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Publication numberUS2525614 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 10, 1950
Filing dateJun 21, 1947
Priority dateJun 21, 1947
Publication numberUS 2525614 A, US 2525614A, US-A-2525614, US2525614 A, US2525614A
InventorsJames A Nelson, Jr Frederick J Port
Original AssigneeCribben And Sexton Company
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Ventilated range
US 2525614 A
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Oct. 10, 1950 J. A. NELSON Erm.

VENTILATED RANGE Filed June 2l, 1947 .A illl.

Patented Oct. 10, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT O FFICE VENTILATED RANGE James A Nelson ana Frederick J. Port, n., ehi-` cago, Ill., assignors to Cribben and SextonCom-` pany, Chicago, Ill., a corporation `of Illinois- Application June 21, 1947, Serial No. 756,132

This invention relates to a ventilated range. The invention is particularly useful not only in the removal of products of combustion andvapors, etc., but also" in cooling the side and `top portions of the range. The invention is applicable togas ranges, `electric ranges and to other types of cooking devices.

An object of the invention is to providearange equipped with means for positively drawing `cooling currentsof air about `the sides of the range. A further object is to provide means associated with `the range for drawing cooling currents of air around the front and sides andv top of the range, while at the same time removing fumes, vapors and products of' combustion lfrom the area above the range top and from the oven. A still further object is to provide a simple and compact mechanism, providing for the balanced withdrawal of air from the rear portion of the In the illustration given, I0 designates a licor havinga hole II formed` therein. l

The `range shown resting uponthe oor above the opening `.II may be of any suitable` type or construction'. 'In the example given, the range isprovided with atop IZin which burners I3are mounted and witha back-splasher I4 `equipped with intake openings I5 along its upper side.

The range body rests upon a base I 6. Immediately above the base I6 and outside of the base are the range casing walls, which provide an air passage IT on each side of the range, the passage preferably extending for the full width of the range. Similarly, at the front of the range, the doors I 8 and I 9 are shown formed in two connected panels, with an air passage` 2t! extending therebetween. It will be noted that the air passage 2l] opens outwardly of the base structure I6,

and at its top communicates with the chamber i 2| provided below the range top l2. The passages I1 communicate with the space inside the base structure.

Chamber 2l communicates atV the rear of the range with the vertical passage 22 extending up into the back-splasher and with the vertical passage 23 extending :downwardly along the back ofthe range. The passage 23, at its bottom, converges inwardly an'd joins a pipe 24, as1 shown more clearly in Figs. 1 and 2.

The range may be provided with any desired numberof compartments, including oven, broiler, and utility compartments. In the specific illustration given, the range isprovided with an oven compartment 25. Below the oven compartment 25 is a broiler compartment 26, and a gasburning burner 2I is shown supported in the broiler compartment. It willbe understood that any heating `means may be employed. The oven compartment 25 is provided with a short passage 28 connecting the oven with the `downwardly extending passage 23 at the back of the range.`

While the vent passages `I'I and 20, as above described, may be of any desired width covering only a. portion of the sides of the range and only a portion of the front of `the range, We prefer to have the passages `cover substantially the side panels of the range `and the front of the range. Further, we `prefer to have the air from `the front and from `the side passages pass inwardly in a blanket over the top of the inner range structure through passage 2| so as to insulate the inner heatedportion `of the range irom the exterior surfaces of the range. The pipe 24`extends' downwardly and'. through the `opening l I I in the iloorto the intake of the blower 29. The. blower discharges the air and vapors, etc.. through a pipe Sil l`eading,.preferably, to a Apoint exterior o'f thebu'ild'ing'. While we have shown the blower arranged below the iioor,.this `mechanism xmay, ii" desired, be supportedwithin .a utility compartment of the range itself so as to provide a complete range unit for discharging the air, etc.` through suitable exhaust pipes .connected with the range.

The passages I l, 20, 2 I, 22 and 23 are preferably of such dimensions as to provide for the intake of just enough air through the ports I5 as to remove from the room a substantial part of the` vapors and products of combustion arising from the top of the range,` while at the same time maintaining chamber 2l under sufliciently low pressure as to induce a rapid flow of ail` throughV the passages 2D and I'I, and while yet not aiTecting the operation of top burners. The volume of air brought into the downwardly turned passage `23 by the passages just described, serves an imin keeping the range cool, while at the same time the air, which is heated as it rises along the sides of the range, is useful in balancing the air drawn through the back-splasher inlets and through the oven vent and in carrying the same through to the discharge pipe 3D.

The structure'may be operated as a mechanically operated air-cooled range or, at the option of the operator, as a gravity-cooled range without mechanical draft in order to use the products of combustion as a room heater. With the same appliance and without change or adjustment, the operator is able to make either gravity or mechanical draft work on the appliance and at his option.

While in the foregoing specification, we have set forth certain specific details, as illustrated, of one embodiment of the invention, it will be understood that such details may be Varied widely by those skilled in the art Without departing from the spirit of our invention.

We claim:

l. A range comprising rear, side and front walls, anda range top equipped with burners, a ycasing extending along the back of said rear wall :and providing a downwardly-extending exhaust passage, an inner casing-providing an oven com- Apartment communicating with said exhaust passage and providing also a plenum chamber between the top ofthe casing and the range top, :said inner casing being spaced from the side walls of said range to provide open passages extending from the bottom' of the range and communicating with saidV plenum chamber, a hollow back splasher extending above the range top and provided with ports on the front side thereof for receiving vapors from the range top, said back splasher communicating at its bottom with said plenum chamber and said exhaustY passage, and

a blower communicatingvwith said exhaust pasi and spaced from said range top to provide a chamber therebetween, said casing being also spaced from the side walls of said range to provide air-cooling passages therebetween, said oven communicating with said air-cooling pas- 4 sages, the front wall of said range consisting at least partially of doors and being spaced from said inner casing to provide an air-cooling passage therebetween, a hollow back splasher extending above the range top and having inlet ports opening toward said range to-p for receiving vapors evolved from material heated by said top, said back splasher communicating at its bottom with said exhaust passage and with said chamber, and an outlet-equipped blower having Y its intake communicating with said exhaust passage.

3. VA range comprising rear, side and front walls, and a range top equipped with burners, a casing extending along the back of said rear wall and above said rear wall, said casing having inwardly-extending side walls secured to said rear wall of the range and providing an exhaust passage extending along the rear of the range, a back splasher extending vabove the range top, said back splasher having inlet openings on its front side and directed toward said range top, an inner casing providing compartments including an oven compartment within said range, said oven compartment communicating with said exhaust passage, said inner casing being spaced from the range top to provide alchamber therebetween and being spaced also from said side walls to provide air-cooling passages` ytherebetween and communicating with said chamber, a conduit leading from' said exhaustv passage to a point belowA said range, and a `blower having its intake communicating With said conduit and having an outlet `for exhausting `material ref ceived from said exhaust passage.


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