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Publication numberUS2530695 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1950
Filing dateJun 9, 1948
Priority dateJul 26, 1947
Publication numberUS 2530695 A, US 2530695A, US-A-2530695, US2530695 A, US2530695A
InventorsHelmert Frits Ragnvald Helmer
Original AssigneeHelmert Frits Ragnvald Helmer
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Ski carrier and waist belt
US 2530695 A
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Nov. 21, 1950 F. R. H. HELMERT SKI CARRIER AND WAIST BELT Filed June 9, 1948 Patented Nov. 21, 1950 SKI CARRIER AND WAIST BELT Frits Ragnvald Helmer Helmert, Odense, Denmark Application June 9, 1948, Serial No. 32,002 In Denmark July 26, 1947 2 Claims.

In its simplest form a strap for carrying skis is a strap which at each end is provided with a hook or a hook-shaped clasp with which a loop may be formed which, after having been passed round the skis, will tighten round the latter when the central part of the strap is pulled. In such a strap it is therefore possible to carry one or more pairs of skis in vertical position behind one shoulder, the strap being placed on the shoulder.

The invention relates to a strap for carrying skis of the type consisting of a central strap part which at each end is connected to short strap parts for fastening around the skis, so that the latter, in the same way as mentioned above, may be carried in vertical position behind one shoulder. The central strap part has for instance been made longitudinally adjustable and provided with a ring at each end to which a spring hook on the short strap part can be fastened after having been passed through a fixed loop at the other end of the strap part to form a loose loop which is placed around the skis.

When the known straps are not in use, whether they consist of a single through-going strap with hooks or of a central strap part connected by short strap parts at each end, they must be kept in a pocket, a rucksack, or some other place on the ski-runners person, where they are of no use.

The object of the present invention is to procure a strap for carrying skis which can be attached to the ski-runners person or his rucksack or other burdens carried by him, whereby the strap will serve a practical purpose. Preferably the strap may be used as a belt. This is made possible in that the strap according to the invention has each of the short strap parts made of a buckle strap rotatably connected to the central strap part about a pin passed through both strap parts. Thereby the short strap parts can be turned across the central strap part and immediately buckled round the skis or the short strap parts can be turned in the lengthwise direction of the central strap part, whereby the whole of it can be used as a simple belt or a securing strap for other special securing pur- Poses.

In order to provide the belt with as many buckling holes as possible the point of the buckle strap at which the latter is attached to the central strap part may, according to the invention,

be placed near the end of the strap bearing a buckle.

In a further development of the invention the central strap part, opposite at least one of the buckle straps, may be provided with a bow for receiving the loose end of the buckle strap when the buckle strap is turned parallel to the central strap part.

On the drawing is shown a strap for carrying skis made according to the invention.

Fig. 1 shows the strap ready for fastening round a pair of skis,

Fig. 2, the strap used as a belt,

Fig. 3, a man carrying his skis behind one shoulder with the strap placed on the shoulder and Fig. 4, same with the strap applied as a belt during skiing.

The strap consists of a central strap part I which, at each end, is rotatably connected by a pin 2 to a buckle strap 3 which, at the end nearest to the pin 2, bears a buckle 4, while the other end of the strap is provided with buckling holes 5.

The buckle straps 3 are used either in the position shown in Fig. 1 for being buckled around skis as shown in Fig. 3, whereby the strap can be used as a carrying strap for skis, or the short strap parts can be used when turned up to be flush with the strap part I as shown in Fig. 2, whereby the strap can be used as a belt as shown in Fig. 4. In this position of the strap parts 3, one end of the latter, provided with holes 5, is

passed into a bow 6 on the strap part I.

The strap part I may otherwise, if desired, be made longitudinally adjustable by means known per se.

Having now described myinvention, what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A ski-carrier and waist belt comprising a central strap adjacent each end of which is connected pivotally intermediate of its ends, a buckle strap having a buckle at one of its ends, and buckle holes spaced apart between the pivoted connection and the other of its ends, the buckle straps being adapted to be used as ski-carrier loops at right angles to the central strap, and as waist belt extensions in elongation of the central strap.

2. A ski-carrier and waist belt according to claim 1, in which the central strap is provided with a. bow adjacent at least one of the buckle straps, and adapted to receive a loose end of the adjacent buckle strap when the device is used as Number a waist belt. 259 258 FRITS RAGNVALD HELMER. HELMERT. 5 1,071,766 2,118,875 REFERENCES CITED The following references are of record in the Number file of this patent: 208,365

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International ClassificationA63C11/02, A45F5/00
Cooperative ClassificationA45F5/00, A63C11/025, Y10S224/917
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