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Publication numberUS2516363 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1950
Filing dateApr 26, 1949
Priority dateApr 23, 1949
Publication numberUS 2516363 A, US 2516363A, US-A-2516363, US2516363 A, US2516363A
InventorsBlock Hyman G, Block Jacob B, Sher David B
Original AssigneeBlock Hyman G, Block Jacob B, Sher David B
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Combination crib sheet and mattress protector
US 2516363 A
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July 25, 1950 J. B. BLocK ETAL COMBINATION CRIB AND MATTRESS' PROTECTOR Filed .April s, 1949 Iraq/enfans' Jaw'd ,H1 Sher @man Gfloci'/ af/M' Hi? lief Patented July 25, 1950 COMBINATION CRIB SHEET AND MATTRESS PROTECTOR Jacob B. Block, Westmount, Quebec, and David B. Sher and Hyman G. Block, Montreal, Quebec,

Canada Application April 26, 1949, Serial No. 89,602 In Canada April 23, 1949 3 Claims. (Cl. 5-354) Introduction The present invention relates to mattress protectors and more specifically to mattress protectors employed in infants bedding.

In order to protect the mattress on an infants bed or crib the usual practice is to place a waterproof sheet directly on top of the mattress and a second fabric cover sheet on top of the waterproof sheet to form the undercover of the bedding. Generally the waterproof sheets employed are of rubberized fabric, rubber, plastic, or otherl flexible water impervious material, and they are usually of a size large enough to enable the sheet to be tucked under on all sides of the mattress between the mattress and the spring of the crib together with the upper fabric sheet.

This arrangement however, is not entirely satisfactory, for example, if the covers are not tucked securely under the mattress the normal movements of an infant often tend to displace both the upper and lower covers. Further, when it is necessary to replace the upper cover sheet both sheets have to be removed, and the mattress lifted from the spring so that a fresh cover sheet can be retucked beneath the mattress together with the waterproof undercover.

' The present invention aims to provide a simple practical solution to these problems, by providing a waterproof undercover that includes anchoring means adapted to retain it securely in place on a crib mattress, and in combination with this waterproof undercover a pre-shrunk fabric upper cover or crib sheet that is retained securely and smoothly in place by detachable fastening means so that it can be easily and quickly changed when necessary.

Applicants development Accordingly, the invention is a combination upper crib sheet and lower waterproof crib mattress cover that includes anchoring means whereby the lower mattress cover is secured in position on a mattress, and detachable fastening means between the crib sheet and mattress cover adapting the crib sheet to be removed or attached without displacement of the mattress cover and anchoring means.

More specifically, a preferred construction of a. combination crib sheet and mattress cover according to the invention includes as a mattress protector or lower cover a sheet of flexible waterproof material of a sufficient size to completely cover the upper surface of a crib mattress. This lower cover includes shaped corner pieces secured at each corner of the sheet so as to form downwardly extending pocketlike members that are adapted to overlap the corners of the mattress. Anchoring straps are secured to the lower sheet so as to be attached to the free ends of the corner pieces and these anchoring straps are adapted to pass beneath the mattress where they are joined centrally by detachable fasteners so as to retain the lower sheet securely against longitudinal and lateral displacement on the mattress.

In the preferred arrangement the anchoring straps that are attached to each end of the sheet adjacent the corner pieces are arranged so that one strap is secured to each corner and each pair of straps at each end are joined centrally to a gusset piece so as to form with a third portion of strapping a Y-shaped strap arrangement at each end of the lower cover sheet. This anchor strap arrangement holds the corner pieces of the lower sheet snugly in position about the corners of the mattress and a further pair of anchor straps are attached centrally of the lower sheet, one adjacent each side, so as to retain the middle portion of the sheet rmly in position. Suitable fastening elements are provided on the free ends of the anchor straps so that they can be joined centrally beneath the mattress.

The upper cover or crib sheet of the combination is substantially the same size as the lower sheet and is held in place on the lower sheet by detachable fastening elements attached to the respective covers, for example, dome or snap fasteners. These are arranged so that a plurality of fastener halves are secured in spaced apart relationship to the lower sheet adjacent each anchoring strap with their engaging fans upwards and the corresponding halves are secured to the upper crib sheet with their engaging fans downwards so that the upper sheet can be snapped securely and smoothly in place on top of the lower waterproof sheet. As the upper crib sheet, in normal use, will be subject to frequent Washings, it is a prime importance that the fabric employed for this purpose be preshrunk, so that the respective fastening elements on the upper, and lower sheets will remain in register. Itis also contemplated in this respect that the fastener halves might be replaced by buttons and button holes or that other similar fastening means might be employed.

With the present arrangement the lower waterproof cover sheet can be easily `and securely anchored to the mattress so as to provide the protection required, and the upper cover sheet can easily and quickly be removed without displacement o the lower sheet or the anchoring means.

Havingthus generally described the nature of the invention, particular reference will be made to the accompanying drawings in which:

Figure 1 is a diagrammatic view inf-perspective" elevation of a preferred form of crib sheet and mattress cover constructed according to the invention, as it may be secured to the m'attress of' y a crib.

Figure 2 is a plan View of the underside of the construction shown in Figure 1.1

Figure 3 is a diagrammatic exploded-viewiof the combination crib sheet and mattressycover This `lower cover i8 includes 'substantially tri-Y angular shaped corner pieces i2 secured adjacent each'corner so as to provide downwardly extendingpocketlike members that are adapted to engage' andoveriap the corners of a' mattress M wheiithe sheet l ll'is vsecured inv position.

Anchoring'straps" IBare secured to the sheet 1Q and' to vthe freepndsof the'corner pieces l2"`and these straps arejoined centrally tov gussetp'iees 2'0 vat each vend of"the"sheet.i A'further section ostrappirigl 2tv is `secured y'to each or the gussets 20 so lastoform with thefstraps l6"a"Y-shaped ah'chiir strap arranged Fastening elements 24 are provided on the fr'ee ends of the strap portions 22sothatth'ey vcan'hejoined centrally beneath' theniattreSsl to retain the ends of the sheet' lfrr'n longitudinal and-lateral displacement. A further pair of yanchoring straps t2t 'are secured tothe marg'ihaledge ofthe sheet-Hl,A one' at'each sidefand located substantially' centrallyof the sh`e`et,-`l andf'fasten'ing elements -28 arel provided on these straps so 'thattheycan be 'joined centra'lly beneath themattress i-'to retain' the centre portin of the sheet l0 securelyin place."

The 'upper 'sheet '30"is also cfa substantially rectang'ularshape with the marginal edges'bound in a similar'nianner tothe'undersheet l0 and-'is preferablysubstantially the same size as `the undersheet. A

This' upper sheet 30 is'secu'red in' place on the lower sheetv l!) by'vthe engagement of fastening' elem'ents'SZ andLSl which in the construction illustrated 'consist'of dome'iastener's. These are located* in* spaced apart relationship" on 'both' sheets and are preferably" positioned so that one of thefastener elements'- 32v is secured to the lowersheet VI0 vadjacent the: juncture of 'eachbff the'anchoringstraps` lli;1 2S with this sheet. This provides eXtra strength to these' fasteners as material of the sheet IU as is shown in section in Figure 4. The upper fastening elements 34 are secured to the upper sheet 30 so as to register with the elements 32 so that the upper cover sheet 3D is retained smoothly and securely in place when the undersheet Hl is anchored to the mattress I4.

With this arrangement it will be seen that the lower waterproof sheet Il! covers the mattress completely and consequently prevents any soiling of the latter. The upper sheet 30 which is of cotton, wool, or other suitable pre-shrunk fabric can be quickly and easily changed without disturbing the anchoring arrangement that secures the sheet Hl in position. The use of pre-shrunk material has been found to be essential in the upper crib sheet as it is necessary that the fastening" elements 'on the upper and lower sheets will remain in' 'register after the upper sheet has been subject to frequent washings as will be encountered in normal use.

Afur-ther feature of the present invention is that the size of lboth sheets is greatly reduced from the normal size required as no extra material is needed to tuck under"A the mattress to hold the sheets in position. This presents a considerable saving in 'the material used to-'form the upper and lower coveringsheets and also makes the changing and washing of the upper crib sheet when soiled, a comparatively simple matter.

We claim:

. 1. Acoinbination crib' sheet and mattress protector comprising alower` waterproof sheet of a size' and'fshape adapted at least to cover the upper surface ofa crib mattress, a pre-shrunk fabric upper sheetV or" substantiallyy equal area-to 'said lower sheet,` said-lower sheet including shaped extensions adjacent" each corner to constitute pocket-like members adapted-to overlap thecorfners of said mattress,y anchoring straps at'- tached to said lower sheet adjacent said'pocket members vadapted to pass beneath saidy mattress to 'retain said lower sheet in register with 'said mattress,y fastening lelements arranged in spaced 'apart relationship' along the.'- marginal edge'sofsaid'lower sheet, and corresponding'fastening elements arranged in register along the marginal edges of said `upper sheet,-whereb'y said lower sheet'is retained in'position on said mattressibyfsaid fa'nchor strapsv and said upper and lower sheets are retained `in register by the engagement :of said' respective' fastening elements.

2. A'combi'nation crib sheet and mattress' pro` tecto'r'as claimed in claim 1, wherein the anchoring strapsv at each' end of the lower sheets are joined centrallytofa' gusset piece and a further anchoring strap portion is attachedto each gusset piece so as to provide a Y-shaped anchor strap arrangement at each' end of the lowersheet, fastening elements secured on each of the free ends of the Y-shaped anchorA strap arrangements; whereby the Y-shaped anchor strap arrangements are adapted to be joined centrally beneath the mattress to retainl the lower sheet securely against longitudinal'andfilateral displacement.

3. A combination crib sheet and mattress protector `comprisinglalower Waterproof sheet of a size andshapeA adapted atleast to cover the upper surface of a crib mattress,l a pre-shrunk fabri'cfupp'er sheet ofl substantially equal 'area to said lower sheet; saidy lower sheetincluding shaped extensions adjacent each corner to consti'- tute'pocket'elike members adapted to overlap ythe corners' of said mattress, anchoring straps at# tache'dizo-"said lower sheet adjacent eacherd' adapted to pass beneath said mattress to retain REFERENCES CITED said lower sheet in register with said mattress, The following references are of record in the fastening elments arranged in spaced apart reme of this patent:

lationship along the marginal edges of said lower sheet, and corresponding fastening elements ar- 5 UNITED STATES PATENTS ranged in register along the marginal edges of Number Name Date said upper sheet, whereby said lower sheet is re- 1,986,896 Robinson J an. 8, 1935 tained in position on said mattress `by said anchor 2,143,314 Habel J an. 10, 1939 straps and said upper and lower sheets are retained in register by the engagement of said re- 10 spective fastening elements.


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