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Publication numberUS2519662 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1950
Filing dateJul 30, 1948
Priority dateJul 30, 1948
Publication numberUS 2519662 A, US 2519662A, US-A-2519662, US2519662 A, US2519662A
InventorsAlfred Kempken
Original AssigneeAlfred Kempken
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Aluminum gun case
US 2519662 A
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2, 1950 A. KEMPKEN 2,519,662

ALUMINUM cum CASE I Filed July so, 1948 Z Shee'tS-Sheet 1 Alfred Kempken JNVENTOR.

22y ml Aug. 22, 1950 Flled July 30, 1948 Patented Aug. 22, 1950 UNITED: STATES) ALUMINUM GUN. onsn' Alfred 'Kemnken, Marysrzillegcalifl. Application July to, 1941s, Serial No. 41 ,5sv

3 Claims. (c1. an e-1.6

This invention. relates to. novei and useful improvements in devices for transporting guns and thelike.

An object of this invention is to hingedly con.- nect a. pair oi traveling case sections by means of a piano hinge'or: the-like and provides: means in both of said sections of a pad-like; nature for engagement with. a gun. or.- other articles to be transported.

Another object. of this invention is to provide pivotally and slidably adjustable clamps within one. of; said. sectionsengageable with a. gun or other. article tolbes carried for maintaining it in. position. within the section.

Another object ofthis invention. is to supply a resilient pad or the like onthesaid clamp thereby avoidin marring; and scratchin of a. gun and also providin a pairof sectional grips between the clamp and thegun;

A further. object OfwthlS invention is to provide apertures in at. least. one of. the sections for ventilation purposes. and alsoto provide meanson. both of said sections. for maintaining them I in a predetermined hingedposition relative to.

each other.

Another object of this invention. is; to providea. metallic transporting device. for. guns the. like which is simple, light and. protective.

Ancillary objects and features. of novelty will.

become apparent to those skilled in the art, in following the description of the preferred form of the invention, illustratedin the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of. the preferred form of the invention; a

Figure is a sectional view taken on the line 22 in Figure 1 and in the direction of the arrows;

Figure 3 is. a sectional view taken orr the. line 3-3 in. Figure, 2 and in the. direction or the arrows;

Figure 4 is a sectional view illustrating details of construction and taken on th line 4-4 of Figure 3 and in the direction of the arrows;

Figure 5 is an exploded perspective view of the packing or resilient elements adapted to engage guns carried in the case, and;

Figure 6 is a perspective View of one of the clamps forming a part of the invention.

There is a decided need for a device which will maintain guns in a cleanly, safe condition both in storage and in transportation thereof. In order that such a case be portable it is necessary that it be light for practical reasons. Anticorrosive qualities are also of importance and I ac n ln the preferred. material; or construe.- tion of the present invention is primarily alurntnum magnesium or other metal and alloys. of similar characteristics.

The case is provided or two. sections, each oil which indicated at In: and: I52 respectively; Arbitrarily the top section I d has. smoothly curved ends l4 and. t6 respectively and similarly curved longitudinal ends I 8: and: 2.0 The. end a pi no hinge or the like 2e secured thereto which s also secured to. its. similar end of the bottom section 12. of. course renders: the sections It and I2 hingedly connected. It will he. noted that other: types of hinges; may: be used if it: is found desirable, this bein Within the; purview: of the invention and prerogative,- oi the maxim facturer.

CQIBGI pieces; each .Of; which is indicated at 24 are provided at; appropriate places. (corners); on the. end Walls; of eachsectionaand'may be. at. tached. in any suitable; manner. Also, there. is rovided. conventional means. tor locking two.- sece I tions in the closed positioned-ch as the. lacking devices: 28. Handles: 39. may be provided on one or both of. that-Said se tions as found esira le These app rtcriancesare conventional; to lu gage h ver,. the of the: hinged type locking device which a complemental. element. on each section has; been found. most successful in. t present. device.

Means for clamping a gun or: the like; not. sition one-oi the 'seetionsais provided The preferable means may be seen. best; in Figures: nd 6 as inclusive of lease strip. or bracket;

. hav ng smoothly curved hearmg blocks. as and".

3.5:. respectively at eacitr' end thereof. The. moo hly curved portions. are adapted: to. conform to: the: contour of:v the: end wall of each. section. it, He The-sa d; bra ket '32- eats, a resilientpad st which: m y be attached thereto by any: suit ble means cementine or the like.

The length of the end pieces 34 and 36 is somewhat greater than the width of the bracket 32 and a channel member 40 is adapted to rest on the end pieces 34 and 36 in juxtaposition to the bracket 32.

The channel member 40 which is to be used in the section l2 has a slot 42 extending longitudinally thereof in order to accommodate a screw 39 which extends through the said slot and carrise a wing nut 44 at one end thereof. The bracket 32 which is used in the upper section It! may be of such a width as to be in spanning relation of the length of the end blocks 34 and 36. There are no wing nuts, screws and slots used in the section ID, as all of the clamping of the guns or the like to be maintained in position is accomplished in the section I2.

A substantially L-shaped clamp having a leg 48 and a leg 50 is shown in Figure 6. Two of the screw 39 as a pivot point. A resilient pad 56 is firmly attached to the relatively longer leg 48 and engages the side of the gun to be clamped in order to enhance the frictional bind between the gun and the pad and also to prevent marring, scratching and the like.

When the sections Hi and 12 are closed the pad 38 engages a similar pad 60 which is attached to the upper section through a resulting U-shaped structure formed of curved blocks 34 and 35 connected integrall by mean of an element extremely similar to the bracket 32 but wider. The width of the pad 69 is approximately the same as the pad 38 thereby leaving a recess within the archway formed of the U-shaped member in order to accommodate the ends of the clamp 48. 1

Under certain conditions ventilation is required and thereby, apertures 62 may be provided at both ends of one of the sections or in either end of either section.

In order to maintain the two sections in the open position a hinged brace generally indicated at 64 is attached to both section at each end thereof and is formed of two components pivotally connected together. In this instance this mechanism maintains the two sections in the full open position or approximately at an angle of ninety degrees relative to each other.

From the foregoing a clear understanding of the present invention is deemed apparent. It is understood that certain variations may be made without departing from the spirit thereof.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

r 1. In a device for carrying guns, a case including upper and lower hingedly connected sections and locking devices attached to said sections for maintaining said sections in the closed position, transverse upper brackets secured to the upper section to support a gun, cushions narrower than said brackets attached to said brackets and adapted to engage a gun, lower trans-- hingedly connected section, transverse upper brackets secured to the upper section and transverse lower brackets secured to the lower section, both of said brackets having cushions thereon which are narrower than said brackets, the brackets on one of the sections having channel members operatively connected therewith adjacent the cushions thereon, longitudinal slots in said channels disposed transversely with respect to the sections, substantially L-shaped clips each having a pair of legs, means attached to one leg of each L-shaped clipand disposed in one of the slots for adjustably supporting the clips, pads disposed on the other legs of each clip and adapted to engage a gun, the clips being disposed along side of the cushions on the opposite brackets when said sections are in the closed position.

3. A gun case comprising an upper and a lower hingedly connected section, transverse brackets having arcuate end portions fitted in said upper section and transverse brackets having arcuate end portions fitted in said lower section, cushions carried by all of said brackets, the cushions in the lower section being adapted to engage one surface of a gun and the cushions in th upper section being adapted to engage the opposite surface of the gun, a channel member held in place in one of said sections by one of said brackets and having an opening therein, substantially L-shaped clamps adjustably carried by said channel member and having fastening means passed through said opening and attached to the clamps, pads on said clamp adapted to engage parts of a gun, and the cushions in the brackets opposite those supporting the channel member being narrower than their supporting brackets to form a space for accommodating the ends of the clamps when said sections are in the closed position.


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International ClassificationF41C33/00, F41C33/06
Cooperative ClassificationF41C33/06
European ClassificationF41C33/06