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Publication numberUS2520618 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1950
Filing dateApr 21, 1947
Priority dateApr 21, 1947
Publication numberUS 2520618 A, US 2520618A, US-A-2520618, US2520618 A, US2520618A
InventorsDavid Winter Harry
Original AssigneeDavid Winter Harry
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Overhead rolling door assembly
US 2520618 A
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1950 H. D. WINTER 2,520,618


Patented Aug. 29, 1950 'OVERHE'AD'ROLLING noon ASS BLY Harry David Winter,Albany, Calif; I Application April 21, 1947,.SerialNo. 74 2.390

5 Claims. (Cl. 1 60-315) This invention relates to an overhead rolling door assembly, and in general has for its-object the provision of a simplified construction for mounting a drum on a pair of bearing sleeves carried-by opposed brackets, and for spring loading said drum by a coil spring disposed within said barreljsaid spring being secured at one end to said barrel; and-at its other end to one of said brackets. i

More specifically the objectof this invention is bracket sub-assemblies and an articulated door or curtain, all of which can be readily assembled at a building'site to form an integral operative structure;

The invention features, some of which, with theforegoing, will be set forth :at length in the following description where that form of the invention which-has been selected for illustrationin the drawing acspecificationqis outlined in full. In said drawingone form ofthe invention is shown, but it is to be understood that it. is not limited to. such form, since the invention as set forth in the claims may be embodied in a plurality of forms.

Referring to the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a rearelevation of an overhead rolling doors-assemblyembodying the objects of my invention.

Fig. 2 is-;a section taken on Fig. 1.

Fig; 3 is an isometric projection partlyin section of the overhead rolling door assembly as shown in Fig. 1, but with the articulated curtain the .iu e 2- 2 of removed therefrom.

. to which are welded a number of longitudinally spaced curtain supporting collars 6.

Disposed within the drum 5 is a coil spring 1 terminating at its inner end in an eye 8, and extendin through the drum 5 and the eye 8 is a bolt 9 by which the inner end of the spring is fastened to the drum. Welded to the drum 5 is a thrust possesses other advantageous collar' H, and disposed over the drum adjacent the collar 1 is a thrust bearing ring l2. Mounted over the left end of drum 5 is a bearing sleeve 10 the prov1s1on ofa drum sub-assembly, a pair of companying. and forming a part of the present I3 provided intermediate its ends With'a radial flange l4 formed with a number of longitudinal bolt holes I5. Bymeans of a suitable tool the left end of the spring" 1' can be stretchedbut wardly' through the left 'endof' the' barrel 5; With the spring in this extended position its longitudinally extendig end 16 is passed'through a' pair of registering holesformed in the in wardly extending flange l1 of aspring retain-3 ing sleeve l8, and in the outwardly extending flange IQ of 'a mandrel 20, and turned overas show'n'in Fig. 3. As indicated in Figs; 3 .and 4; the flange [f the mandrel 20. overlaps the flange 11 of the spring retaining sleeve I8,=this latter sleeve being provided at itsouter endwith an outwardly extending flange 2| arrangedto seat over the left'end of .the bearing sleeve 13. Provided'on the periphery of the spring retaining sleeve l8'is a finger 22 arranged to seat in a notch 23-formed in the outer end of the hearing sleeve l3 so as to key these two members to-T gether as shown in Fig. 3. Disposed overjthe right endof the 'drum' 5'is' a bearing sleeve 223a, provided with a radially-extending flnger. =z3b, this finger being: formed with a bolt hole .extend ing therethrough as shown at the right end ;of the Fig. 3. "I 5 Mounted on the collars 6 by means of screws 24 is an articulated curtain or door'25 of any well known standard construction,- and'fpreferably made of 59; lightmetal such as-alurninum, magnesium or'alloys thereof; 2

The left bracket sub-assembly 3 includes a pair of complementary coplanar bracket plates 26 and 21 formed along their meeting edges with opposed semicircular openings of a diameter sufficient to receive the bearing sleeve IS. The plates 26 and 21 are provided with bolt holes arranged to register with the holes l5 formed in the flange I4 and to receive bolts 28. Since the flange 14 overlaps both of the bracket plates 26 and 21, this flange serves to hold the two bracket plates together as an integral structure when assembled. Fastened to the rear ends of the bracket plates 26 and 21 by bolts 29 is an upstanding angle iron 3! by which the left bracket sub-assembly 3 may be mounted adjacent the door opening.

The right hand bracket sub-assembly 4 includes a bracket plate 32 provided with a circular opening arranged to receive the bearing sleeve 23a. These two members may be fastened together as an integral unit by means of a bolt 33 extending through the finger 23b, and to which is threaded a nut 34; Welded to the inner vertical edge of the bracket plate 32 is an angle iron 35 provided with suitable bolt holes 36 by which it may be 7 fastened'to a' building adjacent the door opening. a

To assemble these various units into an operative structure, Zthe angle iiron 31%| andthe ibraicket plate 26 -to-which it is*b01tedand the bracket assembly 4 are secured in their proper position over a door Opening. The right end of the drum subassembly is then inserted-into gthercircular 7 opening of the right bracket assembly 4, and the finger 23b bolted to the bracket platefil ewiziilev;

ingzsleeveiinzthis adjusted gpositionzitsiflangedatd is'holledetoriihectwnbracket-plates 2-6 and :21; :A downward nmrvement etgthe curtain is accomnanied thy-la .rclockwisezretation of adrumeas viewed :in; :EigLLfS serves at finer-ease ..the torque ;on spring etmthereby balance ithe radzofazithe: :mnia'm married {:by Jzhe instead ofaiadsiusting ithe',iornue -ogfspring whileirhe rcmtainrissinits sopen'gposition it can be sadjnsted'iwhiie :tthefrnuntainzis :in its :fully closed zposition. afioweverzithe formerprocedure is preferable dor theidesiredzradiiustxrrent roan .ibe madec without turning :zjfhe sleeve 14.3 throughras many-meizolutions ras'woifld foeslzcquired .byi-lthe latterzzmeocedure. exact mumben-iof turns rrequiredrto be unadaaiependsmf 'coursemom many faotors; rsuch asar iorrexample atheistnengt-h of the spring, the radius of the collars -ii, and .the

weight of theacurtaizi, bntroanhe predetermined readily trdailqand error. 7

' itwill thereforelzberseen ithaitfliiianer provided an solver-head rolling :doer assembly consisting 50f several sub-assemblies @impleaconstr uction 4 which can readily be assembled, into an operative unit and balanced.

I claim:

1. A rolling door assembly comprising: a pair of opposed brackets; a bearing sleeve mounted in each of said brackets, said sleeves being axially aligned and. one of them being angularly adjustable with respect to its associated bracket; a

drum journalediin saidiibearingzisleeves; and a coilspring disposed withinsaid drumy one end of said spring being fastened to said drum, and line other end thereof being fastened to said angrulanly ad iustable bearing sleeve.

'2. A rolling door assembly such as defined in rmzdletim il, miwzherein an articulated curtain is .mounted on .said drum.

3: A rolling" i*oor assembly such as defined in claimjl wherein said spring is fastened to said angularly adjusable bearing sleeve by means of spring retainingsleeve lextendingsintoaandeekeyed toasa'id adjustahle bearingisleeve, p 4. .A'xleciceiofrthecharacter desceileedrcompnisingz-ia. firstibrackekasecond bracket opgcsedte saidrsfirst bracket andeineludingaupper and :lower coplanar plates; fa ibear ipg @sleeve amounted eon said pper andtlowerimlatessandsadjustablyfiastened-ithereto;-.-a d1:nm;inunna1ed atrone'aend said first bracket and at its opposite ende sai'd hearing @sleeve; gspni'ngazdisposed within said rdlllm, rsaidasprill ebeinggsectwedsatcone end thereof "3B0 .said drumieand :aa't- 13175 10171181 ,ffilildflifl saidrbearirngisleeve. f a V s 1 i 4.5. ,A 'molli-ngadoorzassemblm @cnmprising .121 of opposed brackets; a bearing sleeve mountedin each-rofzzsaid brankets saidisleegesaiaeing axially alignedsand-mneiof :them. rhfiingangulanly adjustahle-withaespect 1429: its msnniated ibracket; era idnum' :Jnurnaled :insaidi bearinasleevegaone rend of. :said admnneextendin and abeynndrone f :=S8zid shearing asleenes;;:rand-mrmoilaspir n ?adieposed within saidrdrmn,-:ioneeendvpfisaid naming being fastened-rtossaidenrnm;and theuother end thereof .beingzfastenedzito zsaz'idaangnlanly :adinstable :bearingisleere. I

"I'HALRRYZEAHIB" V :iasnsnnncnsmnn "-Ihe followingreferencesearz e of accord-fin file of this patent:

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