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Publication numberUS2532603 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1950
Filing dateFeb 18, 1946
Priority dateFeb 18, 1946
Publication numberUS 2532603 A, US 2532603A, US-A-2532603, US2532603 A, US2532603A
InventorsCarper Earl W
Original AssigneeCarper Earl W
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Device for stacking and wrapping coins
US 2532603 A
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Dec. 5, 1950 w cARPER 2,532,603


Application February 18, 1946, Serial No. 648,224

3 Claims. 1 This invention relates to improvements in collection receptacles and more particularly to coin stacking and wrapping devices.

One of the objects thereof is to provide a simple, efficient and inexpensive device which will facilitate the operation and labor of encasing coins of varying diameters in tubes also varying in diameters for the reception of said coins, in the act of stacking said coins in surmounted relationship so they may remain frictionally wrapped in said tubes.

Another object thereof is to provide a sturdy, reliable and easily manipulated coin stacker and wrapper based upon a principle that assures accurately registering tubes of varying diameters interchangeably with relation to a tube centering and holding unit, upon which the coins of varying diameters are stacked interchangeably.

A further object of this invention is to provide a device of the character described with means for holding a stack of progressively surmounted coins of the same diameter in under supported relation, as well as interchangeably so holding andsupporting difierent stacks of coins of diameters different from the first stack of coins, as well as. holding interchangeably the paper tube, appropriate in diameter for any particular stack of coins thus held and supported by it, so that the stack of coins may be encased in said paper tube effectively.

A further object of this invention is to provide means for spreading out coin wrapper tubes of interchangeably varying diameters. so they readily present a sufficiently rigid bearing internally to progressively house a stack of coins of a common diameter, each tube in turn being so juxtaposed that it may be guided steadily as a longer surface is advanced around a growing stack of coins. With the above and other objects in view my invention consists in the combination, arrangement and details of construction disclosed in the drawings and specification and then more particularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings, wherein similar reference characters designate similar parts throughout the respective views,

Figure 1 is a sectional elevation of my invention,

Figure 2 is a top plan view thereof,

Figure 3 is a plan view of my invention with the coin matching disks removed,

, Figure 4 is a top plan view of a modified form of a part of my invention which variably supports coins of varying diameters,

Figure 5 is a fragmental sectional view of the parts of my modified invention,

Figure 6 is a cross section taken on line 6-6 of Figure 5, and

Figure 7 is a bottom plan view of a spreader device to be described.

Referring to the drawings, which are merely illustrative of my invention, I disclose the parts thereof. There is provided a flat rigid base member 10 having a fiat bottom, and preferably a beveled circumferential edge I I. The base member is formed with a plurality of equally sized holes or sockets I2 marginally thereof at spaced apart points. Rising perpendicularly and centrally from the base member is a rigid pedestal or cylindrical rod-like post 19, its lower end being a reduced threaded shank I8 screw threaded in firmly anchored relation into the base member.

I provide a plurality of thick, elongated disklike members of graduated diameters, designed to match accurately the diameters of coins of various common denominations such as pennies, nickels, dimes, quarters and fifty cent pieces, etc. These disk-like members are designated, for example, l5, [5a, l5b, I50, etc. according to varying diameters. Each member l5, [5a, etc. has a concentric depending screw-threaded shank or stem I3 of a diameter to admit of being easily slipped removably into any of the holes l2 in the base member.

The disk-shaped members may be conical in cross section if desired, so as to taper upwardly, as shown in Figure l. The upper end of the post I9 is fiat and may also taper upwardly. An internally screw threaded bore I9a is formed centrally of the top of the post l9 which opens out of said top, which screw bore is of the same size as any of the holes 12 in the base member. It is designed to screw home any shank of any of the disk-shaped members interchangeably into this bore at the top of the post for the purpose of firmly and removably anchoring same thereupon, thereby increasing the length of the post and at the same time variably increasing its diameter where lengthened out, according to the particular disk member surmounted at its top at any particular time. The usual paper coin wrapper tubes which come in accurate internal diameters to accommodate encasingly pennies, nickels, dimes, etc. are employed in connection with the foregoing invention. The tube is designated 35 and is placed in telescoping relation around the post l9 and may rest upon the base member. I

In operation it will be seen that inserting the r 3 shanks I3 of the disk-shaped members into the holes I2 of the base member is a convenient way to assemble them in varying sizes where they are readily accessible at all times to the operator. Knowing the particular coin he wants to wrap in a particular tube he selects one of the disk-shaped members which matches accurately in peripheral extent this particular coin. He also selects a paper-wrapper tube that w i ll snugly house a stack of the coins of this same denomination and diameter. This tube 35 he telescopes around the post, after he screws home the screw threaded shank l3 of this disk rnemher into the screw bore l9a at the upper end of the post. Ordinarily the operator enlarges the diameter of the post along the u-thicknessdor length of the disk member s urrnounting it up;

per end. The opposite sides of each disli member are flat.

The operator fits the tube around the peripherr 9 th isk m mbe ancho ed Qh s e 9 t post and draws the tup e down so it encircles the 1 t e to li h large diam te h di member thus encased by tube 35,: there 1 cle ar he -.hetw e tu e and Pest, et th me h tends the lower portion of thetubethat-projects ewh e e t r515 we a slh -th t b it is iesle ehe eve th ein eteeh yn c he he -e 939 he tube whi nreieet a-l qhd e r he h t ne 3 113 ein fe the t llhe spectively. vHere, -it-will he see mplo ing.i eeerat s es ii member m un ihelt em wh hih taih ahp he member EU, a unitary structure 3i si inehipre rahl rfo nra all ;arr .7 hers ol tire pro d n a ex and n innit fo pape tube -t be as dther aronnd,

Each .of the ;radially arranged members i similar in form, shape andconstructiommon:

sistins. of the zl p downwa lywtane i et p0 tion -23 having flatflush upper endswiwandgdoivn: wardly inclining longitudinaleedges :25,:- joinin transversely clisposed lower :inclined :edges 26 which incline in a y direction counter; to that of the inclined longitudinal edges :2 59139 rfrorlmzpoints which; rest'directw upon the zum ier flatzend of etheupost 1L9 as illustrated -in;.:Figure;:5. 'fl he lowermos -parts of the lon i dinal edges 1 52.01? these members 23 are termed vwith :concare em e i r esses E21 immediately laborer the points 5223' of these .-portions1:23 dining the: inclined-gtransverse edges :25 of .the' portions e23are vertical edges zsavand formedratithe lowermost ends-of the lastnamed ve1 =tical .-edges:2;3a 316E150 se Ecircularedgesor recesses 333.. :Thene .is-a rigidsle evefio encircling the a post i against; the inner wall of which rbear the inclined r longitue dinal edges 25 of the portions or membersrla; A cr d table .rt sili nt :bami preferablyean elastic band 29 is fitted and lodged in the circumferen tially extending series of semi-circular recesses 21 of the members 23, pressing together their lower ends to vary the inclination of their longitudinal inclined edges 25. Before inserting the resilient band 29 into the set of semi-circular recesses 21 a non-resilient rigid small ring 34 will be inserted in the circumferentially extending ser iessof serr i-circ ul ar recesses .3 as shown in-Figured which will actlas a prop -for properly centering the members 23 in a radial series with- ;in the encircling sleeve 30. When the elastic ,resili ent band l fihas been fitted into the mentioned series of semi-circular recesses and draws together the lower ends of the members 23, it is obvious lthenzithat they bear upon the ring 34 as upgn a f rted piy g t as this is accomplished, as each memberan'd-all members rock upon this ring'ill. 1

In operation around those portions of memhe 52.3 i re 5 --.I2 e tih a ere-t el e 3".wthe are e mappe be-. de signed to be p eees ahel i er ed.. hee$ine the same papertube being extendeddown the length 9f v the pos t [espas to be distended andheld Shreedhut S e Pa t 5 the eel o e v A e li si hi ri 7 m m hem th r -hi ee e-ll t hel t t d lacement fro m the post. jllf is will iee e t e the e t e we? leet ely ,h 'the uP e edee .2 hi "the meihhe s J 3 aeeer he a t e sl ve 3. .S h e htendir on when t .19

coins r the same diam ter {as said tubema y be stacked upon-saidmember in said tube and" said tube may be moyedupwardly about saidniernber and-said-coi-ns.

2. A device for stacking andrwrapping coins inepaper xtubes comprising a base, a cylindrical post fixed on said base and rising vertically therefrom of substantially the same length as said paper tubes,= a frusto-conical disc,'- cor-related means carried by said disk and the upper end .of .said -post .removably securing said d-isk thereon, the diameter of the divergent end a: said disk being greater v thanethediameter ofsaid post and substantially equal to the inside diameter of a selected paper tube, whereby said tube may be supported in distended telescoped relation to said post and slidable over said member for enclosing coins stacked on the reduced diameter upper end of said disk.

3. A device for stacking and wrapping coins in paper tubes comprising a base, a cylindrical post fixed on said base and rising vertically therefrom of substantially the same length as said paper tubes, about which the paper tube is adapted to be disposed for sliding thereon, a tube distending member at the upper end of said post, said member formed with divergent side edges, the divergent end of said member engaging the inner surface of said tube for supporting said 6 tube in distended position above said post, whereby said tube may be progressively slid upwardly from said post about said member and about coins supported on said member.


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