw member I2.y Thegmovable jaw member is in the form of a plate having depending lugs I3v to receive the journal pin II. The extended end of the movablerjaw memberis provided with a serrated clamping face I4 adapted to'confront and conform' to the slope 'o f the serrated clamping facej 6 of the fixed clamp jaw. The movable jaw member fincludes a cover portion I5 which extends over the two journal pins'y I and Il in substantial conformity with the extremities of the legs 9 and the sidemembers 2.'

Thejournal pin l receives a helical spring I6. One extremity Il of the spring I6 is anchored in a slotr Iilrprovidedv in the mounting web 4. The other extremity I9 of the spring I6 is adapted to' hook over the journal pin II. A second spring 20 is fitted on the journal pin I I and has an extremity. 2| which hooks over the journal pin 1 and a' second extremity 22 which bears against the movable jaw member I2.

The action of the spring 20 is such thatthe extremity of the movable jaw member-is urged upwardly between the legs of the release lever 8.- Such upward movement is limited by stop Ilugs 23 extending laterally from the extremity of the movable jaw member.

A i Operation ofv my safety belt buckle is as follows:` The buckle is attached toa safety belt strap indicated by A which is loopedaround the ',mounting'web 4 and suitably secured toitself. The extremity of a mating safety belt or strap B is threaded through the slot 5 and folded upon itself over the xed clamping face 6. This is accomplished while the release lever 8 is held in its raised position shown in Figure 4; YWhen the lever 8 is released the spring I6 functions to urge the release lever and movable clamp jaw t0 the position shown in Figure 3. Tension applied tthe webexerts a force ina directiontendns to tighten or increase the clamping action between the movable and fixed clamping faces.

When it is desired to release the safety belt buckle the release lever 8 is raised. This can be done by directly engaging the handle portion lll or by pulling upwardly on the extremity of the safety belt B.

The movable clamp jaw, particularly if the web B is under tensionin the directionv of the arrow inFigure, does. not, at rst, raiser with the releasing lever; however, movement of pin l I about pin 1 draws the movable clamp jaw away` from the iixed clamp jaw until the strap is freed. This also frees the moveable clamp jaw whichl then rotates under urge of the spring 2U`untilthe stops 23 engage the release lever'.

Stated otherwise, the operating end of movable clamp jaw when pivoting abouty eitherv pinion ll moves in a, path which approaches tangency to the xed jaw so that a self-tightening wedging action is obtained. When the operating end of the. movable jaw is restrained, the movable jaw simultaneously pivoted about both axes of' 1V andv l'lfand said operating end is thereby movedapproxiniately normal to the surface of tl'iexed clamp jaw.

It will ms be observed that the leverage avail; able to withdraw the movable clamp jaw is extremely large.v Infact, it has been found Vunder testfthat, after applying a load of` 3000' pounds in tensin between the belts A and 2B,l then re: duci'n'g the load to 600 pounds, the force required to operate'the release lever is in the neighborod of 2'` pounds.. if,` desired. the releasing foreniay be materially less than 20'v pounds. A' releasing force is selected whichv is su'ic'ient t'o avoid' ac,- cidental tripping of the release lever but well under the strengthy oi the user eveniinderadverse conditions.

Having fully described `my invention, it to be understood that I do not wish to be limited to the details herein set forth, but my invention of ythe full scope ofthe appended claims.

1. A safety belt buckle comprising: affam including, side membersV connected by a fixedclamp and means for attachment to a strap,y said clamp jaw and said means being s'pacdtofde'- fined a slot to received the vfree extremity oa strap whereby said strap maybe threaded through said slotfand over said xed clamp jaw` to form a free-extended end; a-releaselever pivotaliy connested to said sidemembers att points remeteiom saidfj aw and movable between a position, overlying said 4jaw and extended portion of said strap and-1a position spaced therefrom; amovable clampj jaw pivotallyA carried by said releasev` leverand extending between sa'id side members forV cooperationwith` said xed jaw;A meansyieldably'urging said release levertoward said xedy clampY jaw and' meansyieldably urging saidmdvable clamp jaw toward said release lever wherebysaidrelea'se '1er/'erano movable clamp jaw tenuto movemunison, said release lever beingy engageableiby the' ex'- tended end'portion of said strap to effect re.- lease of said movable clamp jaw andifee said strap.r x

saiety belt buckle comprising: a. frameincluding a xedclamp. javv; a release leverspivotally connected to saidframessaid fixed clamp'jaw having a substantially planular operati-ng,l face directed toward the pivotal axis oi-v saidrelease lever; a. movable clamp jaw'pivotallyconneoted tosaidrelcase-lever betweenfits' pivotal-:axis: and

said fixed jaw, said movable clamp jaw having a substantially planular operating face at itsy extended end for cooperation with the operating face of said iixed clamp jaw; yieldable means and stop means cooperating to place said movable clamp jaw in predetermined relation to said release lever for movement as a unit, about the pivotal axis of said release lever, said yieldable means: beingresponsive to a restraining force placed on said operating face of the movable clamp jaw whereupon coincidental pivotal movements of said movable clamp jaw and release lever withdraws said movable clamp jaw fromsaid-xed jaw, said jaws adapted to receive a'beltftherebetween, and said release lever and fixed jaw adapted to receive a continuation of said belt therebetween, said release lever being engageableby said continuation to release said clampfjaws from said belt.

3. A buckle comprising; a xed and a, movable clamp jaw having, jaw faces cooperatingto engage a strap; means forming a primary pivotal axis for rotation oi the jaw face of said movable clamp jaw about an arc approaching tangency to said fixed.claii1pjaw, thereby to grip said strap; other means forming a planetary pivotal axis for s'ad' movable clamp jaw, said planetary pivotal'a'xis movable about'said primary pivotal axis to and from a, position between said primary pivotalaxis and said fixed clamp jaw, whereby simultaneous vtravel of said movable clamp jaw about both said axes causes its jaw face to recede from said, fixed jaw' face; and yieldable means tending to. restrain said movable jaw to travel aboutsaid primary pivotal. axis, said yieldable means responsive to restraint placed 0n the jaw face ofl said movable jaw member by a strap grippedfbetiveen, saidy jaw faces to permit pivotal travel of said movable jaw member about said planetary pivotal .axis thereby t0 free said strap, Vsailffixld 4clalr'np j avvY and saidrelease lever adapted to receive a'coitinuation of said strap therebetween said'i'elease lever adaptedtoY be engaged by saidcontinuation to eiect release of said clamp jaw from said belt.

4; Abuclile comprsingja frame having, afixed clamp `tavv.; arelease lever; a primary journal eoriiieleting said lever. and frame, the eii'tended end of said release lever extending toward?, over andbeyond said fixed clamp jaw a movable clamp jaw having aoperating end cooperable withfsaid xedclaipjaw to engage` a strap threaded between said jaws with a continuation thereof between said xed jaw vand said release lever, a-secondary journal'con-necting said movableclamp jaw tos'aid release. lever on an axis between-the axis or therelease lever and the fixed jaw-the operasing end of said movable clamp jawadapted, v rlrien pivoted about. said primary journal, to Vtravel in an approaching tangency to said ixed clamp, jaw, andy adapted wheny simultaneously pivotedabout bothsaid axes toftravlel in a substantially radial.v path between saidr primary Jfonr'nalandsaidsnxed jaw; and yieldable means tending to restrain said-movable clampjawto travel` about. said primary axis,- said yieldable means being .responsive to restraintplaced on-said movable clamp'jaw by v reason of clamping cooperation with said fixed-jaw to cause said movable jaw torecede frome said fixed jaw, said'release-lever being engageable by thecontinuation of said strap toefiectfrelease'of said jaws.

5; y buckle comprising? a irameincluding side members, alstrap4 attachment Web;- connecting rthe bottom; margins ot said members adjacent their first extremities, and a fixed clamp jaw connecting said members by their other extremities, said fixed clamp jaw and web dening a slot for insertion of a first strap for encirclement of said web and a second strap adapted to overlie nxed clamp jaw; a U-shaped release lever including legs and a cross portion; a primary journal extending between the first extremities of said side members and receiving the extremities of said release lever legs, said release lever adapted to extend over and beyond said fixed clamp jaw as well as over the end portion of said second strap, and movable to and from said fixed clamp jaw; a movable clamp jaw having an operating end for cooperation with said xed clamp jaw; a secondary journal mounting said movable clamp jaw between the legs of said release lever, the operating end of said movable clamp aw adapted to pivot with said release lever about said primary axis and travel in a path approaching tangency to said xed clamp jaw, thereby to wedge said second strap between said jaws, said operating end adapted, when said movable clamp jaw pivots about both said axes, to travel in a radial path between said primary axis and said fixed clamp jaw thereby to free Isaid strap; and yieldable means tending to move said movable clamp jaw about said primary axis as a unit with said release lever, said yieldable means responsive to restraint imposed by a strap wedged between said jaws to permit said radial travel of the movable clamp jaw as said release lever is pivoted away from said iixed clamp jaw, the extended end of said release lever engageable by the end portion of said second strap for releasing movement away from said iixed clamp jaw.

6. A buckle comprising: a fixed jaw and a movable jaw having operating surfaces adapted to engage and clamp therebetween a strap positioned with a continuation overlying said fixed jaw; means defining a primary axis of rotation and a second axis of rotation for said movable jaw, both axes being so positioned that when said movable jaw is pivotable about either of said axes its operative end travels in a path approaching tangency to said nxed jaw thereby to wedge a strap therebetween, and when said movable iaw is pivoted about both axes simultaneously, its operating end moves normal to the surface of said xed jaw; a release lever incorporating said primary and secondary axis dening means for operating said movable jaw; yieldable means tending to move said movable jaw as a unit with said release lever; and other yieldable means urging said release lever in a direction to eiect wedging action between said movable and fixed jaws, said release lever projecting over said xed jaw as well as over the continuation of said strap whereby the continuation of said strap when pulled outwardly from said fixed jaw engages and releases said release lever.

7. A buckle comprising: a pair of U-frames pivotally connected at their extremities, one of said frames forming a fixed jaw at its closed end, the other forming a release lever having a handle at its closed end; a movable jaw pivotally connected to said release lever and having an extended operating end cooperating with said xed jaw to receive a belt therebetween the continuation of which extends between said release lever and fixed jaw, the axes of rotation of said release lever and said movable jaw being so located that travel of said movable jaw about either axis causes said operating end to describe an are approaching tangency to said fixed jaw, and movement of said movable jaw about both said axes simultaneously lmoves said operating end in a path substantially normal to said fixed jaw; yieldable means tending to move said movable jaw as a unit with said release lever, said yieldable means responsive to restraint placed on said movable jaw by reason of cooperating with said fixed jaw to permit said normal movement of the movable jaw upon pivotal movement of said release lever, said release lever being engageable by the continuation of said belt to effect release of said clamp jaws from said belt.


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