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Publication numberUS2515316 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 18, 1950
Filing dateMay 20, 1948
Priority dateMar 12, 1946
Publication numberUS 2515316 A, US 2515316A, US-A-2515316, US2515316 A, US2515316A
InventorsEgil Schjelderup
Original AssigneeEgil Schjelderup
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US 2515316 A
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y 1950 E. SCHJELDERUP 2,515,316


Filed May 20, 1948 Patented July 18,1950

- UNITED STATES... PATENT; vot't' c g BAG?- Egil Schjelderup, oslo, Norway Application May 20, 1948, Serial No. 28,199

In Norway March 12,1946

1 Claim.

The present invention relates to a bag or sack of the kind Which is provided with strap slits, buckles or the like, arranged and combined in such a manner that two long straps which belong to the outfit of the bag may be secured to the bag in a number of different ways, which permit of using the bag for a corresponding number of different purposes, such as rucksack, shoulderbag, bicycle-bag, belt-bag or ordinary bag. The invention has for its object a particularly simple and practical embodiment of such a bag or sack, whereby the sack or bag easily can be changed for use for the different purposes as above mentioned.

According to the invention the bag is in the upper portion of its back provided with two holes or slots and at its bottom with two strap buckles in such a way that the said long straps may be run through the said slots and secured to the said buckles and thus serve as shoulder straps when using the bag as a rucksack. The sack is further on its back provided with one or more pairs of strap slits adapted for insertion of one of the two said straps in the transversal direction of the bag in such a manner that the bag can be used as a belt-bag or bicycle-bag.

At its top on each side the bag is provided with a strap slit, so that by running the straps through the said strap slits and the two buckles provided at the bottom of the bag and by connecting both straps together, the bag can be used as a shoulder bag.

The cover of the bag is in a manner known per se provided with a handle, so that the bag may be used as an ordinary bag, such as a market bag.

A sack or bag according to the invention is shown in the drawing, in which:

Fig. 1 is a front view of the sack or bag.

Fig. 2 is a bottom view of the bag.

Fig. 3 is a rear view of the bag.

In the drawing i denotes the bag proper which is in the form of a sack having bottom, end and side walls and an open top which is provided with a cover flap 2 secured to the back wall and secured in closed position by the ends 3 of spaced straps 1 extending over and secured to the cover flap. The cover fastening strap ends 3 engage buckles 3a on the other ends of the straps l which are secured to the front of the bag and extend under the bottom thereof. A strap handle [2 secured to the cover of the bag at the points of passage of the straps l thereover serves for carrying the bag when it is used as a hand bag, such as a market bag.

Referring to Fig. 3 Of the drawing, a leather strap 4 is secured to the back of the bag in the upper portion of the same, preferably to the back of the cover flap 2 and crossing under the straps 1. In the strap 4 holes or slots 5 are provided which extend through the material and a wooden plate fastened to the inside of the bag respectively to the cover. As already mentioned two long, ordinary straps belong to the outfit of the bag. When using the bag as a rucksack, the straps are run through the holes 5 from the inside of the sack, so that the buckles of the straps bear against and are then held fast against the said wooden plate fastened on the inside of the bag to form carrying loops which extend from the slots 5 to the buckles 6. The ends of the straps are connected with the buckles 6 secured to the bottom of the bag.

The vertical straps extending around the top and bottom and along the back of the bag are stitched to the material of the bag. By leaving out the stitching upper and lower pairs of openings 8 and 9 are provided, which openings serve as strap slits for the insertion of a strap through the one or the other pair of such openings. By running a strap transversally of the bag through the upper pair of openings of two bags and connecting the strap together, the bags may be suspended over the ba gage tra on a bicycle and serve as bicycle bags. One bag alone may also be suspended over the baggage tray or the frame of the bicycle with the strap secured to a bag in the manner described. By running a strap through the lower pair of openings '9 the bag may be used as a belt bag.

Extending across the front of the bag and around the sides to the straps l on the back, adjacent the top thereof is secured a horizontal strap H) which is stitched to the bag, except that midway of the sides of the bag, the stitching is omitted to form strap slots H at the sides. By threading one of the long straps down through one of the strap slots ll, through the buckles 6 under the bag and up through the other slot II and then connecting the ends thereof with the other long strap, a shoulder sling may be provided so that the bag can be used as a shoulder bag.

It will thus be observed that with the use of one or both of the two detachable straps in the various combinations described, a very versatile bag is provided which can be used in no less than four ways for a variety of purposes.

I claim:

A combination bag for use with a pair of elongated carrying straps each having a buckle at one.

of said straps being held fast at said slots and the other ends of said straps fastened to said;

strap buckles on the bottom thereof to form' REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent:

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the sides of the bag and through theibucklespou the bottom and have their ends connected: to.

provide a shoulder strap.


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