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Publication numberUS2523183 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 19, 1950
Filing dateJul 11, 1946
Priority dateJul 11, 1946
Publication numberUS 2523183 A, US 2523183A, US-A-2523183, US2523183 A, US2523183A
InventorsBeall Herbert W
Original AssigneeSprings Cotton Mills
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Fabric tearing machine
US 2523183 A
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Sept. 1950 H. w. BEALL 2,523,183


Patented Sept. 19, a 2,523,183

Springs Cotton Milk -Lancaster, S. O a. corporation of South Carolina a t W i H Application July 11,194sgsem1m ssaaro I, 1, t, 1 Claim. (;

terial of indefinite length'andit is an obj-ectof time, a cam 2| is mounted fixed position on a the invention tomprovide. sir npleandrfeifective beam 22 .formi'ng'part of the. framework of the means-whereby pieces of predeterminedlength 5 machine.

may be severedfrom a strip" of. sindefinitea length ;,Immediately following" the initial cutting by a tearing operation. mechanism above described, there is a clamp hav- A further object of the invention is to provide ing an arm 23, the clamp being pivoted at 24 in measuring means coupled with means for making a bearing on the measuring roll l4 and having an an initial out near one edge of the strip after arm 25 projecting beyonda side face of the measmeasuring a predetermined length of the mateuring roll. A cam 26 fixed to the beam 22 is 10- rial, such ascloth, or the like. cated so as to engage the arm 25 and tilt the Another object of the invention is to provide clamp about its pivot into engagement with the strip feeding means combined with pull-off means material on the measuring roll, so to clamp the set into operation at a predetermined time and material to the measuring roll. The clamp arm then moving faster than the feeding means for 23 will pass with the material between the periphtearing oif the predetermined length. ery of the measuring roll and the feed roll l5 and Other objects and advantages of the invention serves to hold'the material and assist in the tearwill appear upon consideration of the drawings, ing operation. which are made a part of this application and in A compressible roll 21 e. g., a roll made of or which similarreference characters indicate simicovered with rubber is mounted in fixed bearings lar parts, and of the following description: beyond the point at which the strip leaves the Figure 1 is an elevation of the machine of my above described rolls and 'a coacting roll 28 is invention, with parts omitted; mounted in bearings on a lever 29 which lever is Figure 2, an elevation of parts of the machine, pivoted at its lower end at 29' on a fixed support, viewed from the left in Figure 1; and the lever being normally moved by a spring 3| Figure 3, .a fragmentary plan view. away from the compressible roll but being adapt- In the drawings, reference character It! indi ed to be moved toward said compressible roll by cates a conventional source of supply of strip maan eccentrically located cam 30 mounted on the terial, such as a roll of material suitably supported 30 measuring roll and adapted age with a for rotation as the strip is drawn off. In the emroller 33 at the free end of lever 29. The mountbodiment of the invention here illustrated, which Of the r0118 21 and 28 is such that they will enis the form at present preferred by me, the strip gage first at the end Where they act on that part l2, between a pair of feed rolls l3, and then about 35 indicated at 32 in Figure 2. The rolls 21 and 28 a measuring roll [4. At the side of the measuring y be conical in form, With their er ends roll remote from the point of first contact of directed toward that side of the machine where the strip with the measuring roll there is located the incision at 32 occurs. The roll 2! may be a rubber covered feed roll 15 which coacts with made of rubber, or Otherwise de compressible. the measuring roll to feed the strips through the In the operation of the machine, it will be seen machine. I that as a strip of cloth, oil cloth or the like is The measuring roll carries means for making fed from the'supply II), it will pass about the an initial incision in the strip, here shown as commeasuring roll l4 until the primary severing deprising a radially movable cutting knife l6 vice I6 makes an incision adjacent an edge of it mounted on a reciprocatory bar I! that is radidue to action of the cam 2|, after which the maally slidable on the measuring roll in a bearing terial will be drawn through the machine by the l8 and which is normally forced inward by means conjoint action of rolls I4 and I5. At about the of a spring I9. The knife I6 is pointed, as shown time the incision passes between rolls l4 and IS in Figure 2 and is so shaped as to be first pushed the clamp arm 23 is forced into clamping engagethrough the strip at a little distance from the ment with the material which is back of the priside edge of the strip, after which it cuts its way y incision and the D r0118 and 2B are through to the edge of the strip, due to the inbrought into engagement. The pull-off rolls may clined sharp edge at one side of the knife as have non-parallel axes or they may be conical or shown at 20. in some other way may be arranged so that they The length of the piece to be torn off is govgrasp the edge of the material adjacent the pri- My invention relates to a, mac ne tor tearing ernedby the circumference of. the measuring roll.- off lengths of sheet material from a strip of m&- For operating; the knife [6 at the appropriate ll passes from the supply It) about a guide roll of the strip which has been initially severed, as

automatically, without any necessity for human 5 intervention except to maintain the supply at H).

The machine will also operate on folded or doubled material by making the initial cut in the folded edge and then tearing toward the two selvage edges. When I speak of an edge of material I mean the selvage edge of a single sheet of material or the folded edge of doubled material, both in the specification and in the claim.

It will be obvious to those skilled in that art that many variations may be made in the devices herein disclosed. For example, the knife may be replaced by other initial severing means, the operation of the pull-01f rolls may be changed, the dimensions and arrangement of parts may be altered, and so on. Therefore I do not limit myself to what is shown in the drawings and described in the specification, but only as indicated in the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim is:

A device for tearing lengths of material from .4 strips of cloth or the like, comprising means for holding a supply of strip material, a measuring roll, a feed roll coacting with the measuring roll at a point remote from the point of first engagement of the strip with the measuring roll, a cutter rotating with the measuring roll, means to cause said cutter to make an initial cut in an edge of the strip adjacent said point of first engagement with the measuring roll, pull-off rolls acting on the strip beyond the feed roll, means for clamping a portion of the strip behind the initial cut as REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent:

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