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Publication numberUS2531131 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1950
Filing dateOct 30, 1948
Priority dateOct 30, 1948
Publication numberUS 2531131 A, US 2531131A, US-A-2531131, US2531131 A, US2531131A
InventorsJohnson Axel E F
Original AssigneeAmerican Hospital Supply Corp
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Bucket holder
US 2531131 A
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N@% 211 31359 E, JHN$N 2531 131 BUCIET HOLDER Filed Oct. 30, 1948 Patented Nov. 21, 1950 BUCKET HOLDER Axel E. F. Johnson, Lombard, 111., assignor to American Hospital Supply Corporation, Evanston, 111., a corporation of Illinois Application October 30, 1948, Serial No. 57,472

3 Claims. (01. 248129) This invention relates to a bucket holder. The invention is particularly useful in connection with a roller equipped bucket holder sometimes known as a kick bucket and which may be moved about a floor which is being scrubbed, etc.

An object of the invention is to provide a bucket holder of sturdy structure in which a bucket may freely be placed, the weight of the bucket serving to bring about a tight connection between the bucket and the holder. Yet another object is to provide a bucket holder in which the bucket is automatically gripped when placed in the holder, the holder automatically releasing its grip upon the bucket when the bucket is merely lifted from the holder. A further object is to provide a holder structure which is self-centering for the bucket. A still further object is to provide a roller-equipped and bumper-equipped bucket holder of sturdy structure in which pivotally mounted levers are provided with inclined spring members for receiving buckets of various sizes and for automatically gripping the buckets when placed between said levers, means being provided for urging said levers to open position for releasing said bucket, when the bucket is lifted away from said holder. Other specific objects and advantages will appear as the specification proceeds.

The invention is shown in an illustrative embodiment by the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. l is a perspective view of a bucket holder embodying my invention, a bucket being supported by the holder; Fig. 2, a top plan view; and Fig. 3, a transverse sectional view, the section being taken as indicated at line 33 of Fig. 2.

In the illustration given, ID designates a perimetric frame which is illustrated as of a circular shape. The frame I6 is formed of an angle bar, as shown best in Fig. 3. Secured to the vertical flange of the angle bar frame I is a bumper ring II formed of rubber or other suitable resilient material.

To the inner walls of the vertical flange of frame II] are welded the web members I2 which provide a central socket adapted to receive the roller caster pin I3.

To the underside of the horizontal flange of the angle frame I1) is welded or otherwise secured a plurality of hinge leaves It. The outer leaf I of each hinge is secured by welding or other means to one of several bars I6. The hinge leaves I4 and I 5 are connected by the usual hinge pin I l.

Any number of levers or bars 16 may be emof the bars are hingedly connected along an intermediate point to the frame Ill and are spaced apart by substantially equal distances. The lower end of each bar It is provided with an inwardly extending flange I8. The inner end of each flange I8 is equipped with a resilient button 19 of rubber or other suitable material and similarly the top portion of each bar is shown equipped with a resilient button 2|].

I bridge the angle of each of the bars I6 by an inclined spring member 21 which preferably has end flanges welded to the vertical and horizontal portions of the bar It. By inclining the spring member 21 inwardly, as illustrated, the bucket bottom is effective in springing the bottom portion of the bar I6 outwardly and the upper portion of the bar I6 inwardly so that the bucket is tightly gripped by the bars. Also, the inclined strips 21 are effective in causing the bars to grip a great variety of buckets of differing sizes.

I provide means for normally urging the upper ends of the bar I6 outwardly so that a bucket may be freely placed within the holder and between the bars I6. In the specific illustration given, the vertical flange of frame It is equipped with an inwardly extending pin 22 and the bar I6 is equipped with an outwardly extending pin 23. A compression spring 24 is supported by the pins 22 and 23 and normally urges the lower portion of each bar I6 inwardly and thus causes the upper portion of each bar to swing outwardly.

Operation In the operation of the device, a bucket which is indicated by the numeral 25 may be placed upon the holder and between the bars I6. The inclined members 21 engage the bucket sides and cause the lower portion of each bar I6 to swing outwardly while the upper portion of each bar I6 swings inwardly and tightly grips the bucket. Thus the bucket is held by the inclined strips 2| and the upper portions of the spaced bars Hi. In some instances, depending upon the size of the bucket, the bucket may rest upon the horizontal flanges I8, the upper portions of the bucket being engaged by the button equipped ends of the 'bars I6.

When it is desired to remove the bucket from the holder, it is only necessary for one to lift the bucket. The lifting of the bucket immediately releases the hinged levers or bars I6 and the spring 24 causes the upper portions of the levers I6 to swing outwardly, thus releasing the bucket.

While in the foregoing specification, I have set forth certain structures in considerable detail for h P P S of illustrating an embodiment of the invention, it will be understood that such details of structure may be varied widely by those skilled in the art without departing from the spirit of my invention.


1. In a bucket holder, a circular frame equipped with rollers, angle bars pivotally connected along their vertical portions to the frame, inclined spring members connecting the angularly extending portions of each lever, and a spring urging the bottom portion of each lever inwardly to cause the upper portion of each lever to move outwardly.

2. In a bucket holder, a circular angle bar, frame formed of a plurality of angle levers secured thereto at intermediate points along the levers by means of hinges, each hinge having one leaf secured to the underside of the horizontal flange of the frame and having another leaf secured to the lever near the lower portion there- 'of, each of the angle levers having its top and bottom portion connected by inclined straps, and a compression spring supported between the vertical flange portion of the circular frame and a portion of the lever below its pivot.

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