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Publication numberUS2521792 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1950
Filing dateJun 7, 1948
Priority dateJun 7, 1948
Publication numberUS 2521792 A, US 2521792A, US-A-2521792, US2521792 A, US2521792A
InventorsHollander Irving L
Original AssigneeHollander Irving L
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Display holder for coins and other articles
US 2521792 A
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Sept. 12, 1950 l. L. HOLLANDER 2,521,792

DISPLAY HOLDER EDR coINs AND OTHER ARTICLES Filed June '7, 1948 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 L @Mfr 4 Trag/EK Sept. 12, 1950 l. l.. HOLLANDER 2,521,792



/TORNEY Patented Sept. 12, 1950 DISPLAY HOLDER FOR COINS AND Q'lIIl-R ARTICLES IrvingffL. Hollander',y ForestiHills; Ni Y. 4 Application June 7; 194s, semaine. .31;555

used-for vsales displayrpurposes, for example by4 salesmenof buttons', precious' stones and other similar articles which are relatively small, gener'- ally.v relativelyv valuable, andhavingimportantI orV interestingV features-on both obverse and reverse sides thereof." Still another use for this inventionv may -be found in the watch-making, and more particuilarlyztheA watcherepairingf, and" other indust-ries. where a great'- many relatively small parts are' required tol-be' storedf and classified; Although the 4inventionis usefulv inall these con` nections, the presentespecifcation willfrelate ftof it .solely in-itsrcapacityv as acoin@ holder. This Willibe done for'purposes of=clarity"only and" it will beI appreciated'v that the'features of; this invention which are described as being applicable tocoin collecting, are equally applicable to the otherf uses ofc-"Which-this..`invention` has above' beenb'riefiy describedI as bein-g susceptible:

In the' art of stamp collecting; stamp albums are widelyemployed: The'A data* therein contained-J may: be predetermineds and* incorporated therein bythe manufacturer or it may-beim troduced therein bythe collectorhimself. Stamp collectionsy may be incorporatedtherein inr any l desired arrangement: Numismatistsfrfor"a long time rh'avesought a'fsimilaralbumgforfusefin con: nection witlr coin collections.' Loose-leaf f coin" holders havefbeen :devisedr irrl an attempt ftonmeety numismatic requirements but heretofore no entirelysatisfactory alblunff has been 'devised'.` Those ivlrch 'have beenv put' onc'the market or patented: havebeerrl rather"xedfv and"A inflexible in zrespect'tortheircoin arrangements; and they'.

have: notsbeenv I provided 'Withlipractical', eicient locking-'means as Welll as-rele'a'sing Ameans for their -ooinxinserts-'ormounts It is-1 accordingly' the p-rincipal object o'f this invention to provide adisplayrholder ofthe character described which is as-.useful in the:v

field 'ofnurnismatics'asstamp 'albumvsfare in theA field of. philately.

Another'object of this invention is-th'e pron vision of' a loose-leaf album in-Which eachV leaf carries: a. plurality of coinv holders' which 'may be arranged and rearrangedfiatwill'in said leaf pred'etermi'nedl oi arbitrarilyselectedlrplan:

Afffurther object4 of?` this invention: is# the'pro- 7 claims. (C1. 20er-nasi 2 i vision #of an eeient` locking, and releasing meansfv forrooin holding: mounts in loose-leaf albums 'ofi ther-'character described.` y

A stillv further object of this invention Iis thevv provision of a display holder of thecharacter' clescribedffwhich contains a-plurality of coin iiiserts or mounlfsrftha-t are readily arrange'abley aszifdrearrangeablehin said holder.'

Still another object of this inventionV is the;1 provision of aunique type of coin insert or mount adapted'ftobe use'clfinconnection With thel coin holders of the general character described.

PreferredD embodiments rof this invention I are, shown. in' theaccom-panying drawing,` in Whichi -Fig. l isfa` perspective View of a loose-leaf` coin/album made:4 in accordance with the presi# entfinventiongsaid album b'eing'shown in onenf position. l

litigi: 2 .issa'Y pl'anviewof-"one of theleavesof" saidialburn, showing vsorne offtlie coin` inserts" ormountsf enclosed' therein and lvalso showing sonic*-Y offf'the.` inserts7 or moi'intsb'eing rer'no'ved "f'r'oinI saldi: leaf or-'b'einginsertedtherein Fig.A 43 lis-ape'rspec-tive View of the-'1ocking'fkeyf off'said leaf; y

Fig. 4 is a perspective View of' one of'the in-l dividual coin-inserts or mounts.

Fien:` 51y is .vazplan-View: of onei ofthe-coins Which' maybe usedf'in connection with said" insert for?` mount;

Fig; 6 is a transverse section on the line'S-l of-Fi'gyZ.'

Fig.- 7` isfa fragmentary sidefedg'e-view of the?y leaff'shown-in Figi?? i f Fig: fisfa".section-through the leaf "shown inf* Figa-2,l said sectionbeingv taken `on-a plane Wl'i'iclrVV isparallel to the plane on which said leaflies, said View beingsimply a plan View of the leaf with its topflayer removed.;

Fig.v 9 is a section on the line S--S of Fig. 8, 1

1'0fis alfragmentary, plan view of a modified-f form I of this-invention;

Fig.y llfis affragmentarysectionthrough one oilfthefinsertsf-Whioh'- cooperates with the holder* shown in Fig. 10."

Fifg." 12"'isagfragmentaryfsectin throughv a third-ffembodimentlf'of this invention.4

FigiY llly is asection therethrough taken on'jaj planeewhichisparallel tothe tWobroad sides of thisembodiinent', saldi-'view beingtheequival lent-of afplan-viewf thereof withv the toplayen* l'rcmoved Fig. 15 is a view similar to that of Fig. 14, with the individual inserts removed therefrom.

Fig. 16 is a plan view of the combination locking member and window which is used in said third embodiment of the invention.

Referring now to the iirst nine figures of the drawing, it will be noted that the rst embodiment of this invention comprises a binder IIJ having a plurality of rings I I andat least one 4looseleaf I 2. The binder and its rings may be conventional in every respect. It is the loose-leaf I2 which alone constitutes the heart of this invention, although it is best used in connection with a binder of the general character shown in Fig. l. Each loose-leaf I2 comprises an outer layer or wall of relatively stiff material I5, a second outer layer or wall of equally stiff material I6 spaced'.

` top edge of each said layer adiacent `one of the side edges thereof. A plurality of holes 2B is formed in each of said outer layers, `along the opposite side edge thereof, these holes lbeing spaced to conform to the spacing of rings II, in binder I 0. It is by means of. these holes that each loose-leaf member I2 maybe mounted in binder I (I.

A- spacer 2I is provided between the two outer layers I5 and I6, and it will be noted in Fig. 8 that this spacer has a backbone portion`22 which liesl along that marginal edge of the two outer members in which holes 2D are formed. This backbone 22 is also provided with holes corresponding to, and registering with holes 20, formed in the two outer layers I5 and I6. Integral with said backbone 22 is a plurality of laterally extending ngers 23a, 23h, 23e, 23d` and 23e which extend along the top and bottom edges'of the two outer layers I5 and I6, and yalso between each pair of adjacent cut-outs orV windows II.v The bottom finger 23e extends the full width of the two layers I5 and I5. The other fingers 23a to 23d'. inclusive, have rounded ends which are spaced from the side edge of said layers I5 and I6. Corresponding tosaid fingers 23d to 23d inclusive are marginal spacers 24a to 24d inclusive. These marginal spacers lie along the edge of the two layers i5 and IE, spaced a predetermined distance irom the rounded ends of iingers 23a to 23d inclusive. These marginal spacers also have rounded inner end portions, facing the rounded end portions of their corresponding iingers. It will also be noted that marginal spacers 24a, to 24d, inclusive, are aligned respectively with iingers 23a, to 23d, inclusive. An adhesive or other means may be used to fasten said fingers 23a to 23e and spacers 2i and 24a to 24d inclusive to the two layers l5 and I6 of leaf I2. In the preferred form of this invention however, these spacers are integral with one of the layers (see Fig. 9) and they are fastened by means of an adhesive to the other layer.

Four compartments are thereby formed between the two outer layers I 5 and I6 and fingered spacers 23a to 23e inclusive. Each compartment is adapted to receive an insert 3U such as is shown in Fig. 2. Each insert 3B comprises a pair o1 spaced outer layers 3| and 32 respectively, and a plurality of individual inserts or mounts 33 which serve as spacers between said outer layers 3I and 32. Outer layers 3| and 32 are identical with each other and each comprises a sheet or strip of transparent material such as transparent cellulosic or other plastic material. The dimensions of these strips of transparent material are such as to enable them to be inserted into the several compartments thus formed between the outer layers I5 and I5. Their respective lengths are just short of the lengths of ngers 23a to 23d inclusive, and their` respective widths also just fall short of the distances which separate said iingers 23a to 23d inclusive. Strips 3| and 32 are therefore dimensioned to enter the compartments above referred to but it will be understood that their dimensions are somewhat larger than those of cut-outs II and hence there will be little danger of strips 3I and 32 falling through said cut-outs I'I.

Transparent strips 3|" and 32 serve as retaining walls for individual :inserts 33 and they also serve as windows through which the obverse and reverse sides of such coins 35-as1may be mounted therein, may be seen. Each individual insert 33 comprises a substantiallyrectangular meme ber which may be imperforate or may have-one or more holes 36 formedtherein to' accommodate at least one coin 35, the vthickness ofthe material of which said insert 33 is made being suicient to enable saidinsert to accommodate the coin. The length of each insert .33, that is, the

distance between its top and bottom edges, should it is desired to mount in saidinsert 33. Hence it will appear in Fig. 2 that a plurality of inserts corresponding to insert-'33 is provided, said inserts being of varying dimensions as to their width, but all of them beingequal in length or height. i

As these inserts 33 may vary in size, so may they vary, as has already beenl indicated, in the number and sizeof their respective coincut-outs 36. The arrangement'of these inserts between any given pair of outer layers of transparent strips 3I land 32 may be varied at will. The sequence which they follow may be determined by .the manufacturer oi"A the album, and the loose-v leaf may be labeled accordingly, or the sequence of said inserts may be determined bythe user or the album and he may accordingly label the looseleaf in which these inserts are mounted, to correspond with the chosen arrangement of parts.

It will be readily apparent that each complete assembled insert 30, comprising the two outer strips and the plurality of individual inserts lying in between, may very readily be inserted between the two outer layers I5 and I 6 of loose-leaf y I2 and it may equally readily be removed there- .from (See Fig. 2.)

serts 311 in place, in theirfrespective compartments in loose-leafn I2.= Each locking member or key 40 comprises a rod-like member whose thickness corresponds to the thickness of spacers 2i and 24a to 24d inclusive. Its width corresponds to the distance which separates fingers 23a to .23d inclusive from spacers 24a to 23d inclusive.

edge of lowermost iinger 23e. Hence key 40 may be inserted into the space formed between the two outer layers I5 and I6 and iingers 23a to 23d A locking member or key 4D is provided to lock the several assembled ininolnsiveyon--thezoner-handyandfspaeersf2.4astodt inclusive on"` the` othen a' hande.. When it istitu sented iinto saidespace;4 .iti servesftoa.preventlzthe-l assembled.- insertsr 3i! fromslipping- 1 ont,K of; the. loose-leeft I 2 inethe Vmanner shoWnwineFigf' 2;

It -flwillebef 4recalled.;` that.. a:- pair of tfciitfouts I 8% aree. formed. in theftop;marginalnedee?K of the. twolouter llayersl anda-Ifoleaf lf2-r.. These-cute outs serve toeexpose thee upper fendto key.; 43s.* thereby enabling said= exposedi; end to; befgraspedr 10 the -ngers-of ther user to-` .Withdravv'V it ffrom: itsalockine-V position. This top fendi;A 4I of .key-r. 40is-shown:int'liig-.-y 3 to ybecoloreddiiereritlyiromziv thefrest-or body; of the key: Thisiisf intendedftofconform- =the appearance of `'said topf endslt Iftof 15 they` outer' appearance oi thel two.: outer Alaver-sv I tand.- Iiifrespectively. In; thef preferred.' forno'. of.- this invention, these ioutertlavers :are coiored black;v on their' outer exposedsideszlon" surfaeesu. 'Iihertopfor exposed-.end 4I .Soif-'key il!!-zisacoordn 20 inelyycolored black.

Theseoond form` oi this invention,.,shownz primarily in Fig. 10, indicates thataiholder- 5H may beemadef in accordance@fwthathefpresent inventions which corresponds in all essentialf respects 25 to loose-leaf f I2 except -that'it'has'nofholesformed therein' corresponding to; holes# 2.0. fof' 'said 'loosee leaf` t2 fand. further, that it hasn only.two'cut outs .Eladneplace of thef'fourr'cut-'outs- I'I`linnsaidA first embodiment. It will be evidentffrom this 30 embodiment that the in-ventiomis not/limited :tot` loose-leaf` albums a but` instead itI mayfbe applied to separateV orindividualxholdersz supli-assholde'rs.- 5G...- These holders may: vberstored a iil'e 'Suche aseamoardfindex le, and` they mayathererloe"oat-V 35` alogued zoorrespondingly. Fig; 10"alsio:shows .that thefinventionf vis not limited-tol aiholder inv which four, assembled insertsfllfarefmounted. Instead; it. will befunderstood that holdersr for fany number of: inserts 3d maybe providedz-Withinwthe-40 soopeandcoverage: ofthisxinvention': And itis.- immaterial Whether' they have 1 marginalv holes for rines i! or'not, andif ithey do f'havemarginal-1 holes` itzis iin-material how manytnprovidingfthe holes correspond tothe rings;

Atth-.ird-y embodiment offrthis-invention is shown in: Figa l2.vto:16 inclusive;v Here i ashol'deig: fis shown which' accommodates; but: af single -=insert corresponding to insertzzf Itl zcomprisesf. a'A pair ofionter layers or sheetsfii! andd'EZ'respeotiveljr; 50 spaeed ffromaeacht other 4bvy means =.ofra-..l;l:=shaped spaeenf 53: The f two outery members.; i5 lv andi: 52? are identical with eaehfY other; andai eacho comeprises a rectangularsheet having-.afrectangular cut-.out 54 .formed therein. Itwill "beenoted that. 55 U.-shaped. spacer. Eishasia verticallyfextending baekbone 53a and .aI .pai-r of lateral-ly: I extendingf; ii'ngers 63h vand E30 respectively. Thisebaekbonsaf and. theseiingers parallel .three of thetlsidesffo-t the out-.out` being ,spaced slightly from' Ithe edges .i 60

oi. said three. sides. An adhesive :may` be-used" 53 in the same. manner. as` theouterflayers of4 the nist embodiment .arefaixed to their spacing members, orspacerl maybe integralwith-one. 65'- omet-of"thev ends oftransparent stripf65fb`y means.; 75:Y

oiistaplesezoresmailer.fastening ernennterase` It:- wilibeobservediin Fisting-.that.transparentstript 55: issomewhat longer, than` strip 26,6.` Thee-fase tened endfofstripfiis: superimposed uponl-rnemaA bent! and-. thev corresponding fend-pin strip te merely` abuts said-.member..

It;w1lbe-noted infi'is; 15@thatiineersnBSbiandi 63e 'do `not .extendy to. the eedgeof layers A6+ 'andt 6.2 A 7space-is;.therebyleft between-the twofends; ot, said ngers andi thenends of.'said-flayersrfwhiohwaoeommodatefrigidl member.l El; Hence thisfmeme.- ber :serves as; a looking memberfby virtueguof its friotional; engagement with theends ofthedeniers-z 6I and 62;' andit also servesrasrtheflmeans.bvs which the insertfcorresponding: tofinsertf ximatr bezwithdraifJ-nfrom"holder'fs l Individual. inserts .-fImay-'bef-mounted between.i theftwo. strips- 55 and-56.6- in. the esame; mamnernas1l inserts 33 may be inserted betweens stripsri tand" 321 of theV first? embodiment. It. Willifbef; noted in Figs.v .1.3 larid-:14 4thateaohfinsertf1.0is provided: withsubstantiallyrectangular hole or-f-cuteout LM; Thisfshapeot lcutoutpisf-not peculiarrfto the rthird-1: embodiment of" this-:invention-.f Instead` "it may. be .incorporated -into -.a.ny one :of: Ethe-tl:1ree'-1em` bodiments. of@thisinventionN and into :anylfotherf embodiments thereon which: mayfbe` devised: Rectangular out-outs,:are-used-ftofacoommodate obj este i other than coinsi such;l for:instance;-v asx:

32,'.01' and: t5 map-befoii opaquematerial; Il:

lustrative. of., the modioationsfbf, Whiohigthee present. `invention is susceptibleisfaivariationfzin the posit-ionsof the.insertsfrelatipe-to the-holder# In... they three embodiments. sliownz' inf.

proper. the dravving,the inserts;areinsertibleand reimovable through. atside openingiV andeit, appears: that they are. movable. along lateral.. or` horizmitald paths only. ItrW-ill beappreciated that. thefconiVJ i partments .in which Ythey'` arel :contained maybe rearrangedrv to allow for vertical; orS longitudinal insertion and. removalnt .said'inserts '.lhef-look.h

key shou1d,-. of course; ,crosslthefpathsof theinsertsat rightrangles thereto` and.. infnthe ease lastmentioned. .theretere,v` the locking? kevfwll be. horizontallyY ortransversely insertibleiinto the holder.: ratherV than.:vertoallv` as? appears in the drawing.

Having teus. described myf invention-` wnat if.

locking bar beingslidable' past said inserts 'in an opening in saidholder which extends normally to thepath of travel ofl said inserts, to. retain said slidable inserts in'said compartments.

An-article of the character described, comprising a holder havingl a' plurality of 'compartments formed therein, windows to said compartments'formed in opposite'walls of said holder,

said windows being slightly smaller than the com-v 3. article of the character described, comprising a holder; said holder having a top wall anda bottom wall spaced from'feach other by means of spacers, at least one compartment formed in said holder between said top and bottom walls, windows to said compartment formed insaid top and bottom walls,'a side opening in saidholder providing access to said'compartment, `an insert for said compartment which is slidably insertable into and removable from said compartment through said side opening, said insert being'shorter than its compartment and a removable locking member which lits within the coniines 'of the holder and Vcloses said side opening to retain the insert insaid holder, said insert oomprisinga pair of transparent sheets and a plurality of display mounts removably held between I said transparentsheets, each display mount having at least one cut-out formed therein to accommodate an article for display purposes.

'4. An article of the character described, comprising a holder having spaced top and bottom walls, spacers between said wallsoforming compartments between them, openings formed in one of the sides oi'y said'holdertopr'ovide access to said compartments, windows to said compartments formed in said top and bottom walls, an insert-slidably mounted in each of said compartments, said inserts being shorter than their respectivecompartments and being inserta-ble into and removable from said compartments through said side openings, and when slid home allowing a space between their proximal ends and the open side of the holder and a locking bar slidably. mounted in said holder to occupy some of saidspaceand close said side openings to retain 7` the inserts in their respective compartments, each said insert comprising a pair of transparent sheets having a l plurality of individual display mountsremovably supported therebetween, each said display mountliaving at least one cut-out formed therein to accommodate an article for display purposes, said article being held in place in said cut-out by said transparent sheets and being visible through said sheets and through saidwalls, compartments formed by said spacersv betweensaid walls`,0penings tosaid compartments formed inone sidemedge of saidholden, windowsto said'compartments formed in the top and bottom walls of said holder, an insert; for each of said compartments slidably insertable thereinto, and removable therefrom through 'said side openings, said inserts being shorter than their respective compartments and when slid' home providing a space between their proximal ends and the open side of the holder, and a loclr-l ing bar which is removably mounted in saidv holder within said space and across saidcompartments adjacent the open side of the holder: to preventaccidental displacement of said in-j serts, each insert comprising a pair oi transpara-` ent sheets and al plurality of individual display mounts removably supported therebetween, each said individual display mount having at least one cut-out formed therein to accommodate anar-` ticle for display purposes, said article being 'held in place in said cut-outl by the two transparent sheets which enclose the individual ldisplay mount in which said article isv mounted, saidk article being visible through said transparent sheets and through the windows formed in the walls of said holder.

6. An article of the character described com prising a holder having at least one compartment formed therein, and a sideV opening communicate" ing with said compartment, windows to said compartment formed in opposing walls of said holder, an insert for said compartment, said insert being slidably insertable intol and removable from said compartment through its said side opencompartment, said holder having a second opening which is `located in a side adjacent said iirst'll mentioned side and which extends parallel to" said first-mentioned side past said compartment. and a locking barentrable through said opening and 'slidable past said insert in a path normal to the path of travel of said insert to retain said slidable insert in said compartment.

7. An article of the class described comprising a holderhaving spaced top and bottom walls, a plurality of spacers sandwiched in between said twowalls, each said wall comprising a rectangular member having a plurality of spaced transversely extending windows formed therein, said spacer having a backbone portion which lies` along one marginal'edge of the two juxtaposed walls, said backbone being provided with a plurality of laterally extending fingers, one of which extends along the top edge and another of which y extends along the bottom edge of the two walls, the remaining i'lngers extending between each pair of adjacent windows, the bottom finger ex` 4 'tending the full width of the two walls,` all the lingers but the bottom one having roundedends which arespaced from the side edge of said walls opposite the backbone edge, marginal spacers corresponding to said nngers lying along said opposite edge and spaced a predetermined disn tance from the rounded ends of the fingers, said marginal spacers also having rounded inner ends facing the rounded end portions of their correspondinghflngers and aligned respectively with said iingers; the compartments thus formed bengers, each insertl comprising a pairv of transparent sheets having a plurality of individual,

display mounts removably supported therebetween, the respective lengths of the inserts be- REFERENCES CITED ing just short of the length of the fingers and The fonown references are on record -n their respective widths just failing short of the me of this gatgent: l l the distances which separate said iingers, each said display mount having at least one cut-out formed 5 UNITED STATES PATENTS therein to accommodate an article for display Number Name Date purposes, and a locking bar to lock the several 1,350,294 Brown et a1 Aug. 24, 1900 assembled inserts in piace in their respective 1,860,586 McIlhenney May 31, 1932 compartments, said bar comprising a rod-like 2,424,642 Towne et al July 29, 1947 member removably disposed in the space bounded 10 2,449,204 Curtis Sept. 14, 1948 by the two walls, the fingers, and the marginal FOREIGN PATENTS Number Country Date IRVING L. HOLLANDER. 28,500 Norway Jan. 14, 1918 Spacers

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