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Publication numberUS2518765 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 15, 1950
Filing dateOct 29, 1945
Priority dateOct 29, 1945
Publication numberUS 2518765 A, US 2518765A, US-A-2518765, US2518765 A, US2518765A
InventorsLouis Ecker
Original AssigneeLouis Ecker
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Cleaning device having a brush and flanking sponge and squeegee elements
US 2518765 A
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Z 6%e2 A? WM WUJ.

Patented Aug. 15,1950



This invention relates to a cleaning device, and more particularly to a laminar brush and mop.

The invention is illustrated in the drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a sectional elevation of the mop; Fig. 2 is a perspective view thereof; Fig. 3 is a perspective of the extractor; and Fig. 4 is a sectional view showing the cleaning device in extracting position. i

The cleaning device is made up of laminar sections. The central section comprises a back of wood, metal or the like, provided with downwardly facing bristles II. Flanking it on each side are sponge rubber laminae I2 and I3. This sponge rubber extends slightly below the ends of the bristles and has a flat bottom face I4. Flanking these sponge rubber laminae on the outside is a, relatively stiff but flexible rubber cover plate. In the case of one lamina, as l3, this rubber cover i5 is in the form of a layer of rubber about inch thick and sufficiently stiff to maintain the sponge in its normal upright position. The opposed cover i6 is preferably made up of two or more similar rubber plates l1 and Ila which are slightly offset at the base to form a squeegee action.

The brush assembly is held together by plates l8 and I9 which are pressed into the sponge rubber and are bolted or otherwise secured to the back [0. The compression of the sponge rubber in its upper portion by the blocks l8 and I9 is severe but assists in maintaining the sponge rubber in an upright cleansing position.

A handle 20 is suitably mounted to the back. In operating the cleansing device it may be employed either as a mop or as a scrubbing device. If used as a mop, little pressure is applied to the handle so that the sponge rubber alone contacts the floor. The rubber covers or lips on the outside are slightly elevated above the sponge rubber and will not touch the floor under light pressure. This is also true of the brush bristles. It is obvious that other cleansing means may be substituted for the brush bristles, but regardless of what is employed, it is preferred to elevate it slightly above the level of the sponge rubber laminae.

After a surface has been mopped, it may be acted upon as with a squeegee action by slightly more pressure which brings the two rubber layers I1 and l'la into play. The squeegee action forces the water into the sponge where it is absorbed.

In scrubbing the floor more pressure is applied 7 to bring the bristles into contact with the surface to be cleaned.

Louis Ecker, Chicago, Ill. 1 Application'october .29, 1945:,'}seria1No.s25,1ss-

At any stage of the mopping operation water may be extracted from the cleaning device by pressing it on the extractor. The extractor comprises a pair of stiff angle irons 25 having upright portions 26 and horizontal portions 21. To these angle irons is secured, in any suitable manner, hooks 28 adapted to be placed over the side of a pail, A pair of blocks 29 and 30 are supported by the arm 21 in spaced relation so that when the cleaning device is placed thereover the brush may be pressed between the blocks while each block compresses one of the sponge rubber laminae. The extracting operation is, therefore, accomplished simply by pressure without any contact of the operator either with the extractor or with the head of the cleaning device. Furthermore the extractor need not extend entirely across the pail and has no supports on the opposite side.

The brush may also be used upon a side using the squeegee effect of the rubber layers I1 and Ha.

The brushes are preferably about 8 inches long and 1 to 1% inches wide, and the sponges 8 inches long by 1%) inches wide at the bottom.

The foregoing detailed description has been given for clearness of understanding only, and no unnecessary limitations should be understood therefrom.

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is:

1. A laminar cleaning device comprising a central rigid back, a series of bristles depending vertically therefrom, a pair of flat sponge members flanking the back and parallel to the bristles, the lower faces of said sponge members extending slightly beyond the bristles, a pair of rigid lateral blocks outside of the sponge members and adjacent the tops thereof, means for securing the sponge members, the back, and the blocks together with the sponge members under severe compression, and a pair of flexible covers in contact with the outside surfaces of the sponge members and substantially parallel to the bristles.

2. A laminar cleaning device comprising a central rigid back, a series of bristles set in the underside thereof, a pair of flat sponge members flanking the back parallel to the bristles, said sponge members extending slightly below the bristles, a pair of flexible covers closely adjacent the outer faces of the sponge members, and means for securing the flexible covers and sponge members to the back with their back-abutting portions under severe compression.

3. A laminar cleaning device comprising: a

rigid back; bristles secured to said back, providing a brush having a. downwardly facing scrubbing surface; a pair of lateral elastic sponge members secured to the back flankin the brush, at least one of said sponge members having its scrubbing surface slightly below that of the brush; and flexible lateral retaining members secured to the back closely adjacent the outside of the sponge members: M w

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International ClassificationA47L13/12, A47L13/10
Cooperative ClassificationA47L13/12
European ClassificationA47L13/12