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Publication numberUS2532705 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1950
Filing dateJul 13, 1946
Priority dateJul 13, 1946
Publication numberUS 2532705 A, US 2532705A, US-A-2532705, US2532705 A, US2532705A
InventorsRobert R Freund
Original AssigneeRobert R Freund
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Adjustable footrest for chairs and invalid beds
US 2532705 A
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Dec. 5, 1950 R. R. FREUND 2,532,705


/z y /z n Patented Dec. 5, 1950 UNITED STATES PATEN'ro-Fmcs ADJUSTABLE FOOTREST FOR CHAIRS AND INVALID BEDS Robert R. Freund, Mount Carmel, Ill.

Application July 13, 1946, Serial N0. 683,533

4 lClaims. 1

This invention relates to an adjustable foot rest for articulated bed structures.

The chief object of the present invention is to hydraulically shift a foot rest upon a movable bed section movably mounted upon a portable frame as desired.

The chief feature of the present invention resides in the mechanism for shifting said foot rest and maintaining same in adjusted position.

A further feature resides in the non-binding relationship of the several parts.

Other objects and features of the invention will be set forth more fully hereinafter.

The full nature of the invention will be understood from the accompanying drawings and the following description and claims:

In the drawings Fig. 1 is a perspective View of the forward end of an articulated bed structure in chair position with the foot rest in extreme retracted position.

Fig. 2 is a similar View of the same parts in foot rest extended position.

Fig. 3 is an end elevation looking upwardly toward the bottom of the leg section of the bed upon which the foot rest is movably mounted.

In Figs. l and 2 of the drawing, ID indicates the side frame of an articulated bed provided with casters I I for portability. The so-called seat section having a frame I2 may be rigidly or pivotally mounted upon the frame as desired or required and same is not herein shown because it forms no part of the present invention.

Upon the forward end of the seat section frame, as indicated at I3, there is pivotally mounted the leg section frame I4 and same is movable relative to the seat section frame as well as movable therewith if the frameV I2 be movably mounted upon frame Ill.

The foot rest herein includes frame I5 with parallel arms IB. The rest proper I'I is carried by said frame and same is substantially transverse to section I4 at all times. Section frame I4 includes auxiliary side frame members I8 and the cross member I9.

Pivotally connected to each arm IB at andv L 2I are linl 22 and 23, respectively, pivoted at 24 and 25, respectively, upon adjacent frame member I8. Rigid with arm 23 and extending oppositely from pivot 25 is the arm 26 which at its free end is pivoted at 21 to the free end of piston rod 2B mounting a piston (not shown) in cylinder 2 29 pivoted at the opposite end as at 30 to bracket 3l also carried by frame member I8.

The aforesaid is duplicated at opposite sides of the leg section frame I4. A single conduit 32 branches as at 33 and 34 to the pivoted ends of vcylinders 29. When pressure fluid is applied to line 32 both pistons are moved and the connecting rods 28 are moved simultaneously and to the same extent.

When the pressure supply is discontinued and the pressure is held in the cylinders by means not shown the foot rest is held in the adjusted retracted position. When the pressure is released the parts return to foot rest extended position by gravity or by spring means (not shown) if positive extending power is desired.

Since the normal position of the foot rest is in extended relation such addition normally is unnecessary. The foregoing mechanism, in effect, constitutes a parallel motion device so that, in effect, foot rest I5-I6--I'I moves substantially parallel to leg section frame I4 at all times.

Section frames I2 and I4 are illustrated with mattress portions applied thereto. The pressure supply source and valve controlfor conduit 32 are omitted for the reason that they are old in this art. Sufce to state, line 32 serves as a supply line, exhaust line and a pressure holding line, exhaust line and a pressure holding line for the cylinder, etc.

The invention claimed is:

l. In a foot rest structure for an articulated bed, the combination with a tiltably mounted leg section frame and a foot rest disposed across the same and substantially transverse thereto, of a pair of parallel links pivotally carried at each side of the section frame and pivotally connected to the foot rest, an arm rigid with one link, a cylinder pivotally mounted upon the section frame at the adjacent side thereof, and a piston rod slidable relative to the cylinder and tiltable therewith and pivotally connected to the said arm in spaced relation to the link pivotal support of same, whereby relative sliding movement between said piston rod and said cylinder effects movement of said foot rest relative to said section frame.

2. Structure as defined by claim l wherein a single conduit is connected to the pivoted end of the cylinder for piston control.

3. Structure as defined by claim 1 wherein the arm constitutes an extension of the link pivoted most remote from the cylinder pivot.

4. The structure as defined by claim 1 wherein a cylinder is pivotally mounted upon the section frame adjacent each side thereof and wherein there is a single conduit of branch type, each branch being connected with a pvoted end of one of said cylinders for piston control.


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