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Publication numberUS2519430 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1950
Filing dateJan 2, 1948
Priority dateJan 2, 1948
Publication numberUS 2519430 A, US 2519430A, US-A-2519430, US2519430 A, US2519430A
InventorsFranklin B Brown
Original AssigneeFranklin B Brown
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Portable dressing booth and shower bath apparatus
US 2519430 A
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Aug. 22, 1950 F. B. BROWN 2,519,430


fra/z/r//f'r @row/7 Aug 22 1950 F. B. BROWN 2,519,430

PORTABLE DRESSING BOOTH AND SHOWER BATH APPARATUS Filed Jan. 2, 19.48 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 C) o J6 INVENTOR. if? a/fr//fz ro M//7 WM5/MMM Patented Aug. 22, 1950 PRTABLE KlfltESSlr- G BOOTH AND v'SHOYVER- BATH APPARATUS Franklin AB. Brown, Los Angeles, Calif. Application January 2, 194s,fseri a1=N0.-242

`4This invention 'relates to portable dressing rooms, and more particularly .to a combined portable dressing room and shower bath device for use by .bathera campers, or where bathing facilities are not otherwise available.

Afmai-n object .of the invention is to provide a novel and improved portable dressing booth and shower stall :which is very simple in construction, easy to set up and which maybe collapsed to occupy a very small amount of space, .making lit readily transportable.

A further 'object of the inventionis to provide an improved portable dressing room and .shower stall which is .composed ofsimpleparts which are inexpensive to .manufacture and .easy to assemble for` use, the .apparatusbeing sturdy 1in .construction, light in weight, and having a wide range of utility, particularly for 4bathers, campers and for use on picnics .and similar excursions.

Further robjects `and advantages rof the invention vwill become apparentlfrom the following descriptionand claims, and :from theaccompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure l is an elevational view, partly in crosssection of a portable dressing room and shower stall set up for use.

Figure 2 is an elevational view showing the curtain portion of the apparatus of Figure l and the top and bottom supports therefor, the curtain portion being shown in .collapsed position.

Figure 3 is a top Vierw, partly broken away, of the portable dressing room and shower stall of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a horizontal cross-sectional view taken on line 4--4 of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is a fragmentary plan view of one of the bottom rigid rings employed in the apparatus of Figure 1.

Figure 6 is an enlarged vertical cross-sectional detail View taken on line 6-6 of Figure 3, showing a portion of the top structure of the apparatus of Figure 1.

Figure 7 is an enlarged cross-sectional detail View taken on line '-l of Figure 4.

Referring to the drawings, II designates a circular base plate, preferably made of aluminum or other light metal, Secured to base plate II adjacent its periphery and at equal angular spacings thereon are four upstanding sleeve members I2. Designated at I3 are vertical post members, each post member comprising a plurality of upper sections I4 and a lowermost section I4.

Each section of the post members except the lofwermost section I4" is formed at its lower end with a reduced projection or dowel I5. The top ends `of the .sectionsare each omned lwith".arbore receiyingsthe'rdowel |15 `of the next upwardly vaitjacent section. 1The1lowerendsof the Vlawernlost sections .I'4' 'of' che rpost mem-bers `are received 4in the respective -upstandingisleeve members :t2 yand secured therein byfwing `set-screws i2". whereby the .post :members :are supported in vertical positions. -The :post members zmayxbe `readily 'taken apartl by .separating their respective sections.

`ltemovably secured V`:to the :tcp fendportions v.of thexpost members ;I3.'by,means of -wingxset screws I6 zare sleeve members yI"I .carried `by angannular ring. member I8.' 5the.:upper k,portionsot v.thef'spos't members passing' through. ringmember d3' into the respective `sleeve vmembers ,11. Depending from ringmemberA L8 adjacent Litsouter periphery are leye brackets 19. Passingthrougfh :and supported from said :eye v.brackets Vis :a `rigid-ring 20. Secured yto .and dependingffrom ring forisra cylindrical curtain'2iy of canvas -or othersuitable neiiible 'waterproof :por iwaterl repellant. material. The {ibottomf hem .of curtain 2i! carries a rigid ring 22.

Secured to the curtain 2I at spaced intermediate levels thereon are additional rigid rings shown at 23. Encircling the curtain 2I and secured thereto intermediate each pair of rigid rings is an elastic band 24, the elastic band 24 acting to contract the curtain inwardly between each adjacent pair of rigid rings rwhen the top annular ring I8 is unsupported by the post members I3.

Each of the rigid rings 23 is formed at the post members I3 with inwardly looped portions 25 in which the post members are loosely received, whereby the rigid rings and the curtain 2I are held against rotation with respect to the post members while allowing the curtain to be raised and lowered as required. The top and bottom rings 20 and 22 are formed with inwardly directed smaller circular rings 26, said smaller rings encircling the upper end portions of the post members I3 at the top ring 2 and encircling the upstanding sleeve members I2 at the bottom ring 22. The bottom ring 22 is free to be moved upwardly on the post members I3 and by its weight tends to maintain the curtain 2I in a taut condition when the booth is set up for use. When the booth is thus set up, as illustrated in Figure 1, entry of the booth is effected by raising the bottom ring 22, which lifts the lower end of cylindrical curtain 2I and enables the user to enter the booth. The weight of bottom ring 22 causes the lower end of curtain 2 I to descend to closed position when said bottom ring is released.

The booth may be secured against rocking or tilting by guy cables 21 connected between rings 28 encircling the sleeve members I1 and stakes 29 driven into the ground laterally adjacent the booth.

Supported on the annular ring member I8 are inwardly and upwardly inclined struts 30 having eye portions 3| encircling the respective sleeve members I1. Connected to the inner ends of the struts 3D is a plate member 32 provided with a depending hook 33 from which a bucket or sprinkler pail, such as shown in dotted view at 34, may be supported. The bucket may be provided with a suitable sprinkler head and with a stop cock controlling the ilow of water through said sprinkler head.

The top ring 20 is provided with an inwardly spaced arcuate bracket 35 on which is hung an auxiliary depending exible curtain 36 defining a storage space 31 between said auxiliary curtain and the outer curtain 2|. Conventional clothes hangers 38 may be hung on the top ring 20 for supporting clothes in said storage space.

When the booth is to be dismantled for transportation or storage the set screws I6 and I2 are loosened, and stakes 29 are pulled up. This allows the post members I3 to be raised out of engagement with bottom sleeve members I2, whereby the post members may be taken apart and whereby the top post sections I4 may be disengaged from the top sleeve members I1. The curtain 2l is then collapsed vertically to the position shown in Figure 2, the collapse of the curtain being facilitated by the contraction of the elastic bands 23. The post sections I4 and I4' may then be placed inside the collapsed curtain for transportation or storage therewith.

While a specic embodiment of a portable dressing booth and shower stall has been disclosed in the foregoing description, it will be understood that various modifications within the spirit of the invention may occur to those skilled 4 in the art. Therefore it is intended that no limitations be placed on the invention except as defined by the scope of the appended claim.

What is claimed is:

A portable booth comprising a iiat circular base member, a plurality of vertical post members detachably secured at their bottom ends to said base member in circumferential spaced relation, a horizontal annular member frictionally secured to said post members in vertical spaced relation with respect to said base member and mounted for slidablc movement on said post members, a cylindrical flexible curtain depending from the periphery of said annular member and terminating adjacent said base member, a plurality of rigid rings secured to and encircling said curtain in vertical spaced relation, loop elements formed on said rigid rings and slidably receiving said post members, elastic bands secured to and encircling said curtain intermediate said. rigid rings, and an auxiliary exible curtain element depending from said annular member adjacent the inside of said curtain dening a clothes storage space between the auxiliary element and said curtain.


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