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Publication numberUS2521961 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 12, 1950
Filing dateJan 28, 1946
Priority dateJan 28, 1946
Publication numberUS 2521961 A, US 2521961A, US-A-2521961, US2521961 A, US2521961A
InventorsBacheller D Flavius
Original AssigneePump It Inc
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Catchup dispenser
US 2521961 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Sept. l2,v 1950 D F. BAcHl-:LLER



jifoNlTEof STATE Patented Sept. 1g, 1950 mi.,

S OFFICE CATIC'HUP DISPENSER "D Flavius Bachelier, clericale, Calif.. assigncr,` 'by direct and mesne assignments, to .Pump-It Incorporated, LosAngelesnCalif., a corporation of ICalifornia Application January 28, Serial No. 643,910

(craze-321) y 2 Claims.

VThis invention relates to dispensers and more especially toa dispenser for-'a viscous material v`suchxascatsupor other food products contained in a bottle.

Anobject of the invention is to provide a use in association with bottles which may vary `considerably in dimensions.

V'An additional object of the invention is to provide a dispenser for a viscous material having improved valve features whereby the dispensing of the viscous material is expedited.

An additional object of the invention is to provide improvements in a dispenser for catsup or similar product or material wherein leakage of the material is prevented.

Other objects and advantages will appear and be brought out more fully in the following specification, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is an elevation view, partly in section, showing my invention in association with a catsup bottle.

Figure 2 is a fragmentary view in section showing the dispensing valve in operative position.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary view in section showing the check valve in operative position.

Figure 4 is an enlarged sectional view taken along the line 4-4 of Figure 1.

Figure 5 is an enlarged sectional view taken along the line 5-'5 of Figure 1.

Referring more particularly to the drawing, I show a catsup dispenser in association with a catsup bottle I0, the bottle having a reduced neck I2 and an upper annular rim I4 at the end of a throat IB of the neck.

My novel catsup dispenser comprises a tubular member or cylinder I8, the upper end of which is secured to a collar element which is formed with a cylindrical recess 22 to receive the end of tubular member I8, an annular flange 24 for seating on rim I4 and a cylindrical extension 2,6 which interi-lts within throat I6 so as to center the cylinder I8 in the throat and neck of the bottle Ill.

Tubular member I8 is formed with a restricted lower end portion 28 having a cylindrical extension 3|] into which a draft tube 32 is inserted,

tube 32 having a lower end portion bent as shown and providing an inlet to the dispenser near the' bottom of the bottle Ill. End portion y28`His`1provided with ayvalve seat or port 36 form- .ingan annular shoulder 33 which is formed with a plurality of recesses 40 for the seating of feet 42 'of a web element 44. Element 44has a ver- 'tic'al'bore 46 forming a guide for the stem portion 48 of a check valve 50 Whichnormally rests on valve seat 36 and closes the port opening thereof.

A'A tubular plunger 52 is'reciprocably disposed vin tubular member I8 and extends through a gagement with a fiange on collar 20.

kvPlunger 52 has an internal annular shoulder 52 providing a port opening and valve seat 64 for a dispensing valve 66 which is formed with a plurality of flutes 68 to permit the passage of the catsup or other dispensed material thereby. A cap member 'I0 is provided for the upper end of plunger 52 and has a stop shoulder l2 for valve 56 and a dispensing neck 'I5 extends from cap member It as shown.

A spring 'i8 seats on web element 44 and supports plunger 52 by an abutment engagement in the bore thereof. Tubular member I8 is slotted at at the upper end thereof, the slot extending slightly below extension 26 of collar 2l) and acts as a bleeder to admit air into the cylinder I8 during the pumping action of plunger 52, thus preventing the discharge of the dispensed material between enlargement 55 of the plunger `and the wall portion of cylinder I8.

The operation of the invention and the meritorious features thereof should be apparent from the foregoing description. The engagement between cylinder 18 and collar element 2B is sufliciently lirm to provide support for the dispenser on rim I4 of the bottle and centrally of the throat I6 because of the position of extension 2B within the throat. The actuation of the plunger downwardly creates a pressure within cylinder I8 and the tubular portion of the plunger, dispensing valve 66 being raised, as shown in Figure 2, to release or dispense the entrapped air or dispensed material. Upon upward movement of the plunger by action of spring 18, a partial vacuum is created in the cylinder and tubular member, causing valve t5 to seat on valve seat 64, causing an upward flow of catsup or other dispensed material through draft Although I have herein shown and described l,

my invention in what I have conceived to be the most practical and preferred embodiment, it is recognized that departures may hemade therefrom within the scope of my invention, which is not to be limited to the details disclosed herein but is to be accorded the ful-l scope of the-claims including recess means corresponding in crosssectional area to the cross-sectional area of said spout.

2. A dispenser for relativelyr heavy fluids com.- prising a cylinder adapted to extend through the neck of a bottle, a collar device on said cylinder ,having means forming a y.fittasi seat .adapted to engage said neokJ-an inlet tube on the (cylinder of predetermined cross-sectional area, an inlet port in the cylinder adjacent the tube of corresponding cross-sectional area and a check valve for said \po1it,.a hollow spring-actuated plunger slidably mounted in said cylinder having a bore of substantially :uniform cross-sectional area greater than the Iarea of 'said inlet port, a transversely disposed-dispensing spout at the outer end of said x plungerhavinga cross-sectional area correspondingrto "the lcross-sectional area of the inlet port,

so as to embrace any and all equivalent-devices K and systems.

Having thus described my invention, what yI vclaim land desire tto secure by Letters Paten'tis: Tl. A dispenser comprising a cylinder adapted to extend through lthe neck of Ya bottle, a collar .device on said cylinder having .means 'forming a the bottom y.of the cylinder of cross-sectional area less than thecross-,sectional area of-said cylinder `and ahec'k valvelorsaid port, a lhollow spring- .actuated plunger s'lidably mounted lin said cylinderhaving a bore of substantially uniform crosssectional area greater than the .area of said inlet port, .fa transversely Ydisposed dispensing spout at the outer Lend .of saidplunger having a crosszsectional,area.corresponding:to theicross-sectional Aarea of the inlet por.ta shoulder in'said bore having aportiof cross-sectional area ,corresponding to the cross-.sectional area of said spout .and .a check .Valve .forsaidlastport having a .guide :stem

a `shoulder in said bore having a port of crosssectional area corresponding to the cross-sec- `tional area of vsaidspoutand a .check valve .for `sa'idlast porthavinga guide stem includingrecess zmeans corresponding in .cross-sectional .area rto "the cross-sectional area of said spout.

25 Aseataxilap'ted to engagesaid neck, an'inlet port at .D FLAVIUS `BACHE'LLER.

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