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Publication numberUS2528612 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1950
Filing dateSep 23, 1947
Priority dateSep 23, 1947
Publication numberUS 2528612 A, US 2528612A, US-A-2528612, US2528612 A, US2528612A
InventorsHelene Schildkraut, Tamara Schildkraut
Original AssigneeHelene Schildkraut, Tamara Schildkraut
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Cosmetic case
US 2528612 A
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Nov. 7, 1950 T. SCHILDKRAUT EI'AL 2,528,612

COSMETIC CASE Filed Sept. 25, 1947 m 5 m Nm /I- m /J m C s m Q m E A TTORNEY Patented Nov. 7, 1950 COSMETIC CASE Tamara Schildkraut, Great Neck, and Helene Schildkraut, New York, N. Y.

Application September 23, 1947, Serial No. 775,612

3 Claims. 1

The present invention relates to a cosmetic case of the personal type used by Women and carried by them in their handbags, or the like.

, It is an object of the present invention to provide a cosmetic case of the character described which combines, in integral arrangement, a dispensing receptacle for face powder, a lipstick holder and a mirror.

It is also an object of the present invention to provide a cosmetic case of the character described which is neat, attractive and compact and may be comfortably and conveniently carried in a handbag, purse or pocket.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a cosmetic case of the character described which may be comfortably and conveniently manipulated and used in applying the cosmetics to the face.

It is still another object of the present invention to provide a cosmetic case having a dispensing receptacle for face powder or the like in Which the amount of powder dispensed may be controlled, whereby dispensing of the powder in excessive amounts is avoided and the neatness and. cleanliness of the person and effects of the user are enhanced.

It is yet another object of the present invention to provide a cosmetic case having a dispensing receptacle for face powder in which the powder is always completely encldsed and covered and free from spilling or contamination by contact withthe air or other objects.

It is a further object of the present invention to provide a cosmetic case with which the user may accomplish the entire procedure of face powdering and lipstick application at any time and place, with her two hands, without reliance on the presence of a supporting surface for the articles in use or the presence of any external mirror.

It is a still further object of the present invention to provide a cosmetic case of the character described which is of simple construction, easy to manufacture and assemble, which is compact, which is durable and which is economical to produce.

The foregoing and other advantages and superiorities of the cosmetic case of the present invention will become more readily apparent to those skilled in the art from the embodiment thereof shown in the accompanying drawings and from the description following. It is to be understood, however, that such embodiment is shown by way of illustration only, to make the principles and practice of the invention more readily apparent and comprehensible, and with out any intent of limiting the invention to the specific details therein shown.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is an enlarged elevational view of a cosmetic case of the present invention, partly broken away and partly in section;

Fig. 2 is another elevational view of the same, taken at right angles to the View of Fig. 1 and on a reducedscale; and

Fig. 3 is a bottom plan view of the same.

Referring more specifically to the accompanying drawings, the cosmetic receptacle of the present invention may comprise a powder magazine I0 preferably of cylindrical shape, which may be made of'any suitable material, such as plastic or metal, and of any desired thickness and length suitable for use in a cosmetic case which is kept in a handbag, purse, pocket. or the like.

The magazine I0 may have a restricted portion H at its lower end, forminga neck I2 from which may extend 3. preferably spherical chamber I3 which may, preferably be of slightly greater diameter than the cylindrical magazine ID for a purpose which will hereinafter become apparent. The chamber I3 is cut away adjacent its bottom, to form an opening I4 the diameter of which is less than that of the chamber I3.

The chamber I3 forms a seat or a socket for a ball I5 rotatably and snugly fitted therewithin and provided with depressions or pits IS on its surface.

It will be apparent that part of the ball I 5 will project into the neck I I Where its pits I6 will become filled with the powder I! in the magazine Iii. Also, part of the ball I5 will project through the opening Id of the chamber I3 where it may be engaged by the hand or, preferably, by a powder puff held in the hand, to be rotated within the chamber l3 until its powder filled pits I6 are brought within the opening I4 when the powder contained therein will drop unto the puff, or the like.

The upper end of the magazine I0 may be threaded, as at I8 to receive and hold a correspondingly threaded cap I9 serving as a closure for the magazine I0. Preferably, the threaded portion I8 of the magazine I0 may be of sufficiently reduced diameter that the cap I9 may have the same diameter as the magazine In to be flush therewith.

The cap I9 may be provided with or have integral with it an upstanding ferrule forming a receptacle 20 for a lipstick 2|. The lipstick 2| may be vertically adjustable within its holder 20. While the illustrative embodiment shows the lipstick adjusting means as comprising the guide slot 22 in the receptacle and the pin 23 on the lipstick base 24 guided within the slot 22 it will be understood that any other means for raising and lowering the lipstick, many of which are known, may be employed.

A cylindrical cover, or outer casing, 25"of suitable length to reach the chamber I3 and allow space at its inner end for the lipstick 2| may be provided for the combined powder magazine andlipstick holder. The cover 25 may be of: substantially the proper diameter to fit snugly over the cap I9 and the cylinder I0 so that its end" will be frictionally held on the chamber l3- above its widest portion, to prevent complete insertion of the magazine Ill within the cover 25 and leave a sufiicient portion thereof projecting fromsuch cover at all times for gripping purposes for removing the cylinder. lfl=f1fomthe.C.0Y -Il:'2'5.

If; desired, the; cover; 25; mayalsoserve; as; a: supportin base for a mirror; 26.. which may be: pivotally mounted thereon, so; that; it, may be folded thereagainst for compactness and space saving'within a handbag or purse. The mirror- 26 may be mountedon the top 21' of the cover-2,5 in any desired manner and-by, any desired means, many of which will readily suggest themselves. to any one skilled in the art. In the illustrative embodiment,. the mounting means comprises a pair-of spaced lugs 28' formed or securedon the top 21 of the cover 25 and a frame 29 within which the mirror 26=isheld;and-which has perpendicularly offset extensions 30. whichfit andare pivotally held between the lugs 28as by the pin 3|. i

Itiwill be readily apparent thatzby'formingthe perpendicularly offset frame extensions 30 of proper length, the mirror will fold compactly against the sides of the cover 25 in one position, and'will be supported firmly in upright position onthe'cov'er top 21-in another position;

This completes thedescription of, the, one em-. bodiment of:the-cosmetic case andiofthe powder dispensing receptacle: incorporated therewith, constituting the present invention. It willbereadily apparent to. any one skilled in the art that such cosmetic case is neat and attractive, compact to-carry and highly, convenient to use, enabling. its user to performasubstantially complete facial make up without-reliance uponany other article 'of make up equipment, furnitureeormirror; that it may serve the'purpose of aymirrorin general; and that the powder dispensing receptacle which it incorporates-makes:possible the measured control of theamount of powder dispensed, to prevent excessive amounts'of powder on the-pull and face with resultingspillage overhands and apparel; that it prevents in advertentc spilling of powder within. articles in. which it is carried, asv is. frequently the case with conventional powder containers and compacts.

It will also be apparent that many variations, and modifications. thereof may be made, in. accordance with the principle of the inventionhereinaboye set, forth, by any oneskilled in the art, without. the use of, any inventiveingenuity- We desire, therefore, to be protected against any and all such modifications and variations that may be made within the spirit of the present invention and the scope of the claims hereto appended.

What we claim is:

1. A cosmetic case of the character described, comprising an elongated magazine open at both ends, one of, said openings bein restricted and having a chamber of circular cross section extending therefrom, said chamber having an outlet opening of a width less than the diameter of said; chamber, a circular member snugly and r0- tatably arranged within the said chamber, said member extending into the said restricted openchamber extending therefrom, said chamber hav- 4 ing an outlet opening of a diameter. less than-the diameter of the chamber, a; spherical member snugly and rotatably arranged within the saidv chamber, said member extending intosaid re-.-.. stricted opening and out'of' said outlet opening and having a plurality ofdepressions formedin its surface, a closure on the other end of the-said magazine, said closure havin an upstanding flange on its top forming;alipstickireceptacle,and' a cover fitted over said magazine and'saidiclosura and extending partly over said chamber; and, frictionally held in place thereon;

3. A cosmetic case? of the,character-described; comprising anelongated magazine open-,at'botha ends, one of said Openings being; restrictiedi and:

having; a chamber of] circular cross-sectionex'.-==

tending therefrom, said'chamber; having amout let of lesser width than theidia-metergof ,said'chamaber, a member ofcircular cross: section snugly:-

and rotatably arranged within said: chamber; said. member having a' plurality of powder --rece-iving depressions on its surface and extendingrinto-saidi' restricted opening and out ofgsaidoutlet, ajclosure for said magazine, said closure; having an: up-H.

standing flange forming, a lipstick; housing, and,

a cover fittedover said-closure:


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