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Publication numberUS2526950 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1950
Filing dateAug 1, 1947
Priority dateAug 1, 1947
Publication numberUS 2526950 A, US 2526950A, US-A-2526950, US2526950 A, US2526950A
InventorsJones Charles E
Original AssigneeSell Corp, Sidney L Hatch
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Index strip holder
US 2526950 A
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Oct. 24, 1950 C, E, JONES 2,526,950

INDEX STRIP HOLDER Filed Aug. l, 1947 -miiiigi Ri/M 5%.

Patented Oct. 24, 1950 INDEX STRIP HOLDER Charles E. Jones, Chicago, Ill., assignor to Sidney L. Hatch, Chicago, Ill., and Sell Corporation, Chicago, Ill., a corporation of Illinois Application August 1, 1947, Serial No. 765,478

1 Claim.

This invention relates to index strip holders of the general class which are adapted t be fixed to a le card or the like to display an index strip on which is typed or otherwise printed certain identifying indicia or other information.

The invention is particularly concerned with the provision of an index holder formed of extruded cellulose acetate whereby an elongated strip thus formed may be separated in the direction of its length into a plurality of individual index strip holders.

A still further object of the invention is the provision of an index strip holder constructed in a manner which facilitates connection of the holder to the separating card and expedites the insertion and removal of the index strip.

Other objects will appear hereinafter.

The invention consists in the novel combina tion and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention will be best understood by reference to the accompanying drawings showing the preferred form of construction, and in which:

Fig. l is a fragmentary perspective view of a separating card showing my improved index holder associated therewith;

Fig. 2 is a fragmentary face elevational view of the assembly shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a fragmentary rear face view of the assembly shown in Fig. 1;

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary sectional detail view taken substantially on line li-ll of Fig. 1;

Fig. 5 is a perspective view of the extruded bar or strip ready to be separated into individual index card holders.

Fig. 6 shows a slightly modiiied form of construction.

In the drawings showing my preferred form of construction, an elongated strip of extruded material is indicated at I formed of such material as will best serve the purpose, such for example, as cellulose acetate. This strip is divided in the direction of its length as at I I into a plurality of individual index strip holders I2. Each of these holders comprises integrally connected aprons I3 and I d of different widths, with the apron I4 disposed to the rear of a separating card I5 and attached thereto by suitable staples or tubular rivets I6. These aprons I3 and I4 are spaced from each other to provide a groove I'I for the reception of the edge portion I8 of the card I5. At the junction i9 between these aprons I3 and I4 and extending rearwardly with respect to the card I5 is a face plate 28. The opposite edge portions 2I of this face plate 2U provide confronting grooves 22 adapted to slidably receive the edge portions of an index strip 23 having printed or otherwise appearing thereon identifying indicia 24.

In Fig. 6 I have shown a slightly modified form of construction. In this form of construction it is proposed that the holder be attached to the card I5 by means of staples 25. To accomplish this the rear face of the apron I4 is provided with an elongated groove 26 to provide a relatively thin wall 21 through which the staples are driven by a stapling machine or the like. The turned end portions 28 of the staples are conlined in the groove 26 in which position they cannot catch up filed papers or the like to the rear of the card I5. In this construction it requires but a simple operation to attach the holder to the card.

'Ihe holder which is formed of transparent material, is constructed in a manner such as permits insertion and removal of the index strip with the minimum degree of effort. The angular degree between the face plate and aprons, I3 and I4 may be varied as will best serve the intended purpose.

While I have illustrated and described the preferred form of construction for carrying my invention into effect, this is capable of variation and modification without departing from the spirit of the invention. I, therefore, do not wish to be limited to the precise details of construe tion set forth, but desire to avail myself of such variations and modifications as come within the scope of the appended claim.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new and desire to protect by Letters Patent is: y

An index strip holder comprising parallelly extending aprons joined integrally together along their top longitudinal edges and spaced apart to provide a card-receiving groove adjacent said top longitudinal edges, said aprons being of different widths, with the wider of the aprons extending in facial abutment with respect to the rear surface of the card below the bottom long edge of the narrower of the aprons, a transparent substantially iiat elongated face plate formed integrally with the aprons along said top longitu dinal edges and extending upwardly and rearwardly with respect to said card, the opposite longitudinal edges of said plate at the rear side thereof providing parallelly extending confronting grooves to receive the longitudinal edges of an index strip arranged in flat facial abutment with respect to the rear surface of said plate where said strip may be engaged by the nger of a Number hand to facilitate removal of said strip from the 980,823 rear of said plate. 1,373,010 CHARLES E. JONES. 1,472,887 5 1,607,522 REFERENCES CITED 1,625,154 The following references are of record in the le of this patent. 2,248,355 UNITED STATES PATENTS 10 2,340,421 Number Name Date 2,480,686

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