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Publication numberUS2527449 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 24, 1950
Filing dateJul 8, 1946
Priority dateJul 8, 1946
Publication numberUS 2527449 A, US 2527449A, US-A-2527449, US2527449 A, US2527449A
InventorsRichard Kolansky Nathan, Sam Poole
Original AssigneeRichard Kolansky Nathan, Sam Poole
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Sanitary receptacle
US 2527449 A
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24, 1950 S. POOLE ET AL 2,527,449

SANITARY RECEPTACLE Filed July 8, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 1 L r -L 5 JINVENTOR.

5AM POOL E n 4 BY NA 7664 /v Rm #4 P0 kaM/VJK) Oct. 24, 1950 a PQOLE ET-AL 2,527,449

SANITARY RECEPTACLE Filed July 8, 1946 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 IN VEN TOR. 5AM ool. 5' and NA nm/v RICHARD Kan/vs ATTORNEY Patented Oct. 24, I950 SANITARY RECEPTACLE Sam Poole, Newark, N. 3., and Nathan Richard Kolansky, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Application July 8, 1946, Serial No. 881,784

' 2 Claims. 1 This invention relates to sanitary garbage receptacles and has for one of its objects the provision of a. device of this character in which the garbage ismaintained in a closed inner bag or container from which no odors can escape.

Another object of the invention is the provisionof a bag suspension frame adapted to be inserted into a can or the like provided with a pedal operated cover, said pedal also being operably connected to the bag suspension means for opening the bag each time the lid or cover is operated for opening.

A further-object of the invention is to provide spring means for normally keeping the garbage receiving bag in closed condtion. 1

Still another object of the invenion is to provide such a device in which the garbage containing bag may be readily removed from its suspension'means when desired and replaced by another similar bag without the use of any special contrivances.

Another object is to produce a device of the I character described inwhich themaximum simplicity of construction and operation is secured.

Other objects and advantages will appear as the nature of the improvements is better understood,

the invention consisting substantially in the novel arrangement and co-relation of parts herein closure, and the latter, therefore, is to be under-- stood from an illustrative rather than a restrictive standpoint.

In carrying out an embodiment of the present invention, it was found advantageous to provide a bag suspension frame adapted to be inserted into the interior of a can or receptacle, the said frame being provided at the top thereof with a pair of spring pressed bars for the reception of perforated fiaps secured to the mouth of the bag. It was further found advantageous to provide a pedal at the bottom of the frame suitably connected to the said spring pressed bars and to the receptacle cover so that when the pedal is depressed, the can cover and bag holding bars will move to open position for receiving garbage or the like for the bag,

In the drawings; V I r Figure 1 is a top plan view partly in section of a'garbage receptacle made in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2 is a sectional view thereof taken on line 2-2 of Figure 1;

Figure 3 is a sectional view taken on line 3-3 of Figure 1.

Figure 4 is a perspective View of the bag suspension frame; and V Figure 5 is a perspective View of the bag.

Referring now to the drawings in detail, the I numeral l6 indicates a can or receptacle which may be of any desired size, shape or material.

In the present instance, the receptacle is shown as rectangular in cross section and as having a base H, a front wall [2, a rear wall l3, side walls I4 and i5 and a top wall [6 provided with a relatively large opening l1. 7

Located within the can or receptacle I0 is a garbage bag suspension frame [8, The said suspension frame comprises a floor or base portion I9 to opposite sides of which there is secured a pair of upright members 20 which carry at their top ends side bars 21 having at their front and rear ends reduced portions or tongues 22. These tongues form supporting and spacing means for upper and lower front bars 23 and rear bars 24. Slidably mounted in the slots or spaces 23a at the front and 24a at the rear, are a pair of parallel transverse bars 2 5 centrally located with respect to the frame. The spaces 23a and 24a above referred to are formed by the tongues 22 which ex tend between the respective pairs of front and rear bars 23 and 24. The said bars 25 are each provided with pins 26 preferably three in number.

The said pins 26 are adapted to pass through holes 21 in flaps 28 at the mouth opening 29 of a bag 30, for supporting the said bag on the said transverse bars 25.

Mounted in the tongues 22 at the rear and front are rods 3! which rods also pass through the' central transverse bars 25 which have sliding engagement with said rods. The mouth opening of the bag is normally kept closed by means of springs 32 wound about the rods 31 and pressing against the cross bars 25 at their front and rear ends. A cover 33 is pivoted at 34 on the upper rear bar 2 and when in closed position occupies substantially the entire area of the cover opening H at the top of the receptacle.

To operate the receptacle and bag for opening so as to receive garbage, there is provided a foot-lever, pedal or treadle 35 pivotally mounted on the frame base I9. The said footgated plate-like lever may be made of two strips of metal bent to form a U-shaped yoke 37 its sides or legs 38 being perforated at 39 for the reception of the lower ends of two strings 40 and at least one but preferably, two strings 4| which are tied to the said yoke arms 38. Only one such string 4| is shown in Figure 3 as the other string is directly in line and cannot be seen. The upper ends of the strings 40 are tied to hooks 42 and the said strings pass over pulleys 43, the strings 4| being tied at their upper ends to'perforated ears Mon the cover 33. It will be readily seen that when the pedal or foot-lever projection 45 is a depressed the strings or wires 4| will cause the cover 33 to swing about its pivot 34 and assume its open or dot and dash Figure 2 position. Simul taneously with the action just described, the strings 40 will pull the transverse bag carrying bars 2 5 apart against the tension on the springs 32 to open the bag for the reception of garbage. 1

Upon releasing the projection of foot lever 35, the springs 32 will close the bag and return the cover and foot lever to normal closed position.

When the bag 30 is filled to capacity, it may be removed from the pins 26 and replaced by another similar bag or if possible or desirable the bag may be used over again after disposing of its contents.

From the foregoing it will be seen that the present invention provides a very simple yet highly hygienic method and means for maintaining garbage until it is disposed of.

The bag may be provided with closing prongs 30a, so as to prevent the spilling of its contents durin disposal.

What is claimed is:

1. A sanitary receptacle, comprising a bag-receiving casing having two frame elements having parallel guideways formed therein, two elonjaws havin ends slidably mounted in said guideways, bag-engaging means upon the upper edges of said jaws, springs located in said guideways and pressing against said jaw ends to maintain said jaws in a closed position, a foot-operated lever pivoted upon said casing, and means connected with said lever and said jaws for pullin the jaws apart and compressing said springs when said lever is actuated.

2. A sanitary receptacle, comprising, in combination, a bag-receiving casing having a substantially rectangular upper portion having parallel guideways formed therein, two elongated plate-like jaws having ends slidably mounted in said guideways, bag-engaging means upon the upper edges of said'jaws, springs located in said guideways and pressin against said jaw ends to maintain said jaws in a closed position, a foot-operated lever pivoted upon a lower portion of said casing, means connected with said lever intermediate its ends and with said jaws for pulling the jaws apart and compressing said springs when said lever is actuated, a cover swingably mounted upon said upper casing-portion, and means connected with said cover and also connected with said lever at the same location at which the first-mentioned means are located, for swinging open. said cover when said jaws are pulled apart.


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