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Publication numberUS2529163 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 7, 1950
Filing dateNov 28, 1944
Priority dateNov 28, 1944
Publication numberUS 2529163 A, US 2529163A, US-A-2529163, US2529163 A, US2529163A
InventorsKnight Frank W
Original AssigneeKnight Frank W
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Shoe polishing kit
US 2529163 A
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NOV. 7, 1950 w, KNIGHT 2,529,163


Patented Nov. 7, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE SHOE POLISHING KIT Frank W. Knight, Somerville, Mass.

Application November 23, 1944, Serial No. 565,485

1 Claim. (01. 15-258) It is one object of this invention to provide a shoe treating kit wherein a flexible, polishing tongue cooperates with a transverse wrapper to form a compact package, including a container container 9 and the dauber lil. Any materials of construction may be employed. The dauber 10 may be a thin piece of felt, or a piece of cloth; the tongue I may be a piece of cloth suitable for for shoe dressing and a dauber adapted to be 5 polishing surfaces, and the wrapper 6 may be used in connection with the contents of the conmade of leather or a leather imitation or subtainer. stitute, or anything else. The container 9 is not A mechanic who abides by what is claimed may fastened to the tongue I. make such changes as his skill may direct, with- What is claimed: out departing from the spirit of the invention. 10 A shoe treating kit comprising an elongated In the drawings: flexible polishing tongue folded upon itself along Figure 1 shows, in perspective, a device conits longitudinal center line to define an outer structed in accordance with the invention, the wall and an inner wall overlying said outer wall, device being opened. a short free-ended flexible wrapper stitched in- Figure 2 is a perspective view wherein the determediate itsends along one of its longitudinal vice is shown folded. edges to one end of the outer wall and having Figure 3 is a perspective view wherein the deits ends projecting laterally beyond the tongue vice is shown partially folded. to define laterally projected cover flaps, the other The shoe treating kit forming the subject longitudinal edge of the wrapper being'disposed matter of this application comprises a flexible, beyond said end of the outer wall, the correspondelongated, polishing tongue I, folded along a ing end portion of the inner wall being free from longitudinal line, as indicated at 2, intermediate the wrapper to permit unfolding of the tongue to its lateral edges 3, to define an outer wall 4 and its original area, the folds of the tongue proan inner wall 5. The lateral edges 3 of the walls viding a pocket to receive an article therebetween, 4and5are free. said tongue adapted to be folded upon itself A transverse, free ended, flexible Wrapper 6 along lines disposed perpendicular to its longiis secured near one of its longitudinal edges, as tudnal center line to partially enclose said shown at 1 to one end portion of the outer wall article, and said flaps adapted to be extended 4, the corresponding end portion 8 of the inner around the folded tongue to complet y 61101056 wall 5 being free from the wrapper 6, whereby said article and prevent unfo ding of the tongue. the tongue I may be opened transversely to afford. FRANK W. KNIGHT. an area equal to the combined areas of the inner wall 5 and the outer wall 4. REFERENCES CITED A container 9 for shoe dressing is superposed on the inner wall 5 of the tongue I, preferably i g; g ffi are of record m the at the free end of the tongue. A thin, flexible dauber ID, for use in connection with the con- UNITED STATES PATENTS tents of the container 9, is mounted removably Nu r N Date between the walls 4 and 5 and tongue I, under- 1,146,130 Buxton July 13, 1915 neath the container 9. 1,343,466 Mork June 1920 The folded tongue I is wound about the con- 1,346,441 cannon July 13 1920 tainer 9, to form an open ended enclosure ll 1,375,479 Van Allen Apr. 19: 1921 for the container 9, and for the dauber 10. The 1,990,568 Scheidler Feb. 12, 1935 wrapper B is long enough so that its end portions 2,174,113 Thiene1 Sept, 26, 1939 constitute flaps [2, adapted to be connected by 2,323,098 Mintzes et a1. June 29, 1943 snap fasteners 14, or otherwise, the wrapper be- 4 2,351,407 David Jun 13, 1944 ing engaged about the enclosure ll, across the open ends thereof and across oppositely disposed FOREIGN PATENTS portions of the container 9. Number Country Date The tongue I exercises a two-fold ofiice, in 524,927 Germany Sept. 10, 1929 that it serves as a polishing element and serves 500,745 Germany June 25, 1930 also as a part of the means which retains the 44,862 France Jan, 31, 1933

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U.S. Classification15/209.1, 401/38
International ClassificationA47L23/10, A47L23/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47L23/10
European ClassificationA47L23/10