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Publication numberUS2528358 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 31, 1950
Filing dateJan 12, 1946
Priority dateJan 12, 1946
Publication numberUS 2528358 A, US 2528358A, US-A-2528358, US2528358 A, US2528358A
InventorsHugo Grass
Original AssigneeHerbert A Hermsdorf, Walter R Hermsdorf
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Rod support
US 2528358 A
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H. GRASS Oct. 31, 1950 ROD SUPPORT Filed Jan. l2. 1946` Higo Grass,

Patented Oct. 31, 1950 s PATENT OFFICEV ROD SUPPORT Hugo Grass, Manchester, N. H.,

assignor to Walter R. Hermsdorf and' Herbert A. Hermsdorf, doing business as The Hermsdorf Fixture Mfg. Company, Manchester, N. H.

Application January 12, 1946, Serial No. 640,893

1 Claim.

of supporting a clothes-hanger rod, curtain rod or the like at a desired elevation.

With the foregoing general object in view, the invention consists ina rodsupport embodying the novel features of construction, combination and arrangement of parts as will be `hereinafter more fully described, illustrated in the accompanying drawings and dened in the appended claim.

In the accompanying drawings, wherein like characters .of reference denote corresponding parts in the different views:

Figure lis a perspective View of a rod support constructed in accordance with the invention and shown as mounted ,upon a standard of known type.

` Figure 2 is a front elevation ofthe support and its mounting standard; and

Figure 3 is a central, vertical section through the support and its mounting standard showing by dotted lines the manner of engaging the support with the standard and, by full lines, an operative position of the support relative to the standard.

An important feature of the present support is that it is of one-piece sheet metal construction and embodies a design adapting it to be readily and easily pressed or drawn to shape,"whereby it may be produced rapidly and quite economically.

A practical form of the support is illustrated in the drawings as comparing a at, vertically disposed rear wall I of a height substantially equal to its width, rounded or of semi-circular shape at its bottom, vertically straight at its sides above its rounded or semi-circular bottom portion, horizontally straight at its top or upper edge, and having extending forwardly from its sides and rounded bottom a flange II of U-shape and of any suitablewidth to 'afford an open-top rodend receiving and supporting socket into which the end of a rod I2 may readily be lowered and from which it may readily be lifted.

In accordance with the invention the rear wall I0 is provided at its top midway between its sides, with a tongue I3 which is bent, first rearwardly, as indicated at I4, and then upwardly as indicated at I5, Further in accordance with the invention, a tongue I6 is struck rearwardly from the rear wall I0 near the bottom and midway between the sides thereof.

A portion of a standard of a known type upon which the support is intended to be mounted is designated at II and is of U-shape in cross section and may be fastened in any suitable manner upon a wall or other supporting structure. In-its web I3 is a series of vertically spaced apart horizontally disposed slots I9.

The portion I6 of the tongue I3 is of a length approximately equal to the thickness of the web I8 of the standard I'I, and the tongue I6 is spaced below said portion I4 a distance corresponding to the distance between two or more of the slots I9. Moreover, the tongues I3 and IB preferably are of widths approximately equal to the lengths of the slots I9.

To mount the support upon the standard I'I, the support initially is held in a substantially horizontal position with the free end of the portion I5 of its tongue I3 alined with a selected slot I9 of said standard, as illustrated by dotted lines in Figure 3. The support then is moved toward the standard to enter the portion I5 of the tongue I3 in the selected slot I9 and thereafter the entire support is swung downwardly and inwardly toward the standard until the tongue I6 enters a lower slot I9 and the rear wall I9 of the support lies against the web I3 of the standard. When this is done, as shown by full lines in Figure 3, the support is suspended from the standard by the lugs I3 and I5 and is held at its top against movement away from the standard by the portion I5 of the tongue I3. `On the other hand, it is held at its bottom against movement away from the standard by gravity and the weight of a rod I2 engaged with the same. It is apparent, therefore, that the support may readily be mounted upon the standard in different positions of vertical adjustment relative thereto, and that it will be effectively retained thereon against any possibility of accidental disengagement therefrom. Moreover, it is obvious that the two tongues I3 and i6 will eiectively hold the support against pivoting or shifting sidewise relative to the standard.

It is understood, of course, that to support any given rod, two of the supports are employed one at each end of the rod.

Without further description it is thought that the construction and manner of use of the present support will be clearly understood and its advantages appreciated. It is desired to point out, however, that while only a single, specific embodiment of the invention has been illustrated and described, the same is readily capable of speccally different embodiments within its spirit and scope as dened in the appended claim.

I claim:

A one-piece sheet metal support comprising a rear wall rounded at its bottom and having straight vertical sides above its rounded bottom, a ange extending forwardly from the sides and the rounded bottom of said rear wall and providing an open-top rounded-bottom socket for the reception of a rod end, a tongue at the top of said rear Wall medially thereof extending rearwardly and then upwardly relative thereto for engagement in a slot in a standard, and another tongue struck rearwardly from said rear Wall medially thereof at a point above but adjacent to the bottom of said socket for engagement in a lower slot in the standard and for cooperation with said first tongue to mount the support upon the standard.


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