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Publication numberUS2520063 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 22, 1950
Filing dateJan 6, 1949
Priority dateJan 6, 1949
Publication numberUS 2520063 A, US 2520063A, US-A-2520063, US2520063 A, US2520063A
InventorsMichael Rishcoff
Original AssigneeMichael Rishcoff
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Solid spring frame for solid frame support belts
US 2520063 A
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M. RISHCOFF Aug 22, 1950 SOLID SPRING FRAME FOR SOLID FRAME SUPPORT BELTS 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 Filed Jan. 6, 1949 Inventor Michael Rishcaff I g, a Attorneys Aug. 22, 1950 M. RISHCOFF 2,520,063

501.11) SPRING FRAME FOR SOLID FRAME SUPPORT BELTS Filed Jan. 6, 1949 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 I a v x 3 I n Her/tor Michael R/shcaff Fig. 6.

Patented Aug. 22, 1950 UNITED STATES soup SPRING FRAME Foe soLm FRAME SUPPORT BELTS Michael Rishcoif, Wilkes-Barre, Pa. Application January 6, 1949, Serial No. 69,557

2 Claims. (01. 236) This invention appertains to novel and useful improvements in body supports.

An object of this invention is to support the body-by means of a waist band which includes, successively, a frame holding portion with a resilient support frame disposed therein, and straps fixed to one end of said portion engaged in buckles carried by the opposite end of said portion, and, in addition to the above, other straps carried by the buckle supporting end of said portion, wrapped around said frame supporting portion and releasably carried by buckles mounted on said first-mentioned straps.

Another object of this invention is to support both the back and the abdomen of an individual by means of a device which includes, successively, a strip having a number of slots therein, a portion accommodating a resilient back support frame and a resilient abdomen support frame, and straps attached to the end of said portion, passed through said slots, and after passing through guides also fixed to said portion, releasably carried by a pair of buckles on said strip.

Another purpose of this invention is to supply devices of the character to be described for supporting an individual, which devices may have certain straps elongated in order to wrap around the waist of an individual any practical number of times before fastening the ends thereof to appropriate buckles or other suitable fastening means.

Ancillary objects and features of novelty will become apparent to those skilled in the art, in following the description of the preferred forms of the invention, illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Figure 1 is a perspective view of one form of the invention;

' Figure 2 is aplan assembly view of the device shown in Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a perspective view of the support frame;

Figure 4 is a perspective View of another form of the invention;

Figure 5 is a plan assembly View of the device shown in Figure 4:; and

Figure 6 is a transvers sectional view taken substantially on the line li -6 of Figure 5 and in the direction of the arrows.

Many forms of the instant inventive concept may be resorted to. For illustrative purposes only, two forms are provided in the accompanying drawings.

One form of the invention is seen best in Fig ure 1 and includes a waist band generally indicated at I0 and is composed of successive elements. Starting from the strip [2, a pair of buckle-supporting loops [4 and it? having a pair of buckles I 8 and 20, respectively, carried there by are disposed at one end of the strip [2. The said strip may, of course, be made of any suitable material such as fabric.

The strip also has a number of slots 22 therein and a pocket for accommodating a resilient frame generally indicated at 26. This pocket is disposed in a frame supporting portion 25. Also in the same frame-supporting portion or in what might be termed a second frame-supporting poi-- tion is a second frame identical to that shown in Figure 3.

Also in the succession of elements is a number of straps which are divided into groups. Two straps 38 form one group and two straps 32 form the second group. They converge, as is seenin Figure 2, but as is shown in Figure 1, only after they pass through the said slots 22. A holding tape 34 connects the points of convergency and may be stitched in place.

The said groups or pairs of straps 30 and 32, respectively, continue from the holding tape 35 as single straps 36 and 38, respectively. A second holding tape 39 connects the single straps 36 and. 38. Then, the straps '36 and 38 are passed through guides 40 which are formed by stitching a fabric member at its ends to the said framesupporting portion 25 and in the center, as is shown in Figure 2.

The said straps 36 and 38 passing through the guides 40 are fastened to the buckles 2B and [8; respectively, thence are passed through guides 42, 44, and 46, respectively, which may be identical to the said guide '40.

In practical use, any number of groups of straps 3 0 and 32 may be supplied provided. the corresponding'number of slots 22 are used. Fur ther, when the device is applied to an individual he simply slips it over his head or steps in the same. The ends of the straps 36 and 38 may be attached to the buckles l8 and 20 as described or, if desired, may be passed through the said loops [4 and I6 first, then around the body of an individual a second time or a third time, after which the ends are fixed to the buckles l8 and 20.

The material of the frame 24 may be spring steel or plastic or any other material which has a reasonable degree of resiliency yet will support the abdomen and back of an individual.

A pocket-like member, as shown in Figure 6, will be provided in both forms of the invention for accommodation of this frame.

Referring now to Figure 4 primarily, another form of the invention is disclosed. This form includes, successively, a frame supporting portion or pocket 50 which has loops 54 and 52, respectively, extending from one edge thereof accommodating the buckles 56 and 58, respectively. Extending from the opposite end of the framesupporting portion 50 are a number of groups of straps, two straps 60 forming one group, and two straps 62 forming the second group. These straps converge at their ends, a loop 64 and a loop 66 being formed at the converging ends of each group. These loops accommodate buckles 68 and I0, respectively.

A tape 12 is fixed to the converging ends of the said straps adjacent the loops to retain the said loops and the straps in the proper assembled position.

Continuations 14 and 16 of the said straps are fixed beneath the tape 12.

Extending from the loop supporting end of the frame holder 59 are groups of straps, two straps 18 forming one group, and two straps 80 forming the other group. These groups also converge with a tape 82 connecting the converging portions at the ends thereof. Then, the extending straps 84 and 86, respectively, of the converging groups 18 and 80 are adapted to pass around the body of an individual. The strap 86 passes over one of tively. The ends of the extending portions of the straps which are indicated at 14 and 16 are fastened in the buckles 56 and 58, respectively.

It will be noted at this point that as in the previously described form of the invention, the straps 14 and 16 may be passed through the loops 52 and 54 and around the body of an individual one or more times before they are fastened in the buckles 56 and 58, respectively.

The pocket formed in the frame-supporting portion 59 is formed, as shown in Figure 6. Two thicknesses of material are used in the makeup of the frame-supporting portion with the frame 24 disposed therein. The said frame may be either permanently disposed therein or removably disposed through the utility of conventional snap fasteners or the like in the makeup of the said pocket or frame-supporting portion.

For the actual shape of the frame, attention is again directed to Figure 3. Here a top member 98 is supplied and a bottom member I00 of smaller length is supplied. A number of connecting members I02 extend between the top and bottom members and angularly disposed connecting bars I04 may be used on the outermost members I02 as continuations thereof in order to connect the appropriate inside pieces with the bottom I00.

This form of the invention is applied to the anatomy of an individual the same as that shown in Figure 1 and the same as described in connection therewith.

It is apparent that variations may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Having described the invention, what is claimed as new is:

1. A support for the body of an individual comprising a waist band which includes a front portion for supporting a frame, a resilient frame to support the anatomy disposed in said portion, a rear portion fixed to one end of said front portion and containing a frame, straps extending from the end of said rear portion and adapted to encircle the body of an individual, a guide having slots and fixed at one end of said framesupporting rear portion and said straps being passed through said slots, said guide overlapping said front portion, loops with buckles carried by said guide, and the ends of said straps being releasably fastened by said buckles.

2. A support for the body of an individual comprising a waist band which includes a portion for supporting a frame, a resilient frame for anatomy support disposed in said portion, straps extending from the end of said portion and adapted to encircle the body of an individual, a guide overlapping said portion and extending from said frame-supporting portion, said guide having slots therein with said straps passed therethrough, loops with buckles carried by said guide, the ends of said straps being releasably fastened by said buckles, and tapes fixed to said straps for retaining said straps in predetermined position with respect to each other.


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