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Publication numberUS2524215 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 3, 1950
Filing dateJul 15, 1946
Priority dateJul 15, 1946
Publication numberUS 2524215 A, US 2524215A, US-A-2524215, US2524215 A, US2524215A
InventorsWegehoft John H
Original AssigneeWegehoft John H
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Low-voltage attachment switch
US 2524215 A
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Oct. 3, 1950 J. H. WEGEHOFT LOW-VOLTAGE ATTACHMENT SWITCH Filed July 15, 1946 /A//EA/ro@ JOHN .f7/ 145652.10571- Patented Oct. 3, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT CFFICE 2 Claims. 1

The principal objects of this invention are described in the following order, rst, the simultaneous operation of low and highei` voltage circuits with one switch toggle movement, second, to afford facilities to operate a low voltage circuit for night lights, sign or signal lights, lights to illuminate house numbers and other services, simultaneously or alternately with higher voltage circuits with one switch operation; and, third, designed and constructed to accomplish the heretofore mentioned objects, yet neat and compact to iit the limited space on either upper or lower part of a standard toggle type switch plate with no alterations required on the switch plate,

Figure l in the accompanying `drawing is an actual size vertical View of the attachment switch, attached to lower part of a standard toggle type switch plate, in this position the two different voltage circuits are either both off or on as desired, to obtain alternate action the attachment switch should be attached to upper part of the switch plate indicated by dotted circle in Figure 1.

Figure 2, a half cut elevational View, enlarged so all the parts and how they function appear more clearly. Figure 3, an enlarged plan View of slightly concave disc having right-angle ears with small bolts on two sides for securing means, also elongated center hole providing adjustable means for securing disc to a standard switch plate.

Referring to the drawing, Fig. 1, a round cover or housing, hereinafter referred to as housing l, is made of nonconductive or insulated material, about one inch in diameter and about one half inch high, having diametrically opposed holes through which a metal rod 2 reciprocates, and slots IZ-IZ on opposite sides for securing means.

Rod 2 forms the contact action of this switch, having a split collar 3 compressed into groove around rod 2 and forming a stop for one end of light compression coil spring 4 around rod 2, the other end of coil spring 4 pressing against a metal washer 5, secured to wire 6. A second wire 'l secured to a second washer 8 having a center hole 7/32 inch in diameter thereby leaving 1/1s inch contact breaking space around rod 2 which is 3/32 inch in diameter. Washer 8 also has two small cleats bent right-angle and pass through small holes in housing I and cleated on the outside to hold washer 8 in proper place. Figure 2 shows rod 2 pushed back by toggle arm thereby breaking the contact between washer 8 and collar 3 around rod 2.

Disc 9 being slightly concave to allow space for raised rim around bolt hole in switch plate, also to seat outer edge of disc 9 snug against Switch plate when center -bolt l is drawn tight.

The right-angle ears with small bolts Il--l l on disc 9 form the means for securing housing I to disc 9 as illustrated by Figure 2 and Figure 3 being opposite each other. Elongated center hole in disc 9 provides means for securing disc 9 to switch plate and allows for adjusting the switch with toggle arm motion.

Having described my invention in detail, however, it being understood that minor changes and improvements may be made without departing from the principles of this invention. Being aware that there are numerous types of switches but as new and useful features of this invention.

I claim:

1. In combination, a main switch including a housing and a, handle member; a cover plate containingan opening therein disposed adjacent said main switch so that the handle member thereof protrudes through the opening; means removably fastening the cover plate to the switch housing; and an auxiliary switch including an actuating member fastened to the outside of the cover plate adjacent the handle member so that the actuating member is actuated by said handle member; said auxiliary switch being fastened to the cover plate .by the same means fastening the cover plate to the main switch housing.

2. In combination, a main switch including a housing and a handle member; a cover plate containing an opening therein disposed adjacent said main switch so that the handle member thereof protrudes through the opening; an auxiliary switch including an actuating member disposed on the outside of the cover plate adjacent the handle member so that the actuating membei` is actuated by said handle member; and a common screwlike member fastening the auX iliary switch to the cover plate and the cover plate to the main switch housing.


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International ClassificationH01H13/14
Cooperative ClassificationH01H13/14
European ClassificationH01H13/14