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Publication numberUS2517283 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 1, 1950
Filing dateJul 16, 1946
Priority dateJul 16, 1946
Publication numberUS 2517283 A, US 2517283A, US-A-2517283, US2517283 A, US2517283A
InventorsBryant Frederick W
Original AssigneeBryant Frederick W
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Liquid applicator
US 2517283 A
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Aug. 1, 1950 F. w. BRYANT LIQUID APPLICATOR Filed July 16, 1946 v INVENTOR. c/a I14 Bryant,

Attorney Patented Aug. 1, 1 950 I UNITED .STATES; PATENT OFFICE ILIQUIDAPPLICATOR Frederick WJBryant, Hanover, N. J. Applic'ation July 16, 1946, Serial No. 683,953

This is a continuation in part of my application filed July 18, 1945, SerialNo. 605,772, now

1 Claim. 01.15 134) It is also an important object of the invention to provide an extremely absorbent carriermaterial so as to take up and hold by its own power of capillary attraction, such liquid as may constitute the carriers capillary potential in order thatthe holding power of said material shall prevent drippage and leakage. I

It is a still further object of the invention to provide a holder and applicator carrier element of a capacity so that when said carrier element is introduced into a receptacle containing a liquid, a full and complete saturation is obtained in readiness, without danger of subsequent leakage of liquid, for transfer to desired surfaces.

More specifically, it is an object of the invention to provide a novel construction of instrument in which a tubular liquid-receiving receptacle is adapted to frictionally yet releasably secure a sleeve therein, the latter having slots extended through the major portion of its length, the sleeve having a carrier holder detachably mounted in the outer end thereof, the holder being tubular for reception of a carrier of high absorption qualities, of a length so as to project beyond the open end of the holder and into said sleeve and occupy a position substantially the length of said slots, whereby upon initial insertion of the sleeve and carrier within the receptacle, a rapid absorption of the liquid will be inherent without liability of spillage, after absorption.

Additional objects, advantages and features of invention will be apparent from the following description and accompanying drawing, wherein Figure 1 is a vertical sectional View showing certain of the parts in separated positions,

Figure 2 is a perspective view illustrating the manner of filling the applicator,

Figure 3 is a View in section and elevation illustrating the operative position of the parts,

Figure 4 is a View similar toFigure 1 illustrating a modified form of the device.

' 2 Ihere is illustrated an applicator generally indicated by the reference character I0 consisting of a, liquid-receiving receptacle I I of tubular conical shape within which there is frictionally yet releasably seated as shown in Figure 3, a sleeve I 2, which functions as a support for a carrier holder I3, as will be explained in detail hereinafter. The sleeve I2 is tubular and conically shaped corresponding to the receptacle II, the upper end being enlarged circumferentially as at I i, forming an annular shoulder I5 adapted to seat upon the upper open end. of the receptacle I I when in operative position. The enlarged portion I4 has formed upon the inner periphery thereof an annular seat It concentric with the inner periphery of the sleeve I2, which functions as a connecting means for the carrier holder It as will now be described.

The holder I3 is ofcylindrical tapered form, one end IT being of a diameter to fit within the open end of the sleeve I2. The end I? is provided with circumferentially spaced ribs It to frictionally engage the seat of the sleeve.

The outer end of the holder is cut away as at I9 providing a cuticle working instrument 20 of generally spoon shape, although the outer end may be otherwise shaped. In addition, the instrument affords a back support for a liquid carrier, as will be apparent as the description proceeds.

The sleeve I2 has a bottom wall H and extending upwardly therefrom, a plurality of circumferentially spaced slots or openings 22 are formed in the wall thereof; these slots extend the major length of the sleeve and preferably terminate at points slightly below the shoulder l5. The wall 2i may also be formed with an opening 22' (Fig. 3). The slots and opening perform an important function when filling a liquid carrier, as will be explained.

A liquid carrier or applicator 23 is disposed within the holder I3, which initially is of a diameter less than the passage through the holder so that it may be inserted through the opening at the end I! and adjusted as to the amount which shall project at the working instrument 2%, which will vary accordin to different needs, as will be apparent. With the carrier 23 positioned in the holder and projecting from the lower end thereof, the sleeve I2 is applied to the end Ill so as to fully seat the holder.

Liquid to be employed in the instrument is now poured into the receptacle I I substantially to the upper open end thereof, only sufficient clearance being allowed for presentation of the bottom wall 2i of the sleeve, as best seen in Figures 1 and 2. The sleeve it being moved downwardly into the receptacle the level of the liquid will be raised so as to find passage through the opening 22 and slots 22 and into absorption relation with the carrier 23. The carrier is formed from a synthetic sponge material of cellular structure having a high value of absorption, so that the carrier quickly absorbs the liquid and by reason of its cellular structure expands so as to" snugly engage within the holder. The. sleeve: l2 when finally seated within the receptacle II will be amply retained therein by reason of the large contacting surfaces between the sleeve and the. receptacle and the further reason that a vacuous" condition will be inherent in the receptacle N- In the forms shown, the instrument is admirably suited for applying a cuticle softening'liquidto a persons finger nails, by merely presenting the end 24 to the nail and applying a light pressure whereupon the liquid willbe discharged from the carrier. ployed in other situations, such as for instance, applying a liquid dye to the hair, eye lashes and brows; applying aliquid to the lips of a user,.

or may be employed for applyinga perfume to a person.

In Figure 4, a modified form of the device is shown, the parts being identical with the structure just described; except that the sleeve I2" is.

such as to snugly'abutupon the enlarged portion.

M of the holder thus providing a smooth exterior contour.

It will be noted that by providing, openings or slots 22 of elongated form, a substantial portion of the absorbent material is exposed to the Obviously; the device may be expair at the time of filling permitting quick and complete absorption of a liquid, without liability of spillage thereof.

While I have shown and described preferred forms of the device, this is by way of illustration only, and I consider as my own all such modifications in construction as fairly fall within the scope of the appended claim.

I claim:

A: liquid. applicator comprising a cylindrical carrier holder having openends, a. liquid carrier normally loosely fitted within said carrier holder, a. portion of said liquid carrier projecting at one end. of the carrier holder, with the major portion thereof projecting from the opposite end of the carrier holden. a sleeve detachably connected to said carrier holder loosely receiving the major portion of said liquid carrier, said sleeve having circumferentially spaced slots disposed longitudinally of said sleeve and extending from a point closely adjacent the. lower end. of. the sleeve to a. pointabove the. major portion of the; liquid carrier within the sleeve, anda liquid receptacle complemental tov and receiving said. sleeve. said liquid carrier being of extremely high absorptive quality whereby upon initial. and subsequent-insertion of the sleeve within the liquid of" the receptacle, said liquid carrier will. accept and hold'the amount of'liquid within, said receptacle.


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