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Publication numberUS2522820 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1950
Filing dateJan 14, 1949
Priority dateJan 14, 1949
Publication numberUS 2522820 A, US 2522820A, US-A-2522820, US2522820 A, US2522820A
InventorsHaberkorn Francis J
Original AssigneeHaberkorn Francis J
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Calf feeder
US 2522820 A
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P 1950 F. J. HABERKORN 2,522,820

cm" FEEDER Filed Jan. 14, 19-49 Franc/ls J. Haberkarn BY 2mm Patented Sept. 19, 1950 I j 2,522,820 CALF FEED ERL Francis J Haberkorn, Dalton, Wis. Application J anuary 14, 1949,1Seria1 No. 70,906

.3 Glaims. (o1. lie-71) This invention relates to new and useful improvements and structural refinements in calf feeders, and the principal object of the invention is to facilitate convenient and expeditious refilling of the feeder when the contents thereof become exhausted.

This object is achieved by the provision of a feeder which includes in its construction a pair of plates, a receptacle removably receivable between the plates, and means for clamping the plates against the ends of the receptacle in such manner that the latter may be readily removed for cleaning or refilling purposes.

An important feature of the invention, therefore, resides in the particular clamping means herein utilized, and another feature of the invention lies in the provision of means for supporting or suspendin the receptacle in an inclined position so that the contents thereof may freely gravitate into an outlet spout and discharge nipple. a i

A inilkreceptacle has an open end 22 and a closed end 24, the latter end being engageable with the supporting plate l2 substantially as shown. A substantially rectangular cover plate 26 is positionable on the open end 22 of the receptacle 2D, for which purpose the plate 26 is formed with a circular depression 28 so as to receive "the open end or edge portion of the receptacle as is best shown in Figure 2. explained in this connection that while the plates it, it are rectangular, the receptacle 20 maybe cylindrical, and an annular gasket 30 is positioned inthe depression or recess 28 of the plate 25 so as to assure a leak-proof fitting of the plate onthe receptacle when the entire deviceis inverted as will be hereinafter described. The cover plate 26 is formed integrally with an outlet spout 32 on which is removably receiv- Some of the advantages of the invention reside in its simplicity of construction, convenience of operation and in its adaptability to economical manufacture. a

With the above more important objects and features in view and such other objects and features as may become apparent as this specification proceeds, the invention consists essentially of the arrangement and construction of parts as illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in


Figure 1 is a side elevational View of the invention in its inverted position and in readiness for use.

Figure 2 is a side elevational view of the invention in an upright position, the same being partially broken away so as to reveal its construction.

Figure 3 is a top plan view of the subject shown in Figure 2, and

Figure 4 is an elevational view taken in the direction of the arrow 4 in Figure 2.

Like characters of reference are employed to designate like parts in the specification and throughout the several views.

Referring now to the accompanying drawings in detail, the invention consists of a calf feeder designated generally by the reference character 19, the same embodying in its construction a substantially rectangular supporting plate l2 which is provided at one edge thereof with a pair of laterally projecting, angulated suspension hooks or lugs M whereby the entire device may be suspended from a staple-shaped bracket or bracketa It provided upon a wall It.

able a suitable nipple 34, and the spout 32 may alsobe provided in one side thereof with a small air vent 36. The nipple 34 is formed from rubber, or the like, and if desired, a hook 38 may be suitably secured to the spout 32, for the purpose of receiving a fabric nipple (not shown) which may be superimposed on the rubber ni pple and saturated with milk so that the feeder may attract the attention of calves age them in feeding.

A pair of screws 40 are secured by nuts 42 in suitable apertures provided in the plate l2 at and encourdiametrically opposite sides of the receptacle, and

an angle bracket 44 is adjustably mounted on ing adjacent opposite sides of the receptacle 20 and projecting beyond the receptacle, at which point they are secured together by a transverse rod 52 equipped with lock nuts 54.

A pair of cams 56 are pivotally attached to suitable brackets -58 which, in turn, are secured to the cover plate 26, the pivotal attachment of the cams to the brackets being indicated at 60. It is to be also noted that the cams 5e are provided with suitable finger pieces 62 whereby they may be conveniently actuated.

The cams 56 are formed with notches 64 to engage the rod 52, and it will be noted that by virtue of the pivots 50 the rod 52 together with the straps 48 may be swung to one side as indicated at 66 in Figure 2, so that the receptacle 20, after being filled, may be placed on the plate H2 in an upright position. The plate 26 may then be applied to the receptacle and the members 48, 52- swung to a. position wherein the cam notches 6 may be engaged with the rod 52 so as to draw It may be the rods 40 upwardly, thus tightly clamping the plate I2 against the bottom 24 of the receptacle and simultaneously clamping the plate 26 against the open end 22 of the receptacle, substantially as shown.

The nipple 34 may then be applied to the outlet spout 32 and the entire device may be inverted to a position shown in Figure 1, and the hooks [4 may be engaged with the staple or staples l6, so that the entireieeder is supported on the Wall l8. It is to be-noted in this connection that the plate [2 is substantially longer than the plate 26, so that the receptacle 20 is supported in an inclined position and the contents thereof I are free to gravitate into the outlet spout 32'. Moreover, by virtue of the two suspensionzhooks.. v

l4 and by virtue of the straightedgetfl of the plate 26, the feeder is prevented from rocking from side to side when the animals come into.

By=, -virtue-ofw the nuts 46, the. positionof thebracketsiMaon 'the-bolts id-may be'adjusted to assure proper. engagement of the cams 56 with the rodi52.

ItisbelieVed-that theadvantages and use of the inventionwill .beclearly apparent from the foregoing disclosure and accordingly, further description thereof at this point is deemed unneces- Y sary.

Whilein the foregoing there has been: shown andadescribed the preferred embodiment of this invention itais to be understood that minor changes in-the details of. construction and ar-.

rangementof parts may beresorted' to without departing from the spirit and scope-of the invention: as claimed.

Havingdescribed the inventiomwhat is claimed as new is:

1. A- calf feeder comprising a supporting plate, a receptacle having-an open end, a closed end on said receptacle in engagement with said sup-, porting plate, a cover plate provided'at theopen end of said receptacle, an outlet spout on said cover plate, a pair of clamping straps extending exteriorly along the diametrically opposite sides of said receptacle, said straps being anchored at one end to said supporting plate and projecting beyond said cover plate, a transverse rod connecting together the projecting ends of said straps, and a pair of lockin cams rotatably mounted on said cover plate, said cams being formed with notches to releasably engage said rod, whereby said plates may be clamped against the respective ends of said receptacle upon actuation of said cams.

2..The device as defined in claim 1 together with means for adjustably connecting said straps to saidsupporting plate.

3. Acalf feedercomprising: a receptacle, said receptacle being closed at one end and open at the other end, a supporting plate engaging said closed end, a pair of straps anchored to said supporting plate and in juxtaposition'to the side Wall of said-receptacle, a transverse rod 'eXtending across said open end and connecting said straps .at' theends remote from the supporting plate, a cover plate having an outlet spout and positioned between said rod and said open end, a pairof cams;pivotally mounted on-said cover plate and having notches therein, said cams each being. provided with finger portions by which the cam'ris adapted to be .rnanually actuated and which are adapted to engage the cover plate when in one position, said transverse rodbeing engaged in said notches, and said cam notcheswhen in lockedposition being located between the pivotal axis of said cam and said finger portion where-- by-said cover plate is locked in sealed relationito said receptacle-- FRANCIS J. HABERKORN.

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