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Publication numberUS2529853 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 14, 1950
Filing dateFeb 15, 1946
Priority dateFeb 15, 1946
Publication numberUS 2529853 A, US 2529853A, US-A-2529853, US2529853 A, US2529853A
InventorsTaggart Donald C
Original AssigneeGen Cellulose Company Inc
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Folded tissues and dispenser therefor
US 2529853 A
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Nov. 14, 1950 D. c. TAGGART 2,529,853

FOLDED TISSUES AND DISPENSER THEREFOR 7 Filed Feb. 15, 1946 INVENTOR. pom/41.0 C. 7466497 ATTORNEY Patented Nov. 14, 1950 aszassa I FOLDED TISSUES ANDIDAISPJENSER'. THEREFOR Donald c Taggart, Westfield, N. J., a'ss'ignor to TheGeneral Cellulose Compan'y,'Inc., Garwood, it 1 .1

N. J a corporationof New'Jersey Application February 15, mlas riarmo. 647,821

" jlfoiaiin. (01. 206 57) This invention relates to a dispensing carton having a, tear-out portion and containing a stack of sheets each of which is arranged in such a manner as to permit their individual withdrawal from the dispenser when the tear-out portion of the same has been removed.

One object of the invention is to provide a dispensing carton or container for sheets in which the type and location of the opening in the container is so combined with the folded arrangement of the sheets as to permit increased ease in withdrawing sheets from the container one at a time. Another object of the invention is to provide a simple and inexpensive form of packaged sheets which, both before and after removal of the tear-out portion of the container, is compact and readily adapted to easy handling. Other objects and advantages will appear as the description proceeds.

The invention will be better understood by referring to the accompanying drawings in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a filled, unbroken carton;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the carton showing the tear-out portion removed and the contents of the carton exposed;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged, end elevation of the stacked sheets showing their folded arrangement, only the top and bottom portions of the stack being shown;

Fig. 4 is a View similar to Fig. 3, but illustrating I a modified folding arrangement of the sheets.

Generally speaking the carton may be of any known or desirable construction. In the form shown it is made of paper and comprises a blank folded to provide a top I, bottom 2, sides 3, 4 and ends 5, 6. Preferably the top is integrally joined along its edges to the sides and ends, and the bottom is hinged at one of its edges to one side (not shown) while at its opposite edge it carries a. flap which is sealed to the inside of the side 3. Appropriate flaps are provided on the sides 3, 4, one of which is shown at 1 (Fig. 2) which are turned inwardly thereof. Flaps are also provided on the bottom 2 and are sealed to the inside of the ends 5, 6, one of such flaps being indicated at 8.

A tear-out portion 9 is disposed in the top I and end of the carton and is shown as extending transversely but not completely across said top and end and also as extending longitudinally of the container from a position on the top of the container adjacent the edge lli common to said top and end, through said edge, to a position intermediate the edges of said end 5. The portion-or" section '9 is substantially completely bounded by perforated lines. As shown, the section extends transversely across the top and end of the carton from the perforated line H adjacent one top side edge of the carton to the perforated line [2 adjacent the opposite edge of the carton. In the opposite or longitudinal direction it extends from the partially perforated, partially cut line IS in the top of the carton to the perforated line I4 in the end of said carton. The lines I3 and M are each located adjacent the common edge in of the top I and the end 5.

At certain places in its boundary the section 9 is completely severed from the carton, as indicated at [5, l6 and H, to aid in tearing the section away from the carton. Upon removal of the tear-out portion an opening I8 is left in the carton, exposing the stack I9 of folded sheets 20. As seen in Fig. 2, each sheet is folded to form a plurality of longitudinally extending tabs or free edges 21, 22, 23 and 24, which overlap the same side of the sheet. The sheets are stacked in the container with their tabs facing the top thereof, and it will be seen that the opening l8 extends in a direction transverse to that of the sheets or tabs, so that only an end portion of the sheets and tabs thereon is exposed. Thus each sheet may be individually withdrawn from the container by grasping one of the partly exposed tabs of the uppermost sheet, while the remaining sheets of the stack are confined within the container.

The sheets may be folded so as to have any suitable number of tabs or free edges. Preferably, and as shown in Figs. 2 and 3, the sheets have four free edges. In the modified folding arrangement in Fig. 4 the sheet 25 has two free edges, 26 and 21. The sheets may be of single ply or multi-iply construction, the latter being the preferred form, as illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4.

The carton is packed by inserting the stack of sheets through one end thereof, and this end, is then sealed in place so that the sheets will be accessible only by removing the tear-out portion.

As indicated above, and as shown in Fig. 2, the tear-out portion 9 may be completely detached from the carton, leaving the opening [8 through which the sheets are accessible. In this form the carton is particularly suitable for pocket or handbag use. The tear-out portion need not, however, be completely detached, but may be partially severed, as on three sides thereof, and left hinged to the carton on the fourth side, preferably along line [4 (Fig. 1). In this form the carton may be attached to a wall by using the hinged tear-out 3 portion as a hanger flap. If desired, the hinged tear-out portion or flap may also be folded back and underneath the carton so as to support the same in an easel-like arrangement.

In view of the foregoing description, the following is'claimed:

A packaged stack of paper sheets consisting of a dispensing container and a stack of folded sheets adapted to be individually withdrawn from the container, said container having a section bounded by perforated lines and extending transversely across the top and one end of the container from a perforated line adjacent one edge of the container to a perforated line adjacent the opposite edge of the container, the section being partially severable from the container to form an opening therein and also to serve as a hinged hanger flap therefor; each sheet of said stack being folded to form four longitudinally extending tabs overlapping the same side of the sheet, the sheets being disposed in the container with their tabs facing the top thereof, said section extending in a direction transverse to that of the tabs so that when the opening is formed in the container only an end portion of the sheets and tabs thereon is exposed, whereby each sheet may be individually withdrawn from the container by grasping one of the partly exposed tabs, the remaining sheets of said stack being confined within the container.


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U.S. Classification221/63, 229/237, 229/240
International ClassificationB65D83/08
Cooperative ClassificationB65D83/0894, B65D83/0847
European ClassificationB65D83/08D, B65D83/08H