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Publication numberUS2530453 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1950
Filing dateDec 17, 1948
Priority dateDec 17, 1948
Publication numberUS 2530453 A, US 2530453A, US-A-2530453, US2530453 A, US2530453A
InventorsManny Eagle
Original AssigneeManny Eagle
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Apparel monogram attachment
US 2530453 A
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Application December 17, 1948, Serial No. 65,810

This invention relates in general to wearing apparel and deals, more particularly, with the application and use of monograms, initials and similar individualistic designs on various garments such as shirts, pajamas, lounging jackets, robes vand other garments provided with pockets on which it is a popular practice to attach a design such as the monogram or initial of the wearer. v

The usual method of providing an embroidered monogram on a garment is relatively expensive and requires considerable time for the embroidering operation. In the case of personal monograms and initials, for example, it is necessarily impractical for a retail store to carry all sizes of a garment with all the many diierent initials which may be called for already embroidered on the garments. Consequently, when a garment is purchased and the monogram ordered, there is an objectionable delay before delivery. This, of course, is disadvantageous in that it restricts the sale of many monograms and designs which otherwise would bereadily sold if they vverev attachable to the garment at the time of purchase.

A primary object of the invention, therefore. is to provide a monogram or other design in the form of an attachment which simulates an integral or conventional part of a garment and which is complete and ready to be attached to the garment at the time of purchase so that there is no objectionable delay or inconvenient waiting by the purchaser which, of course, is conducive to the sale of the monogrammed attachments, and enhances the sales appeal of any such garment which can be deliveredimmediately with the required personal initial or monogram desired by the purchaser. To this end, the monogram, initials or other designs in the form of such attachments may be advantageously provided for the retail trade at relatively low cost in the manner of sets of attachments predominated in number by the most popular initials or other designs and in various colors, if desired.

Another primary object of the invention is to provide an improved construction and arrangement for a monogram, initial or other design in the form of an attachment which is designed as a distinct part of the pocket on a garment to give the appearance of a monogram, initial or other selected design as provided on an integral portion of such pocket.

A further object of the invention is to provide such an attachment in the form of a simple, inexpensive pocket flap, or the like, which is readily provided in the same outline of such a flap when 3 claims. (c1. 24247) made as an integral part of the pocket, and which,

Another object of the invention is to provide a monogrammed or initialled attachment of the kind describedin the form of a pocket flap which is admirably suited for economical quantity production at low cost and involves a simplified, highly practical and advantageous arrangement for providing various garments with monograms and the like in a cheap and inexpensive manner compared to heretofore known procedures.

Further objects and advantages and other new and useful features of the construction, arrangement and general combination of elements of the invention will be readily apparent as the following description proceeds with reference to the accompanying drawings, for purposes of illustration but not of limitation, in which like ref-` erence characters designate like parts through-- out, and in which:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a shirt or pajama top or other garment having a pocket prepared with fastening means for a monogrammed pocket ap shown in the relative position for attach# ment to said pocket;

Fig. 2 is an enlarged perspective view of the monogrammed pocket flap attachment represented in Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged front elevational view of the pocket area of the garment with the mono gram iiap shown attached to the pocket in com pleted form;

Fig. 4 is an enlarged sectional view of Fig. 3 along line 4 4 looking in the direction of the arrows, showing one form of fastening means for separably attaching the monogrammed flap to the shirt pocket; and,

Fig. 5 is an enlarged sectional view through the vertical center of one of the snap fasteners shown employed, by Way of example, for separately attaching the monogrammed flap to the shirt pocket.

Referring now, more particularly, to the drawings, Fig. 1 illustrates a garment I, such as a shirt, pajama top, lounging jacket or robe, or any other article of Wearing apparel having apooket 5 provided on a body portion 2 of the garment in any suitable manner as by stitching 3. The pocket 5 is provided on itsinner side with a pair of spaced fasteners l0 of any suitable type for securing thereto an attachment I5 in the form of a pocket flap provided with a monogram, initial or other selected design. The fasteners Ill preferably are' secured to the inner side of said pocket 5 in such a, way as to be completely concealed from View in instances when the garment is worn Without the pocket flap attachment.

The pocket 5 is provided at its upper end with an. inwardly folded layer of material 6 and the fasteners l0, accordingly, are secured to said inner layer 6 and are thereby completely concealed by the outer main portion 5 of said pocket. The

fasteners l are shown, for illustrative purposes only, as the socket members of gripper type of snap fasteners, which comprise a snap socket element retained on the inwardly folded layer of material .6 by a securing grommet l l as best seen in Fig. 5. The securing grommet H includes a series of inner radial prongs I2 which pierce said inwardly folded layer of material 6 and are peened in anchored relation With an inturned flange on the base of the socket element i0 to secure said socket element in permanent position at the inner side of the pocket.

The pocket flap attachment, designated genorally i5, is provided in substantially the same outline in which such a pocket flap would be provided :as an Vintegral `part of the ,pocket The attachment l-: :preferably is provided a doubled layer of material for suitable .stiffness and is folded to define a rear attaching portion IB and a front pocket .flap portion Il. Any monogram, such as a personal initial I8, as shown, or Yany other selected design is embroidered or otherwise provided on this front pocket flap portion Il. Usually the pocket Yflap i5 is made of the same fabric and color of the material as the pocket 5, with the monogram or other design I8 in various colors, and in some instances, with the pocket iiap itself in a contrasti-ng color to the garment, if desired, in order to provide -a special sartoria-l effect.

Onthe attachingportion .le of the pocketap, a pair of stud fasteners 2-0 are ,suitably provided for snap fastening engagement with the socket elements lHlat the inner side of the pocket 5, as aforesaid. The stud fasteners 2e are shown, by way of example, as the complementary tubular stud elements of gripper type of snap fasteners wherein such a stud is secured xby a similar tubular rivet 2i, 5, which :extends through a hole in the attaching portion i5 of the pocket flap into anchored relation in the head of the stud to secure the same in permanent position on the completed pocket flap attach-ment l5. Y Y

With thepocket flap attachment i5 thus pro vided with the stud fasteners 20, and the garment pocket 5 prepared with the complementary socket fasteners Iii, .as aforesaid, it is, of course, a sim-ple matter to snap .these ,fasteners together to secure the attaching portion I '5 4of the attachment to the inner side of the pocket 5 with the monogrammed flap portion Il .disposed outward-ly of the pocket as illustrated in Figs. 3 and 4. The attachment is` easily ,and quickly effected and when completed as shown in Fig. 3., the pocket flap portion I1 lies snugly and sym-- metrically against the outersurface of the pocket 5 and 1gives the appearance of the usual monogran-'lined pocket flap provided as an integral portionfof the pocket.

The 4invention full-y contemplates the use of any other suitable type of fasteners for attaching the `pocket flap in asimilar or related manner, vas for example, by ordinary snap buttons, hooks .a-nd eyes, buttons ,and buttonholes, clasps, and zippers or slide fasteners, and the like. In the presen-t example, the fasteners may be provided Wit-h equal effectiveness in a reverse relation wherein the socket members IQ are secured tothe pocket flap l5 and the .studs 2i! secured `to the inner side of the pocket 5, as may be readily understood. Also, in an alternate construction, the pocket nap [5.,may `be `readily designed for attachment directly to the body portion 2 of the garment Within the pocket 5, and With the monogrammed flap portion l1 overlying the front of the pocket 5 to provide the same general appearance shown in Fig. 3.

Although any suitable type of fastening means may be employed, the .use of separable snap fasteners, as disclosed, is lparticularly advantageous inasmuch as the monogrammed nap is thus easily and quickly removable from a shirt or other garment to be laundered, for example, and readily attached for use on other shirts or, likewise, selectively used on various shirts for different color combinations, as desired.

While the invention has been described in detail with a specific example, such example is intended as an illustration only inasmuch as it will be apparent that other modifica-tions in `the construction, arrangement and general combination of elements may 'be devised without departing from the'spirit and scope of the invention. The present embodiment is therefore to .be considered in all respects as i-llustrativegand not restrictive, the scope of the invention being indicated Eby Y'the appended claims rather than by the foregoing description, with all changes falling within the scope, meaning, and :range of equivalency of the claims intended to he embraced therein.

What is claimed and desired to be securedby- United States Letters Patent is;

l. A garment provided with a .pocket having inner and outer faces `and fastening l:means on the inner side of said Vouter face of the pocket, and an attachment for said pocket comprising an attaching portion smaller than said` pocket and concealed within said pocketas secured .to said fastening means, and an outward flap portion for said pocket having an ornamental design thereon.

2. A garment provided with a pocket .having an inner layer of material at the inner `side of said pocket, fastening means carried by said inner layer of material and concealed by the outer side of sa-id pocket, andan 1attachment-,for said pocket .comprising an attaching portion smaller than said pocket and concealed Within said pocket as secured to -said concealed fastening means and van outward flap por-tion for .said pocket having an ornamental .design thereon.

3.. A garment provided with -a pocket having an inner layer of material at the inner side'of said pocket, a `concealed fastening member care ried by said .inner layer of material andconcealed by the .outer side of said pocket, and an attache ment for `said pocket comprising an attaching portion-provided with a fastening member connected to said concealed fastening member, :said

attaching portion :being concealedwi-t-hin vsaid pocket as secured by said fastening members,and said attachment including an outward Viii-ap portion for said pocket having an ornamental design thereon. l

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