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Publication numberUS2531232 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 21, 1950
Filing dateJan 14, 1947
Priority dateJan 14, 1947
Publication numberUS 2531232 A, US 2531232A, US-A-2531232, US2531232 A, US2531232A
InventorsNaysmith Shirley R
Original AssigneeMiller Co
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Fluorescent lighting fixture
US 2531232 A
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Nov. 21, 1950 s. R. NAYSMITH FLUORESCENT LIGHTING FIXTURE Filed Jan. 14, 1947 jllfa f 2 Sheets-Sheet 1.

ATTORNEY Nov. 21, 1950 s. R. NAYSMITH FLUORESCENT LIGHTING FIXTURE 2 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Jan. 14, 1947 INVENTOR SHIRLEY A. 4 4 YSM/TH ATTORNEY Patented Nov. 21, 1950 UNETEE.

- are -rir.


rriooassosnr srcnrnrc. FIXTURE Shirley R. Naysniith, Mei-idem, Corn-1., assignor to The Miller Companmll/ieriden, Conn, a corporation of Connecticut Application January 14, 1947, Serial No. 721,970

2 Claims. on.

The present inventi .1: relates "to fluorescent lighting fixtures and is more particularly direct ed toward single 9 flu rescent ligh ingfixturcs The, wiring channel is shaped to facilifluorescent fixture hangers and carries the sockets, reflector, and end plates.

The present invention also contemplates the employment of baffles arranged between. the ends of adjacent lamps so as to screen the lamps and hold the reflectors in alignment.

Other and further objects will hereinafter appear as the description proceeds.

The accompanying drawings shown, for purposes of illustrating the present invention, an embodiment in which the invention may take form, it being understood that the drawings are illustrative of the invention rather than limiting the same.

In these drawings:

Figure 1 is an inverted plan view of a single lamp unit;

Figure 2 is a side elevational view of th same;

Figure 3 is a perspective view of a lighting uni of double lamp length;

Figure 4 is a longitudinal sectional View taken on the line of Figure l;

Figi 'e 5 is a vertical cro.'-:s-sectional view taken on the ines 5--5 of Figures 2 and 4;

Figure is a pers otiye view of an end plate;

Figure 2 is is ective view of a con baiiie pl te reflector alignment device;

Figure ective View illustrating the coupling to ther of two wiring channels and the employer tne plate; Figure 9 is a ngitu a1 sectional vi. ing the secure or two lamp units together.

The lighting equipment employs n extruded, preferably aluminum, wiring cl annel Z, of lamp length as illustrated in Figures 1 2, or a double lamp 183 h as Figure 3, wiring Chan.. has an upper flat wall 5 ternal heads i2--iil, depending walls and reinforcing l --55 at the bottom. preferably has internal g beads iii-i2. lamp ballast lamp to be can straps ll, carrying r welded in place,

e ged over the The wire way also carries efiector supportin, studs straps is at the ends of the fill-51.11)

2 to support fluorescent lamp sockets -One of the pair of straps It required for the sockets for each carries a bracket 2i adapted to carry the starter 22.

Reflectors usually of single lamp length and channel adapted contour of the reflector will depend upon the light d stribution Where alighting unit'is of gle lamp length as shown in Figures land 2, of the fixture carries an end plate 25 in detail in Figure 6. This end plate has er inwardly extending iange El adapted fit under the top wall ll of the wiring channel and enter into the grooves l5, side flanges adapted to fit inside the side walls I3l3 of the wiring channel and outer downwardly and outwardly extending flanges 2929 of a contour to fit about the reflector and the lower edge of'the wiring channel as is more clearly shown in Figure 5. end plate also has small alignment lugs so which fit inside the reflector to keep it from being bent inwardly. The end plates are held in place by screws indicated at 5. At least one of these screws is loosened when the reflector is to be placed in the fixture or removed so that the reflector can pass by the lugs Where the wiring channel is a double lamp length or where wiring channels are to be secured together end to end, the present invention contemplates the employment of a bafile 32 between adjacent lamp soclrets. This bafile is made of this sheet metal and has a portion 33 adapted to extend across inside the reflector and enter between the lamp sockets and side flanges 34-34 which fit the inner surfaces of the ends of the reflectors and bridge the space between them holding them in alignment from the inside. The baffle carries spring clips 3535 which engage around the lower beaded portions of the reflectors and hold them in alignment from the outside.

Two wiring channels may be held together end to end by an H-shaped connecting strap M. This strap is secured inside the channels by screws M. It fits inside the beads l2, l2 and is notched to accommodate the socket supporting straps l9.

Since it: is obvious that the invention may be embodied in other forms and constructions within the scope of the claims, I wish it to be understood that the particular form shown is but one of these forms, and various modifications and changes being possible, I do not otherwise limit myself in any way with respect thereto.

What is claimed is:

1. A fluorescent lighting fixture of the single lamp type, comprising an extruded-metal inverted wiring channel of nominal lamp length and having a flat upper wall, external, longitudinally-extending outwardly-facing beads along and just below the edges of the upper wall for the reception of supporting clamps, inner, longitudinally-extending inwardly-facing grooves inside and above the external beads, and side walls extending vertically downward from the beads and grooves, the lower edges of the side walls having interiorly disposed stiffening ribs, interiorly disposed fluorescent lamp socket carrying brackets secured to the upper wall of the wiring channel at a short distance from the end of the channel and spaced below the end of the upper wall of the channel at the ends thereof to be out of contact therewith, the brackets extending downwardly in the plane of the end of the channel, reflector supporting studs carried by the upper wall of the channel,a trough shaped sheet metal reflector of the same length as the channel, carried by the studs and held against 'the stiffening ribs, and an end plate secured to an end bracket and having an upper flange fitting in the grooves, side flanges fitting the inner side walls of the channel and outer flanges fitting about the ends of the reflector below the wiring channel, the flanges serving to align the end plate and reflector end with respect to one another and the channel, a lamp socket secured to each bracket, and a socket carried lamp in the reflector.

2. A fixture such as claimed in claim 1 having a second length of like wiring channel carrying the like brackets, sockets, reflector supporting studs, reflector and lamp, and wherein the ends of the channels and reflector ends abut, and having a channel connecting strap entering the grooves in the channels and secured to the upper walls of the channels, and a baflle plate extending transversely of the reflectors at the joint where they meet, the baffle plate having flanges extending across the joint and fitting the inner contour of the reflectors to hold them aligned, and means to hold the baffle plate in place.


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