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Publication numberUS2516655 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 25, 1950
Filing dateAug 30, 1945
Priority dateAug 30, 1945
Publication numberUS 2516655 A, US 2516655A, US-A-2516655, US2516655 A, US2516655A
InventorsSmith Thomas R
Original AssigneeMaytag Co
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Oscillating washing machine tub
US 2516655 A
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July 25, 1950 T. R.. SMITH OSCILLATING WASHING MACHINE TUB Filed Aug 30, 1945 Patented July 25, 1 950 OSCILLATVING WASHING MACHINE TUB Thomas R. Smith, Newton, Iowa, assignor to The Maytag Company, Newton, Iowa, a corporation of Delaware Application August 30, 1945, Serial No. 613,542

1 Claim. (Cl. 68-1-174) The present invention relates to a washing machine consisting of an Oscillating tub formed or provided with diametrically opposed baflles so constructed and arranged as toproduce a novel washing action for washing clothes.

Among the objects of the present invention is the provision of a novel washing machine tub adapted to be oscillated about a vertical axis. In the disclosed embodiment the-tub is formed or provided with a pair of diametrically opposed baffles formed or disposed along-the side .walls of the tub. These bafiies extendradiallyinward to a rounded point or apex and from this point or apex flare outwardly in a smooth curve merging in an unbroken line with the side walls of the tub.

A further object of the present invention is the provision of a novel tub and bafile arrangement extending along the sides of the tub and for the depth thereof in such manner as to form two opposed pockets, the baffles. being so formed as to direct and impel the washing solution and clothes from one into the opposed pocket and by rapidly oscillating the tub, produce a vigorous twisting and bending of the clothes and a highly effective water and washing action.

The invention comprehends such further objects, advantages and capabilities as will later more fully appear and are inherently possessed thereby, and while the drawing shows a preferred embodiment, it is to be understood that the same is susceptible of modification and change, and comprehends other details, arrangements of parts, features and constructions without departing from the spirit of the invention.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a view in perspective of the novel washing machine, certain parts being broken away for a more clear disclosure.

Figure 2 is a top plan View of the tub and baflles.

Referring more particularly to the disclosure in the drawings, the embodiment therein selected to illustrate the invention comprises a tub I of substantially cylindrical form and having its flat base or bottom 2 mounted upon the upper end of a vertical drive shaft 3 for alternately rotating or oscillating the tub through a desired arc of movement and at a desired speed.

Provided on the interior of the tub are spaced diametrically opposed and imperforate bafiles 4, 4 extending substantially vertically along the longitudinal axis of the tub and from the base to the upper part of the tub. As more clearly shown in the horizontal or top plan view of Fig.

. 2 2, these baffles extend, radially inward to a rounded point or edge 5 1 and flare outwardly therefrom in a smooth curve at 6, 6 with the base of each ballle' merging smoothly into the side walls '1 of the tub'to provide a pair of substantially elliptical or kidney-shaped connecting pockets 8. 8L v The vertical drive shaft 3 is preferably joure nalled adjacent its upper end ina bearing 9 received or press fitted into a sleeve ID provided at the upper end of a gearcase H for housing the drive unit. Thelower end of the shaft seats upon a thrust bearing I2 and adjacent thereto is journalled in a bearing I3 press fitted into a sleeve 01' collar l4 formed in the base I5 of the gear case. Slidably and loosely mounted on the shaft is a gear or pinion I6 and directly thereabove a clutch l I is pinned or keyed to the shaft 3 for oscillating or alternately rotating this shaft when the pinion or gear I6 is clutched thereto.

In continuous meshing engagement with and driving the pinion I 6 is a rack I8 slidably mounted and guided upon a cross bar or guide rod I9. The rack is mounted or formed upon the rear of a cross head 20 having a disc 2I provided with a vertically extending slot 22 on its opposite face. In this slot is slidably mounted a collar or slide 23 carried on an eccentric pin affixed to the rear face of a Worm wheel 24 which is in continuous meshing engagement with a worm 25 mounted on the shaft 26 of a motor or other power drive 21. Thus by driving and continuously rotating the worm 25 and worm wheel 24, the collar or slide 23 is moved in the vertical slot 22 and thereby reciprocate's the cross head 20 and its rack I8. This rack being in continuous mesh with the normally loose pinion I6, oscillates this pinion about the vertical drive shaft 3, and upon elevation of the pinion sufficiently to clutchingly engage the undersurface or clutch face of the clutch H, the continuously oscillating pinion is clutched to the drive shaft 3 and oscillates the tub through the desired arc and at the desired speed of oscillation. Excellent results have been secured by oscillatin the tub of the present embodiment at a speed of approximately 52 oscillations per minute and through an arc of approximately 225 degrees. However, it is to be understood that the speed of oscillation and the are or angle of movement may be varied somewhat in accordance with the dimensions or capacity of the tub. In the disclosed embodiment, the diameter of the tub is shown as approximately sixteen inches with the two baffles, vanes or blades 4 being of uniform depth and extending into the tub approxi- 3 mately four inches from the outer periphery or substantially one-half the radius of the tub. Also in this form of tub, excellent results were had when employing approximately ten to eleven gallons of washing solution.

The pinion l6 may be raised or lowered by any suitable control means mounted or located at the exterior or the tub and readily accessibleto the operator; it. being understood that the pinion is of such length as to remain in continuous meshing engagement with the rack at all times. Also, any suitable base, frame or support may be provided for the machine. A suitable lid 28 is-provided to form a closure for thetub.

It will be readily apparent from the above de.-.

scription and the disclosure in the drawings, that the present invention comprehends a novel tub and baille arrangement and construction. The

currents or flow of washing solution carrying the clothes take substantially the path shown by thefull line, arrows in F gure 2 w en the tub is rotatin in a counter-clockwise direction, while the arrows. in dotted, line show the pathof, washins, sqlu n and olothesimm ne of th lipt cal sectionswhen, t e tub. s. ta ed in a cl kw s directi n.

Having thus disclosed my invention, I, claim:

In, a. washing. a ne. a u herei mount d r ci lat on. n. a. ve tica a s nd. compr s n substantia ly c l ndrical m mb r avin a flat base, an d ametrically o p sed mperforate ies. xtend ng radially inward and hav ng a. uniiorm. d pth f, substan lly onef. h adiu of the tub, each baflle having its apex extending longitudinally of the tub and with its sides flaring outwardly in a smooth curve merging with the side walls of the tub whereby said baflies divide the tub interior into two substantially ellipticalshaped connecting pockets and when the tub is rapidly oscillated the curved sides of the battles impel and direct the wash water and clothes carried; thereby; from each pocket inwardly and into the adjoining pocket and thereby give a vigorous washing action in which the clothes are twisted and manipulated for thorough cleansing, and means for'rapidly'osoillating the tub through an a e reate than fiflfi THOMAS R. SMITH.

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