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Publication numberUS2532857 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 5, 1950
Filing dateJul 25, 1947
Priority dateJul 25, 1947
Publication numberUS 2532857 A, US 2532857A, US-A-2532857, US2532857 A, US2532857A
InventorsRicciardi Mattew C
Original AssigneeCanister Company Inc
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Container with window
US 2532857 A
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Dec. 5, 1950 M. c. RlCClARDl 2,532,857

CONTAINER WITH wmnow Filed July '25, 1947 INVENTOR. MAW/95W c R/CC/AAD/ BY 4 TTORA/EY Patented Dec. 5, 1950 CONTAINER WITH WINDOW Matthew C. Ricciardi, Phillipsburg, N. J assignor to The Canister Company, Inc., Phillipsburg, N. 3., a corporation of New Jersey Application July 25, 1947, Serial No. 763,698

My invention relates to containers, and more particularly to fibrous containers having a window Or other viewin means embodied therein.

It has not been usual to provide windows for containers formed from fibrous or other similar material because of the high cost factor involved. Heretofore various solutions to this problem such as adhesively bonding a strip of transparent material over an opening cut in the side wall of such container have been devised. These solutions have been found unsatisfactory due to the fact that the bonding agent would become ineffective when dried out or subjected to heat, an excessive amount of transparent material had to be used, and the window generally was easily subject to displacement.

My invention overcomes these defects b providing a Window which utilizes a minimum of material, is easy to position on the container, and which is firmly secured against displacement without the use of any bonding agent. This is achieved by using a new and novel retaining member which may be quickly fashioned from ordinary inexpensive thin auge sheet metal or other similar material.

An object of my invention is to provide a fiberboard container having a new and improved window member.

Another object of my invention is to provide such a window which is secured to the container by a new and improved frame.

These and other objects and features of my invention may be readily seen from the following description thereof in which reference is made to the figures of the accompanying drawings.

In the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a container having a window embodying the features of my invention positioned in the side wall thereof;

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of a window and retaining member embodying the features of my invention;

Fig. 3 is a perspective of a portion of the container shown in Fig. 1 showing the window in section; and

Fig. 4 is a side view of a portion of a container having the window member removed.

As shown in Fig. 1 a container embodyin my invention comprises a body portion 2 of generally rectangular shape and made from any suitable cheap material such as fiberboard and cover members 4 and 6 preferably stamped from some suitable inexpensive sheet metal, secured to the opposite ends of the body portion by crimping 1 Claim. (Cl. 20645.31)

portions 8 and I0 around the edges thereof. A window assembly I2 is positioned in the side wall I of the container.

The window assembly 12 is composed of a sheet of transparent material I 6 secured in a frame I 8 formed from any suitable material such as inexpensive thin gauge sheet metal. The frame member I8 may be made by a single stamping, and is preferably a unitary strip. Projecting means 22 for securing the frame I8 to the opening 2!) cut in the side wall 14 of a container are integrally secured to and extend from said frame at suitable intervals therearound. The projecting means 22 are keyed so as to fit into the slots or recesses 24 formed around the edge of the opening 20 when the frame I8 is properly positioned therein. A flange 26 extends around the periphery of the frame 18 at substantially right angles thereto and serves as an abutting member for the transparent sheet I 6. The projections 22 are formed with portions 28 bowed slightly inward toward the frame !8 to retain the transparent sheet l6 more or less fixedly in the frame. Thus the transparent sheet which is preferably cut from flexible material such as cellophane and is of sufiicient size to be retained within and abut against the flange 26 may be easily flexed downward and under the inwardly bowed portions of the projections 22 and so be retained thereby against the bottom portion 20 of the frame member.

In manufacturing the container the body portion 2 having the opening 2!: with the s ots or notches 24 positioned around the edge thereof is formed in a conventional manner so that the opening 2i! is located in one of the wider side wal s. The window frame l8 having the projections 22 is then stamped out of sheet metal and the projections 22 are bowed inwardly from the flange 26 and the extremities 32 thereof are somewhat angularly disposed outwardly as shown in Fig. 2. The transparent sheet 16 is then formed and positioned in the frame by flexing it downwardly past the bowed portion 28 so as to be retained thereby in the frame.

After the window assembly i2 is assembled it is positioned in the opening 20 so that the projections 22 fit into the slots or notches 24 and the angularly disposed extremities 32 thereof extend outwardly over the portions of the side wall [4 adjacent said slots or notches. The projections may then be quickly and easily swedged against the side wall of the container by a die or other suitable tool. The flexible transparent window is then fixedly secured between a portion or, the

frame and portions of the side wall as Well as being securely retained within the frame member I8.

Various other forms of my invention may readi 1y be seen. Thus the size, the shape of the opening and the positioning thereof may be varied considerably. The example of my invention above shown and described is for illustrative purposes only and'itis not intended that the scope of the following claim be limited thereby.

I claim:

A container comprising a body formed .01. fibrous material and having a window opening therein with positioning notchesprojecting outward from the opening at spaced points-about the edges of the opening, a transparentmemher covering said opening and means .for-holding said transparent member in place with respect to said opening including a frame having a vTmarginal portion overlying the edges of the transparent member, a flange extending substantial-iyat right anglesto said portion and engaged-by the edges of said transparent member, saidfiange alsoengaging the outer surface of said body about the edges of said opening and outside said positioning notches, tongues extending inward from said flange beneath said marginal portion of the frame and serving to hold the transparent member in place with respect to said frame, said tongues having reversely turned extensions located in said notchesand projecting. outward-"therefrom on the interior of said body andgripping the body to hold the frame in place thereon.


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