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Publication numberUS2518986 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 15, 1950
Filing dateJun 24, 1946
Priority dateJun 24, 1946
Publication numberUS 2518986 A, US 2518986A, US-A-2518986, US2518986 A, US2518986A
InventorsGriffith Glen I
Original AssigneeRobert L Clark
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Dispenser for salmon eggs and the like
US 2518986 A
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Aug- 15, 1950 G. GRIFFITH 2,518,986

DISPENSER EoR sALNoN EGGS NND 'mE LINE Filed June 24, 1946 v INVENTOR. @EN J G/P/Ff//vf.

ATTORNEY Patented Aug. 15, '1950 DISPENSER FOR SALMON EGGS AND THE LIKE l' yGlen I. Griffith, ventura, Calif., assigncrl to Robert L. Clark, Ventura, Calif.

Application June 24, 1946, serial No. 678,809

My invention relates to a dispenser, more particularly adapted to a device for individually dispensing salmon eggs, and other bait, or the lik for fishermen.

One of the principal objects of this invention isl to provide a device of this class which may be readily clasped or hung on the belt or clothing of the iisherman.

Another important object of this invention is to provide a dispensing head which may be easily and quickly screwed, or otherwise secured, to a container from which the ordinary or usual coverhas been-removed.

An important object of this invention also is to provide a novel dispensing member in the form of a plunger for dispensing a portion of the product of the container when the plunger is reciprocated.

Still another important object of this invention is to provide a simple agitator for the dispensing member which is actuated with the movement of tht latter.

A further important object oi' this invention is to provide, as a whole, a dispenser of this class which is simple and economical of construction, durable, and which will not readily deteriorate or get out of order.

A still further important object of this invention is to provide a novel dispensing head, in the form of a cap, having a dispensing member which may be readily withdrawn for allowing a portion of the contents of the container to be directed by an inclined bottom of a hopper or funnel-like portion of the cap into a trough in front of the dispensing member and adapted to be discharged thereby.

With these and other objects in view, as will appear hereinafter, I have devised a dispenser, of the class mentioned, having certain novel features of construction, combination, and arrangement of parts and portions, as will be hereinafter described in detail and particularly set forth in the appended claim, reference being had to the accompanying drawings and to the characters oi.' reference thereon, which form a part of this application, in which:

Fig. 1 is a side elevational view, partly in section, showing my dispenser in a preferred form, and in a position assumed or carried by the user of the dispenser;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary sectional view thereof, showing the container partially in section, the section being taken through 2-2 of Fig. 1;`

Fig. 3 is a bottom view thereof;

1 Claim. (Cl. 222-243) 2 @.Fig. -iy is a transverse sectional view thereof, taken through 4--4 of Fig. 2; and

Fig. 5 is a sectional view thereof; taken through 5-5 of Fig. 2.

The bait for fishermen, such as salmon eggs, grubs, or the like, or other similar products, is sold or distributed in containers, usually in the form of glass jars I with screw caps (not shown). My dispensing device, as shown in the drawings, is substituted for the cover on the container I, either by screwing or otherwise securing the device thereon.

My dispensing device is incorporated in a cap 2, which is preferably molded in the form shown. The dispenser, including the container I and cap 2, may be conveniently carried in a normal inverted dispensing position by attaching the same to or hanging it from the clothing of the fisherman or other user. As` shown, a hanger 3 is secured to the under side of the cap 2, and the upper end of the hanger has a hook 3 which is removably hooked over the belt.B of the user.

At the outer portion of the cap 2 and extending transversely thereof is a barrel or cylinder 5 which joins with the cylindrical shell 2a of the cap by inclined portions 2b and 2, the portion 2c being iiatter than the former. In the cylinder 5 is reciprocally mounted a plunger 6, the outer end of which has a reduced axial portion or shank 6*, which extends with one end beyond the cylindrical shell of the cap, and has a knob 'I thereon. Within the cylinder and around the shank 6* and between the large inner end of the plunger and theend wall of the cylinder 5 is a compression coil spring 8, which normally forces the plunger in its inner closed position. At the outer end of the large portion of the plunger is an agitator 9, having a boss 9, which extends into the end of the plunger for securing the agitator in position. This agitator has a radially extending agitating portion 9b, which extends through an open portion 5 in the cylinder 5 and partially into the interior of the container. The open portion provides a hopper with inclined bottom walls, formed by the portion 2b of the cover, to allow the product in the jar to fall into the trough 5"a at the end portion of the cylinder 5.

As the plunger is withdrawn by the knob 1, the agitator, or agitating portion 9b thereof, agitates the portion of the product at the neck of the container, or in the open portion 5a of the cylinder 5, such as salmon eggs, grubs, or the like, within the container, and permits generally one only of the contents to fall into the cylinder in front of the agitator 9, and this salmon egg,

3 or the like, is expelled from the open end 5b of the cylinder when the knob 1 is released.

It will be noted that the agitating portion 9b may be rotated by rotating the knob 1, thereby yfurther agitating the contents.

The portions 2b and 2c of the cap are provided with lugs 2d, which extend through corresponding holes in the hanger 3 for positioning the dis-` penser on the hanger. The outer ends of these lugs may be riveted over, or if the cap 2 is made of plastic material they are spread apart by a hot iron.

Though I have shown and described a particu-- lar construction, combination, and arrangement of parts and portions, I do not wish to be limite-d to the same, but desire to include in the Ina dispenser, a dispensing head having a. d

cylindrical securing portioma barrel positioned at the outer end of and transverseiy to said portion, one end portion of the barrel being cylindrical 4 and the other end portion forming a trough merging into upwardly diverging walls with said cylindrical securing portion, said trough having a discharge opening at its outer end, and a plunger reciprocally mounted in the barrel and normally positioned in the trough with one end closing the discharge opening, said plunger having .means for actuating the same to move said end from the opening into the troughv behind the product therein for discharging the same from said opening.


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