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Publication numberUS2514876 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 11, 1950
Filing dateMar 28, 1946
Priority dateMar 28, 1946
Publication numberUS 2514876 A, US 2514876A, US-A-2514876, US2514876 A, US2514876A
InventorsKost George C
Original AssigneeKost George C
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Cigarette snubbing device
US 2514876 A
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July 1I, 1950 G. c. KosT CIGARETTE sNuBBING DEVICE Filed March 28, 1946 GEORGE c. KosT @bw/1Mo Patented July 11, 1950 UNITED STATES PATIENT orifice i' -1' ,I 'l' 2,514,876'l 7 CIGAREr'iEsNUBBl-NGDEVICE George Kost, Carlisle,` Pa.

Application Marches, 1946, serial No.l 657,861

1 Claim.

My invention'relates to new and useful improvements in cigarette snubbing devices and more'particularly to a deviceof this character which is capable of use independently or as an attachment for an ashtray, the primary object being to provide such a device which may be operated from any angular position and provided with a resiliency to soften the resistance to pressure" thereon. I

A further object of the invention resides in providing a snubbing device of tubular formation yieldingly supported on a base and capable of substantially universal movement on its support. o I Astill lfurther object resides in providing ya spring Asupport for a snubb'er.` to enablemovement of the latter to various positions as the cigarette is extinguished therein.

A further object of the invention resides in `providing a device of the character mentioned which is capable of being formed substantially as an integral part of or lattachable to an ashtray or the like.

A still further object resides in providing a l parts in elevation,

Figure 3 is a similar View showing a cigarette being snubbed therein,

Figure 4 is a vertical section of the tubular member removed,

Figure 5 is a similar view of a slightly modified form of the tubular member of the invention,

Figure 6 is a plan View of an ashtray, with parts broken away, showing the modified form of the invention applied to use thereon, and

Figure 'I is a vertical section, as seen on line 'I-'I of Figure 6.

In describing the invention,`I shall refer toA the drawing in which similar reference characters designate corresponding parts throughout the several views and in which the numeral I designates a base, formed of metal or any other desired material, upon which is mounted the stud 2. This studmay be formed integral vwith the basek or it may be mounted thereon in any preferred manner. Surrounding the stud 2- is thecoil` spring 3 which has its lower coil located close to` base I and either secured to the latter or to the stud in any manner. Under normal conditions, the spring 3 is of a length to `project an appreciable distance yabove the upper end of the stud 2, as shown in Figure 2 of the drawing, so that there `is an upper portion of said spring free of the stud.

The snubbing device comprises a tubular member Il provided internally with an annular rib or. shoulder `5, which divides the interior of the tubular member into an upper recessed portion or pocket 6 and a lower socket 1. This member I is introduced onto the upper portion of the coil spring 3 and as the diameter of the socket 1 is slightly larger than the diameter of the coil spring, it will t thereon with the upper coil of the spring engaging the lower face of the annular rib or shoulder 5, as clearly shown in Figure 2 of the drawing. Thus, the pocket 6 of the member 4 which provides a recess for the reception of the lighted end of a cigarette is yieldingly held in position above the base I and above the stud 2.

When it is desired to snub or extinguish a lighted cigarette, the lighted end is introduced in the recess or pocket 6 and pressure applied, as shown in Figure 3. Obviously, the pressure will be softened by the resiliency of the spring 3, the device taking the position as shown in Figure 3. In View of the fact that the coil spring 3 extends above the upper free end of the stud 2, the member 4 when it has vthe end of the cigarette introduced therein may be tilted or twisted in any direction to suit the convenience of the person using same. In fact, the member 4 may be tilted or twisted circularly, if desired, in view of the vparticular construction and arrangement of parts as herein shown and described.

I have referred to the member I as a base. This may be a separate base member adapted for attachment to another element, such as an ashtray or other support, or it may represent the base of an ashtray or other support.

In Figures 5 to 7, inclusive, I have sho-wn a slightly modified form of the invention in which the support for the snubbing element is made a part and parcel of an ashtray and in which 'the snubbing element and the ash trays are stamped from a single sheet of metal. The ashtray is represented by the numeral 8, preferably formed of metal and having stamped or punched upwardly from thecentral portion thereof the upstanding stud I9. Surrounding the stud is the coil spring II), the upper coils of which normally project above the upper end of the stud. A tubular element II forming the snubbing device is provided which has an internal annular shoulder or rib I2 formed therein by the pinching of the material inwardly, as clearly shown in Figures and 7. This :provides the lower socket I3 for the reception therein of the coil spring IIJ and the upper pocket or recess I4 for the reception therein of the lighted end of a cigarette. The device of this modied form operates in the same manner as that heretofore described.

To facilitate the introduction of a cigarette to the snubbing device, in both forms of the invention, the peripheral edge of the sockets 6 and I4 are rounded as shown at I5.

'From the foregoing description of the construction of my improved device, the manner of applying sameto use and the operation thereof will be readily understood, and it will be seen that I have provided a simple, inexpensive and efficient means for carrying out the various objects of the invention.

While I have particularly described the elements best adapted to perform the functions set forth, itis apparent that various Vchanges in form, proportion and in the minor details of construction, may be resorted to without departing from or sacrificing any of the principles of the invention.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

4 A cigarette snubbing device comprising a base, a stud carried by and extending upwardly from said base and having its upper portion tapered upwardly to its upper end, a helical spring disposed vertically and fitting snugly about said stud with its upper portion free from the tapered upper portion of the stud and spaced laterally therefrom and projecting upwardly above the said upper end of the stud, said spring being compressible downwardly along the stud and its upper portion tiltable transversely of the tapered upper portion of the stud, and a tubular member disposed vertically and open at its upper and lower ends and formed internally with a circumferentially extending shoulder dividing the tubular member into a lower pocket and an upper socket communicating with the pocket, said spring having its upper portion fitting in said pocket and abutting said shoulder and mounting the tubular member for longitudinal movement from a raised position to a lowered position about the stud and also mounting the said tubular member for transverse tilting movement when in its raised position.


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