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Publication numberUS2523415 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 26, 1950
Filing dateOct 15, 1947
Priority dateOct 15, 1947
Publication numberUS 2523415 A, US 2523415A, US-A-2523415, US2523415 A, US2523415A
InventorsFredrick H Bowers
Original AssigneeFredrick H Bowers
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US 2523415 A
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Sept. 26, 1950 F. H. BowERs PACKAGE Filed 001:. 15, 1947 W WW Patented Sept. 26, 1950 PACKAGE Fredrick H, Bowers, Kalamazoo, Mich.

Application October 15, 1947, Serial No. 779,935

4 Claims.

This invention relates to improvements in receptacles, and particularly, to a receptacle for collectively packaging companionate use articles, such, for example, as smokers articles in the form of pocket pyrophoric lighters, containers of fuel therefor, and an appropriate number of pyrophoric bodies or flints The invention aims to provide a receptacle of the stated character which will conveniently and compactly receive and eifectually, though removably, retain these inter-related articles, as above; prevent relative movement between such articles or their displacement when so packaged, and safeguard and protect the same against breakage or other damage.

It is also an object of the invention to provide a receptacle so constructed that articles to be contained thereby can be quickly group assembled and as quickly loaded, in unitary form, thereinto in a simple and effectual manner, particularly advantageous in volume packaging operations.

Furthermore, it is an object of the invention to provide a receptacle which, when opened for contents inspection or removal, will cause such contents to 'be partially collectively ejected therefrom whereby to facilitate their subsequent complete unitary removal, if so desired. v

The foregoing, as well as other objects, advantages and meritorious teachings of my invention, will be in part obvious and in part pointed out in the following detailed disclosure thereof, when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings, it being understood that the forms of the invention presented herein are precise and what is now considered to be the better modes of embodying its principles, but that other modifications and changes may be made in specific embodiments without departing from its essential features.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a longitudinal section through a form of my improved receptacle showing use related articles contained therein.

Figure 2 is a similar section taken at right angles to Figure l and along the line 2 2 of said Figure l, looking in the direction on which the arrows point.

Figure 3 is a transverse section taken on the 2 line 3-3 of Figure 1, looking in the direction in which the arrows point.

Figure 4 is an enlarged detail in perspective of the type of article retaining tray employed in the receptacle.

Figure 5 is a top plan View of a modified form of the receptacle, with the receptacle per se in a partially opened position, and

Figure 6 is a transverse section taken on the line 6--5 of Figure 5, looking in the direction in which the arrows point. ,w

Referring in detail to the accompanying drawings, and especially, to the form of invention illustrated by the Figures 1 through 4, said invention comprises a rectangularly shaped receptacle including top, bottom and side walls, and end walls constituted by flaps 2 and 3.

The ap 2, as shown in Figure 2 of the drawings, is swingable from its'particularly adjacent end portion of the receptacle and, to frictionally retain it in a closed position, is formed with an inwardly disposed tongue 2'. Said tongue is shaped and sized for snug entry into the adjacent receptacle open end. Thus, it will movably anchor the ap Zin'olosed relation to the receptacle I, but when desired, can be drawn out thereof to allow outward swinging of said iiap 2 to an open position.

The remaining flaps 3, when closed, are overlapped and joined together by an adhesive or other suitable securing medium. `i

A rectangularly 'shaped tray 4, made of suitable sheet material having a limited but definite amount of flexibility, is snugly receivable in the receptacle l by way of its flap 2 provided open end. An intermediate portion of the tray is folded upon and longitudinally of itself to form an integral longitudinally extending and substantially right angularly disposed Ipartitionor wall 5 (see Figure 4). f

The depth of the partition 5 is somewhat greater than the depth of the receptacle l, while one end portion of the same is obliquely cut away or beveled, as at 6. Hence, when the tray t is slidingly and snugly inserted into said receptacle via the ilap 2 provided openv end thereof, the beveled and now leading'end 6 of the partition 5 rides under, by and along the under side or face of its top wall. In so doing, saidv partition` is forced and exed inwardly so that itsopposite sides are bowed or bulged outwardly in the manner and to the positions shown in Figure 3 of the drawings. Because of such outward bowing or bulging, articles 1 and 8, positioned on the tray adjacent the opposite sides of the partition 5, will be firmly though yieldably engaged thereby. Said articles will thus be effectually retained and prevented from relative movement in or unwanted displacement from the receptacle I.

The articles 'I and 8 may diier in character or form. In the present embodiment or adaptation of the invention, they are shown, respectively, to by a cylindrical type of pocket pyrophoric lighter vand a capsule-like liquid fuel container having a reduced and severable end 8. By severing or otherwise opening this end 8', the liquid fuel within the container 8 can be conveniently dispensed into the pocket lighter I for an obvious purpose.

In order to effect a partial collective ejection of the tray 5 and its articles 1 and 8 endwise from the receptacle I with outward swinging of its ap 2, and so, when desired, facilitate their complete removal from said receptacle, one side of the partition'5 has an outwardly extending nger 9 on its normally outer end. An intermediate portion of this finger is transverselyscored or votherwise weakened, asat Ill. The free and outer portion of the finger is passed through an ap-.

, propriate slit or like opening formed in an adx. jacent'portion'of 'the'flapL which is now in its closed position. Theextended end of the finger .is bent or folded on itself into contact with the" flap, as at I I, and is permanently secured thereto by adhesive, etc. In consequence, when the tongue Noi"v the Vilap 2 is outwardly removed from its particular receptacle end and said flap is then y swung outwardly, the finger eifected coupling be- .tween the flap and the Apartition 5 will cause the flatter'andthe try 4to be pulled'outwardly from the receptacle open end, i. e.,'partially ejected.V

Withacontinued outward 'swinging of said flap 2, the'nger -9 will be ruptured or torn, along its v weakened part IIL-:allowing -the'tray carrying the f `articles 1 `and to'be freely, completely and col- 'Y lectively removed lfrom the receptacle I.

e In order that a small packet I2, which may y 'contain a number ofso-called lighter ,intsr l -canfbe removably retained on and by the partition' 5 in the heretofore described'tray kassembly of use related 'articles 'I and 8, an end or other suitable portion of the remaining side `of said partition 5 is cut away, as indicated at I3, and is longitudinally slit for a distance sufficient to form a longitudinally disposed ear I4. By flexing the'ear'foutwardly'in the manner shown in Figure 4, the flint :containing packet I2 can be Y this particular embodiment of the invention, the f receptacle comprises a tray or receptacle per se,

-preferably of rectangular shape, indicated in rits entirety .by thelnumeral I5.` It has a bottom and side andend walls, while the topthereof is open.

. The receptacle `adapted to be snugly and` slidably received in a substantially correspondtively right angularly disposed partition y5'. Ar-

ticles I and 8"are adapted 'to be received on the tray adjacent the opposite sides of the partition 5. Also, an ear I4' is formed on one end portion of the partition and serves to claspingly though removably retain a packet I2' thereunder.

As in the instance of the partition 5 of the tray 4 of the preceding described embodiment of the invention, the depth of the partition 5 is somewhat greater than the depth of the cover I6, with the result that when the tray 4 and its partition 5 are arranged in the tray-like receptacle I5, andthe latter isslidingly engaged within the cover IB, nsaid partition .5' will be inwardly depressed, whereupon its opposite .sides will be outwardly bulged, -as 4shown in Figure 6. Thus, the bulged opposite sides of said partition 5' will be brought .into yieldable though secure retaining engagement with adjacent portions of the articles I and 8*,.asand for the purposes hereinbe- Vfore described.

therein, a longitudinally and angularly disposed partition carried byan intermediate portion of said tray, anfend .portionof one side oi said partition being out away andforming a pockettherein, anda longitudinally disposed flexible ear integral with the partition and extended across said pocket. v y

2. .A lpackage of the .character-described, comprising a receptacle, .atray slidably received therein, a longitudinal `and angularly disposed flexible partition Yon an intermediate-portion of said tray having the free and normally outer side thereof bearing against a portion of the under side of the .receptacle top wall .and bowed outwardly throughout its length, an end portion of one side of said partition beingocut away andh Y Vforming a pocket therein, and a longitudinally disposed flexible ear integral with the partition extendable across said pocket.

3. A package of the characterdescribed, Vco'mprising a receptacle having an open endfa swingable flap on the receptacle adjacent said open end for closingethesame, at times, a'tray slidably received in the'recepta'cle through said open end, a longitudinal vand angularly disposed .flexible partition on .an intermediate portion of said tray whaving the free'and normally upper side thereof bearing against a portion of theunder side'of the receptacle. top wall and bowed outwardly throughout its length, and rupturable means integral with one end of said partition connecting the same and the tray to said flap.

4. A package of the character described, comprising a receptacle having an open end, a swingable flap on the receptacle adjacent said open end for closing the same, at times, a tray slidably received in the receptacle through said open end, a longitudinal and angularly disposed exible partition on an intermediate portion of said tray having the free and normally upper side thereof `bearing against a portion of the under side of the receptacle top Wall and bowed outwardly throughout its length, an ear struck from a portion of said partition having limited outward movement with relation thereto, and a rupturable finger extended outwardly from an end portion of said partition connecting the same and the tray to said flap.


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