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Publication numberUS2532729 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1950
Filing dateApr 14, 1947
Priority dateApr 14, 1947
Publication numberUS 2532729 A, US 2532729A, US-A-2532729, US2532729 A, US2532729A
InventorsMillstein Jacob H
Original AssigneeMillstein Jacob H
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Candy containing novelty
US 2532729 A
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De'cz'5; "1950 J. H. MILL-STEIN 2,532,729

" CANDY CONTAINING NOVELTY Filed April 14, 194'? J. H M/LLSTE/N wigflywy Patented Dec. 5, 1950 a r v UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE CANDY CONTAINING NOVELTY Jacob H. Millstein, Jeannette, Pa. I Application April 14, 1947, Serial No. 741,261

1 Claim. 1

This invention relates to candy container novelties, and more particularly to a transparent container formed and colored like the body of Santa Claus open at the top and having a closure in the form of the head of Santa Claus.

The object of this invention is to make a glass container of the form above referred to, having a plastic head closure member.

A further object is to provide a screw connection between the body and the head of the contained defined above, requiring less than half a turn and having means to assure that the head will tighten on said thread when turned into its proper position relative to the body.

A further object is to use bright attractive colors for parts of the body, leaving the rest of it transparent, and filling it with vari-colored candy; also to use bright colors on the plastic head, preferably red and white, which may also be used on parts of the body.

Other and more specific objects will appear in the following detailed description of a preferred form of container novelty constructed in accordance with the present invention, having reference to the accompanying drawing, wherein:

Figure 1 is a front elevation of the present device,

Figure 2 is a side view thereof,

Figure 3 is a detail sectional view taken on line 33 of Figure 2,

Figure 4 is a side view of the upper end of the body member,

Figure 5 is a sectional view taken on line 55 of Figure 4,

Figure 6 is a bottom view of the head member, and

Figure 7 is a sectional view taken on line 1-1 of Figure 6.

As shown in the drawing, the container novelty comprises a hollow body member I' open at the top or neck, and a head member 2 serving as a closure therefor. v

The body of the bottle I is connected to the neck by a rounded shoulder portion. By a comparison of Figure l with Figure 2 and of Figure 3 with Figure 4, it will be seen that the distance from one side of this shoulder portion to its other side is less than the distance from the front or breast of the shoulder portion to the back thereof.

The body member is of transparent material preferably glass, and may be painted in parts, in bright colors such as red, white and black. In the present device, the arms 3 were painted red, with white cuffs 4, and hands 5. The belt 6 was painted black with a red buckle 1. The coat fringe 8 was h and he beats 9. black.

The head member 2 may be cast of any suitable red-colored plastic, and white paint may be used on the cap rim It, the eyebrows H, the mustache [2, the beard l3 and the lower edge of his hair [4.

It will be seen, by reference to Figures 1 and 2, that the portions of the closure extending downwardly from the cap rim N] form an apron for this closure and that the beard I3 and lower edge portion of the hair i l form downward extensions of the apron which, with the closure in complete bottle-closing position, engage against the front and back shoulder portions of the bottle. Since the head member or closure 2 is made of plastic material there will be produced, when the member 2 is fully screwed on the body, a frictional gripping action of the parts It and I l on the body which will tend to hold the member 2 against rotation and thus prevent jarring loose of said member 2.

Vari-colored candy l5 may be used as a filler for said body member, to show through the glass portions of the body member which have not been painted.

The neck I6 of the body member is provided with a pair of external thread portions IT on opposite sides of the neck extending for less than a half turn, and ending with a stop lug I8 at the sides of the neck.

The head member 2 has a bottom contour I9 substantially corresponding to the adjacent contour of the body I when the head member is mounted in place, to act as a' closure for the container. The head member is hollow and has an internal shoulder 26 to fit simply over the shoul-' der flange 21 of the body member at the bottom of the neck. It has projecting ears 22 in the sides just above the shoulder 20 for cooperation with the external thread portions ll and stop lugs 18 to draw the head members down so that its internal shoulder 2t and the shoulder flange 2! of the body member meet when the head member is turned until the ears 22 are moved up against the stop lugs l8, and the head is in its proper relation to the body. Thus, less than half a turn is required to seal the container and simultaneously bring the head into its normal position relative to the body.

Obvious modifications in the form and arrangement of the several parts of this device may be made without departing from the spirit and scope of the present invention, as defined in the appended claim.

What is claimed, is:

A container novelty for candy and the like comprising a hollow glass form having a body a; characterized by difierently configurated front and rear portions and a neck open at the top and joined to the body by a rounded shoulder portion, and a plastic cap member screw fitting said neck and having differently configurated front and rear portions respectively mating with the front and rear portions of the body and including an apron surrounding, said neck, said apron having downwardly extending portions at its front and rear closely engaging said rounded shoulder portion, the said shouldered portion be;-. ing of greater dimension from front to back than from side to side whereby the apron extensions REFERENCE: CITED The following references are of record in the file of this patent:

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International ClassificationB65D41/04, B65D81/36, A63H3/00, B65D81/00
Cooperative ClassificationA63H3/005, B65D41/0471, B65D2251/06, B65D81/365
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