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Publication numberUS2520628 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1950
Filing dateMay 25, 1949
Priority dateMay 25, 1949
Publication numberUS 2520628 A, US 2520628A, US-A-2520628, US2520628 A, US2520628A
InventorsFrank Elsner
Original AssigneeFrank Elsner
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Label pasting mechanism with variable throw label pickup and transfer means
US 2520628 A
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Aug. 29, 1950 F ELSNER 2,520,628


flank f/sner BY W A TTORNEY Aug. 29, 1950 F. 'ELSNER 2,520,623



- Application May 25, 1949, Serial No. 95,247

' 5 Claims. (01. 21655) This invention relates generally to the.c1ass of label pasting and is directed particularly to improvements in apparatus for picking up a label and effecting the application of adhesive thereto and transferring the label to'an object to which it is to be applied.

In the application of labels to objects of the nature'of boxes and'thelike, particularly cigar boxes, it frequently; occurs that the labels must be applied to boxes of different sizes so that mechanism for picking up a label from a stack, effecting the application of adhesive thereto and transferring the label to the box lid, or wall, must often be caused change the extent of travel to suit the particular size of the object to which the label is being applied. It is accordingly a principalobject of the present invention to provide an apparatus of this character wherein a novel means is provided for regulating the movement or throw of the label pick-up and transfer head. 7

Another object of the invention is to provide in alabel pasting mechanism of the character stated,

wherein a label pick-up suction head is swung froma pick-up position to a deposit position, novel mechanism which may be readily set or adjusted for the application of the label to a box lid or other object of maximum size orto one ofa minimum size by restricting the extent of movement of the label carrying suction head over the. surface upon which is located the object to which the label is to be applied.

. Other objects and advantages of the invention will become apparent as the description of the same proceeds and the invention will be best un-- derstood from a consideration of the following detailed description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings forming a part of the specification, with the understanding, however,

that the invention is not to be limited to the exact details of construction shown and described since obvious modificationswill occur to a person skilled in the art.

' In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a view in side elevation of mechanism constructed in accordance with the present invention showing one of two supporting standards between which the mechanism is carried and showing the movement control means set to perinit the suction head to have its maximum swing for handling a label of maximum size.

"Figure 2 is a view corresponding to Figure l but showing the control mechanism set to limit the throw or extent of movement of the label carrying suction head for handling a, label of maximum size.

Figure 3 is a detail view on an enlarged scale showing the relative positions of the control mechanism and the suction head when the suction head is in the retracted position preparatory to picking up a label from a stack.

Figure 4 is a View in top plan of the machine, the tops of the standards being broken away" and some of the lower structure beneath the hanger and control mechanism being omitted.

Referring now more particularly to thedrawings the numeral H3 designates one of a pair of spaced standards between which is supported a rock shaft H carrying a hanger [2 which is designed to have swinging movement between two extreme positions at one of which positions is located a support of suitable character for a stack of sheets or labels l3 while at the other extreme position for the hanger there is located a table of suitable character upon which is placed a box lid or a completebox structure in proper position to have a label deposited thereon; Such supporting table I4 is here shown as having an inclined top surface l5 which is provided with a stop It at what may be termed the inner edge, that is, the edge nearest to. the stack of sheets or labels.

The hanger 12 carries one or more longitudinal guides ll through which is slidably extended a stem or pin [8 which carries at its lower end a label pick-up suction head which is generally designated I9 and which is of a standard char: acter and which has associated with it alabel gripping finger unit which is generally designated 20 and which, together with the head,.is

particularly disclosed and claimed in Patent'No.

2,384,241 of September 4, 1945. The suction um't I9 is given slight reciprocal movement to facilitate the picking up of a label from the top of the stack l3 and depositing it upon an object lying upon the top surface l5 of the table It such, for example, as the member 2! which may represent the top of a box such, for example, as a cigar box, upon which a label is to be pasted.

For the operation of the suction unit I9 there is provided upon a suitable bearing 22, a rock arm. 23, one end of which is connected by the link 24 with the pin or stem I8 while the other end has connected therewith a pitman 25 which is connected with a suitable source of power to eifect the desired timed movement of the suction head in coordination with the swinging of the hanger [2 by which the head is supported. Disposed between the vstackof sheets or labels [3 and the table M are the paste or adhesive pick-up; and transfer rollers 26 and 21, respectively. The transfer roller 21 is at such elevar the hanger 1-2.

7' 3 tion that a label or sheet being carried by the pick-up head [9 from the stack to the body 2! on the table M will pass across and contact the surface of such roller so'as to be supplied with the desired coating of adhesive.

Pivotally mounted upon a suitable pivot stud or shaft 28 is a' rock arm 29, the free end of which is directed forwardly in the general direct tion of the table l4. a

Pivotally connected at 30 with the free end of the arm 29 is a reciprocating pitman'3l by means of which power is transmitted to; the armand also to the hanger [2 through the mechanism about to be described.

Extending rearwardly from and rigidly joined to the pitman 3i is the pitman arm 32' and upon this arm 'atits'rear end is pivotally connected by the pivot 33 a bell crank 34 which comprises a long arm 35 which extends forwardly and a 7 short arm 36 which is directed upwardly.

The free end of the long arm 35 of the bell crank ,34lis pivotally coupled with an end of a link it}, theopposite endof the link being pivot:

The necessary actuation of the link 24 V the suction head to pick up a sheet from the stack l3 and reverse movement of the head has already been effected when this swinging action of the hanger l2 commences. When the pitman 3| and arm 29 reach the lowermost positions in their movement as shown in Figure 1, the suction head gr unit-I9 wilt be at the'rnaxiinum forward position of its stroke but the followerlil will be short of the lower end of the portion 46' of the slot 46. If, however, the suction head is only to swing through part of its are of movement as, for example, if a box lid 2| of maximum or 4 inch size is to have a label applied thereto, then when the parts are in the position shown in Figure 3, that is, when the suction head is at the limit of its back swing to label pick-up position, the locking screw 45 isloosened and the plate 40 is swung upwardly until the index d on the scale 43 comes to the zero point 44 whereupon the plate 40 is again fixed. When the pitman 3! then moves down on its powerstroketo swing .the hanger l2 7 the follower 411 will reach the lower end of the ally connected at '38 to ashort crank arm 5.9

which is rigidly-connected with the upper end of The numeral-4!! designates a sectorplate which is pivotally mounted at its radial centerv upon the pivot 3fl'. This sector plate lies across a side of the arm 29 with the arcuate, edge portion thereof adjacent to the end of the arm which is V mounted upon the pivot 28; This end of thearm V carries a hub --28 across which the edge, of the plate extends and integral with this'hubis an ,arouate scale; finger 4! Which conforms to the edge contour of the adjacent portion of the plate 40, which portion-has anarcuate slot ;.42 therein which. is struck from the pivot 30. on which the plate swings. Betwe'entheslotAZ and the adja:

cent arcuate edge of the plate there is formed on the face of the plate a scale designating (hf..-

ferent box sizes or measurements, in accordance with which the, swing of the hanger I2 is'regu 1ated,-such, scalebeing adjusted to a zero point 4.4: on the scale fingerlas shown in 'Figure 3.

For holding the plate 40in adjusted position the arm 29 has threaded thereinto a securing screw 45 which passes through the slotv t2 and hasits head in contacttwith the face of the plate. "Inwardly of the slot 42 isa longer and Wider guide slot 46 .in the plate :40, which is arcuate through a portion of its length from one end, concentric with .the pivot'3c. For the remainder of portion 46' of the cam slotudfi before the .full swinging movementlor full stroke of the hanger 7 2 with the suction head 19 is accomplished and its length, to its other end, the slot is straight and tangent: to the arcuate portion; as at 46.

Slidably engagingin this slot id-is a roller'! sector plate tfi is'set as, for example, with the zero pointit at the scale pointfi f/z to designate tha 'the su i n h dl will hav hill win in movement to take careof the maximum size box lid or body as' shown iniFigure 3, whena down pull is appli d tQothe pitman Slthe 29 and the plate 40 will be swung around the pivotzsas a unit and the scam follower .or. roller 41 will, moveldown in the slotttlofthesecter pl te a downpu'l be n meanwhile ap ie to thelinkla'l to'swins-the hangar J .ferwardly.

such swinging movement will then be checked, stopping the suction head for the deposit of the label in the proper position upon the body 21 resting on the table. a I 1 In connection with this control mechanism it will benoted that the leading edge of the label in the stack has the same position for all sizes but may be deposited onto an article at any desired position within the maximum and mini mum-adjustments of the sector plate 50;

By reason of the form of 'the control slot in the sector plate 40-, and adjustability of the sector plate, the swing arm orl'hanger I2, with the suction-head 1 9, will move forward at'a speed which is the same as the surface speed of'th'e glue roll, for the maximum length of the label and thereafter thecompens'ating portion :46 of the camslot will effect reduction or restraint of the forward motion of the swing arm or hanger 2 to a desired depositing position.

With the mechanism herein disclosed itw-ill be readily apparent that there is provided a simple, efficient and novel means forlim-iting or varying the throw or stroke of the label pick-up or suction headunit whereby, after the mechanism has been set for labeling a'box lid or'box'top of a -predetermined size, it may be operated continuously without further attention.

l. *ln'a label-pasting mechanism, a label pickup suction head, a swinging carrier for saidhead for shifting the lfi'ead from a non-varying label pick-up position to alabel deposit positionfmeans for supporting a label said pick-up position, means-fer supporting abody to receive a label at said deposit position, alreciprogable power transmitting element, and an 'adjnstablelinkage connection between said element-and the swinging car ie o electively changin he t ofmovement of t e. carr e and head f it .5 1 non-vary n rich-up ppsi ionto the d posi ms..- tion. V J r a label pasti ,mes iarismiag a e pi k up unit; means supportin he ii Qrbackahd forth m ementb tweena v r in i b lpie up ,pqsi i n and a abe denc i ne tionym aas at fi tnam dn sit n, e

the-sewn named r9 ing an article'to receive the label,

to lower 7 able control means for selectively changing the extent of movement of the pick-up unit from the said non-varying position to the second named position.

3. In a label pasting mechanism, a swinging carrier, a label pick-up suction head carried by the carrier for movement from a label pickmp position to a label deposit position, means for supporting an object to receive a label at said deposit position, means for supporting a label at the pick-up position, a reciprocable power transmitting element, a pivoted arm having pivotal connection with said element, a crank carried by said element and. having two arms, means connecting one of the crank arms with said swinging carrier, an element supported upon the pivot connection between the arm and the power transmitting element, means adiustably coupling the second named element with said arm, a sliding coupling between said second named element and the other arm of said crank element.

4. In a label pasting mechanism, a label pickup suction head, a hanging carrier supported at one end for swinging movement and carrying the suction head upon the opposite and lower end, means for supporting an object to receive a label from the suction head at one position in the path of swinging movement of the head, means at the extreme position of swinging movement in the opposite direction for supporting a label for pick-up by the head, an arm pivotally supported at one end for swinging movementon an axis paralleling the axis of swinging for the carrier, a power transmitting member pivotally connected at one end to said arm, a sector plate pivotally attached on the pivotal connection between the arm and the power transmitting memher, said sector plate having cam slot therein which is arcuate through a portion of its length from one end and straight through the remainder of its length to the other end, the arcuate portion of the slot being concentric with said pivotal connection, a bell crank pivotally supported upon the power transmitting member and having two angularly extending arms, a link connection between one of the bell crank arms and th swinging carrier, a sliding connection between the other one of the bell crank arms and said cam slot, and means for adjustably securing said sector plate adjacent to its radial edge to the first mentioned arm.

5. Label pasting mechanism of the character stated in claim 4, in which the said means for adjustably securing th sector plate to the first mentioned arm, comprises an arcuate slot in the sector plate concentric with the pivotal mounting for the plate and a securing screw extending through the said arcuate slot and engaging in the first mentioned arm.


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