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Publication numberUS2533524 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 12, 1950
Filing dateDec 20, 1945
Priority dateDec 20, 1945
Publication numberUS 2533524 A, US 2533524A, US-A-2533524, US2533524 A, US2533524A
InventorsSnider Arthur Melville
Original AssigneeSnider Arthur Melville
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Waste disposal unit
US 2533524 A
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Dec. 12, 1950 A. M. SNIDER WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT Filed Dec. 20, 1945 I [rn/enZor.

' AFT/110" rub ex 3:1

Patented Dec. 12, 1950 WASTE DISPOSAL UNIT Arthur Melyille Snider, Waterloo, Ontario,

; Canada Application December 20, 1945, Serial No. 636,171

This invention relates to a device for use in a kitchen, doctors office or other apartmentwhere waste materials are liable to accumulate.

The principal objects of the invention are to provide a waste disposal unit into which waste supported within an outer container to support" a bag or receptacle and having bottom adapted to be released from a locked position to permit the bag or receptacle containing the waste material to drop therefrom into another enclosure.

In' the accompanying drawings Figure 1 is a perspective view showing my improved unit with its cover closed,

Figure 2 is a perspective view of the unit showing the cover raised.

Figure 3 is a perspective view showing the bag or waste container removed from the unit showing the bottom thereof released and the container falling therefrom.

Figure 4 is an enlarged vertcal mid-sectional View through the device illustrated in Figure l, the cover being shown in a raised position in dotted lines.

Figure 5 is a perspective detail of the inner cover or guide member for holding the top of the bag or waste receptacle extended.

Figure 6 is an enlarged plan view of the inner container holder showing the bottom member in its closed position.

Figure 7 is an enlarged elevational view of the receptacle holder showing the bottom in the dropped position to allow the receptacle to fall therefrom. 7

Numerous forms of waste disposal units have been proposed in which an inner receptacle is removably arranged within an outer casing provided with a cover and such cover may be operated to be raised for convenience by means of a foot pedal.

The present invention proposes a distinct improvement wherein the outer casing l is provided with a hinged cover 2 which is operated by means of a foot pedal 3 and an inner operating rod 4 connected tosaid pedal,

Mounted on the upper edge of the casing l 2 Claims. (01. 220-1) and to be enclosed by the hinged cover 2 isa cover 5 of tray-like form adapted to rest'upon the top edge of the casing i. This inner cover is preferably formed from a sheet of non-corrosive metal such as stainless steel, Monel metal, or metal. suitably covered with corrosion resistant material, and a rectangular opening 5 is formed therein by slitting the metal diagonally and bending the triangular and trapezoidal portions downwardly to form the tabs l, which tabs are adapted to extend into the mouth or open top of a paper bag 8 which forms a suitable refuse receptacle. 7

Within the outer casing I and supported above the bottom thereof are cross bars S preferably formed of strap metal which are suitably secured by spot-welding or otherwise to the inside of said casing. This formsan open platform above the bottom edge of the casing which rests upon the floor.

A holder for the paper bag 8 is provided preferably in the form of a rectangular open-wire cage It formed of vertical wires H connecting top and bottom rectangular rings I2. These wires are shown supported intermediate of their length by other rectangular rings 53.

An open wire grid I l arranged to close the bottom of the cage It is hinged at one side to the ring 62. A vertical rod !5 is mounted in hinged loops is secured to the side edges of the top and bottom frame cage rings l2 on the side opposite to the hinge connection of the bottom and this rod is formed with a laterally bent end H which extends under the bottom grid to hold it in position and a right angular bent handle i8 is formed at the top so that by turning the handle at the top the bottom member ii may be swung out of position to clear the hinged bottom of the cage to allow it to drop,

A pair of hinged wire loops it are secured to the upper ring 12. These are swung outwardly beyond the inturned tabs 1 of the cover 5 when the bag is placed in the cage ID, as shown in Figure 4 and when it is desired to empty the container the cover 5 is lifted off. The handles formed by the loops 1%] are grasped by the hand and the cage is lifted clear of the casing I. It is then carried to a garbage can and while the cage is held in position over the receiving can the handle 18 of the rod I5 is turned to turn the bottom end I! to clear the hinged bottom grid M allowing the grid to swing down and the bag to drop, as illustrated in Figure 3.

The grid is then swung to the horizontal position and the locking handle rotated to hold it closed and the grid is then replaced in the casing 1. The handles 19 are swung apart and a fresh bag dropped into the cage. Finally the cover 5 is placed with its tabs inserted into the top of the bag and the device is again ready for use.

The device presents a neat and attractive ap pearance. It enables the handling of refuse without disagreeable conditions and renders the entire handling quite sanitary.

What I claim as my invention is:

1. A waste disposal unit comprising an outer casing open at the top, a wire cage open throughout the entire top and having the major portion of its wall and bottom surface area formed by the interstices between the wires, support means arranged within said casing and engaging the bottom of said cage to guide same to and support same in a centralized position within said casing spaced from the walls and bottom thereof to ensure free air circulation around and beneath the entire surface of said cage, said cage having a hinged bottom swingable between a position opening and closing said cage at the bottom, and held in cage bottom closing position by said support means, a vertical rod rotatably mounted on said cage and having a laterally extending latch portion to engage beneath said hinged bottom to hold same closed when removed from said support means, and a handle portion angularly disposed with respect to said laterally extending latch portion, the spacing between said cage and the wall of said outer casing permitting said rod handle to swing outwardly clear of the open top of said cage with said casing wall limiting said handle movement to an angle outwardly of the cage less than the angle between said handle and latch portion whereby unlatching of said bottom is prevented within said casing, a pair of carrying handles pivoted to the top of said cage to swing together above said open cage top, a disposable paper bag arranged in said cage, a guide cover supported on said casing and formed with a central opening having at opposite edges thereof depending guide tabs entering into the mouth of said bag to hold same extended, the pivotal carrying handles of said cage being received between said tabs and the casing wall with said tabs barring pivotal movement of said handles to close the mouth of said bag.

2. A device as claimed in claim 1 in which said casing has a closed bottom and a pivotal top hinged to one edge and arranged to engage over said guide cover, and means extending from the wall of said casing opposite to the edge from which said top is pivoted for efiecting pivotal movement of said top between an open position and a position engaging over said guide cover to close said casing.


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