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Publication numberUS2520831 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 29, 1950
Filing dateJul 11, 1949
Priority dateJul 11, 1949
Publication numberUS 2520831 A, US 2520831A, US-A-2520831, US2520831 A, US2520831A
InventorsChincholl Edwin R
Original AssigneeChincholl Edwin R
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Abdominal appliance
US 2520831 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Aug. 29, 1950 E. R. cHlNcHoLL ABDOMINAL APPLIANCE Filed July 1l, v1949 4 INVEN TOR. 50W/N f?, /M/VC/VOL Patented Aug. 29, 1950 UNIT ED STATES 2,520,831

ais-nomment Arent-Amon EdwiruR.. Ghincholl, Glendale, Cfzliffl;

Applicaties ruimt, 1949;. sentirne; rocosa aciaimsi (cimas-zest This'r invention" relatesto a device; adapted; to be worn. by a: person' tot receive and' temporarily retainmatter discharged's from artificial orifices inthe-abdominal:regioni.

A: number of! such. receptaclesorr containers are known and. the'` best available. have had; to; be used even,A though tlieyhavezbeeniiiound factoryrfor. a number of. reasons. Thus, im one prior construction; when atighticonnentiomabout the'y bodyoriceis: formed' applying: what is vide: such a receptacle which'. is both simple: in

construction, and. eilicientv in operation: on use.,

Other objects and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following description and claims, the novelty consisting in the features of construction, combination of parts, the unique relations of the members and the relative proportions, disposition, and operation thereof, all as more completely outlined herein and particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings, which form part of the present specification:

Figure 1 is a somewhat diagrammatic view of my device shown in position on a user;

Figure 2 is an elevational View of the inner or body face of the device;

Figure 3 is a fragmental perspective view of the lower portion of the device as seen from the back of Figure 2;

Figure 4 is a longitudinal sectional view through the lower end of the device taken along the line 4-4 of Figure I3' withthe discharge tube entirely extended; and

Figure 5 is a transverse sectional view taken through the head of the device, along the line 5-5 of Figure 2.

As illustrated, my device consists of a bag or container I0, having lat sides I2, I4 adapted normally to lie in a collapsed position of lateral registration, and formed of good quality rubber similar to a hot water bag. Near the top of the bag in the inner wall, an orice I6 is formed,

I.8.. there isfv loosely" disposed a; rigid washer-like member of; metalz on'plastic-,hauingf a. hook 24;, 2li om eachA for: connection` tm a; supports lng; belt 2B which is worm; ab'aunthewaistJ off the usen (Fight) Tha:- inner: faces ofi the? wasi'ier-I Ilz;` nent' ta:l the contact. disk; 21mg. provided. with: a sponge: rubber layer or cushioir :in which., normallpv presses against ther` flexible. disk; 211` by.`- action-f. of:` the; belt 28; soi as to. hold. the..y disk. aga-mst: theskin: ima

comfortable Irl-antlerl and prevent'l the- Weight. of

the, bag, from pulling. on'x the'.y attachment, disk 2.0..

The: upperv edge. of'. the` washer 22 is. provided witha pnoiecting.;` tab 32r inserted4 beneath. an attachment band. 34 off fabric,orrxrulzuber,.,the.4 ends of.` which. are: secured.` to,- thef inner face.L I2; of the container at.. 3B. and 38.. The purpose: of this tab. 32 is to.r pri-:eventl the upper portion. or, top margin of the container III- above the orice II-from being bent over or pulled down (i. e. outward) by weight of material within the bag. By this construction, it should be noted that the washer .22 can rotate about the neck I8 for a limited distance (due to movement of the wearer, for example) without pulling on the attachment disk 20, because of the lateral play allowed the tab 32 between the fastening points 36 and 38.

At the lower end of the container, the opposite walls I2, I4 continue as an elongated discharge tube 40 which normally is folded upon itself to act as a closure. A spring tension clamp 42 is provided to hold the folded portion tightly together so as to prevent leakage. Removal of the same allows the contents of the bag to be emptied.

Adjacent the base of the discharge tube, a nap 44 is attachedfalong its edges to the outer faceof one wall (pI-,2) of the container, and its lower free edge is` provided with engaging means 46. A strip` 48 carrying corresponding means v5I) of the zippertL type engageable by a slide fastener 52, is secured to the outer face of the opposite container wall (I4) so that the two mutual attachment elements 44, 48 can be brought togetherjand connected beneath the container to form a closed pouch in which the folded discharge tube 40 may be inconspicuously lodged. Not only does this eliminate the inconbag Whichis inorefcornfortabl' to? the'user, af'- fords greater v"self-adjustment to "bodily movements, as well as being more sanitary both in v relation to the user and in relation to others inv preventing the escape of odors which might prove;

offensive. The advantages to the user` are therefore both physical and psychological.

While a presently preferred-embodiment ofmy abdominal bag has been here illustrated and 15 l tion to'a belt, said washer having a layer of com- 'sciibedf havingj an upper-V opening in a wall thereof, the improvement comprisingf a flexible contact disk connected to the container by an 'annular neck at said upper opening; a substantiallyv rigid Washer rotatably mounted lon said neck and having attachment means for connecpressible material von its side adjacent the condescribed in some detail, it is to be understood that Various modications may be made therein -withinl the scope of the inventionas-lhereafter defined; it being my intention to claim the inlvention broadly within v'the limitations 'of r the prior art.

I claim: Y i

1; Anabdominal bag of the1 character dei scribed, comprising in combination: a eXible container adapted normally to'lie fiat whenrcollapsed,'and having an upper, lateralA opening vin awall thereof; a discharge tube Sfunctionallyrattached adjacent the bottom of the container and provided witha clamping element for closing the same; a ap attached adjacent th'e'bott'om ofthe container soas tofor'm a pouch 'in'conjunction With the container Wall, which pouch surrounds said point of attachmentoftheldischarge tube'and is adapted tp'have the clamped discharge tube stored therein; slide, fastener means for sealing said pouch With thedischarge tube inside; a lflexible contact disk connectedto the' container'by an annular neck'at said upper opening; a substantially rigidl Washer rotatably mounted yon said neck and having attachment means for connection toA a belt, said Washer hav'- ing a layer of compressible material on its side Yadjacent the contact disk and further having an tact diskband further having an an upwardly projecting tab along its upper edge; and an elongated band connected at each end to the inner face of the container Wall adjacent the top thereof and adapted to receive said tab between itself and the contanervso as to support the top of the container While permitting the tab limited radial movement beneath the band. *3.* In'v an abdominal bag of the character described, inicombination with a dependent discharge tube, the improvement comprising: a flap attached adjacent the bottom of the container so Aas to form a pouch in conjunction with the container Wall, Which pouch' is adapted to have the discharge tube stored therein, said dischargetube being functionally'attached to the bagwithin the pouch; and slide fastenermeans carried Abyb'said iiap and adapted to close said pouch With the discharge tube completely inclosed therein.


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U.S. Classification604/335, 604/343
International ClassificationA61F5/445
Cooperative ClassificationA61F5/445
European ClassificationA61F5/445