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Publication numberUS2533910 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 12, 1950
Filing dateJan 27, 1947
Priority dateJan 27, 1947
Publication numberUS 2533910 A, US 2533910A, US-A-2533910, US2533910 A, US2533910A
InventorsAladar Fonyo
Original AssigneeWm J Stange Co
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Treatment of unrendered fat with nordihydroguaiaretic acid
US 2533910 A
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Petented Dee. 12, 1950 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE PORTABLE BATTERY OPERATED FLUOIEQOES '1 HAND LANTERN Jeeee A. Barr. Emmi M Oelfl. Appllcfllnn Jenner! :1, 1m, Eerie! No. new a 0mm. (ca. zee-hzual 'rhle lnventlon relebee generally to variable, be r! opera-teal. ele trical hand lenteme.

ltle en. ohlect ,7 new end improved better: operated hem: lenlem utflfin: e fluorescent electric lama u the llzht euurce. and It is e. particular object to provide a lamp emmrucflen in which the huereaeent. temp is mounted vertically in e manner to throw lllht thl'ullih 850'- It 1| elm en obleet of the lnvehtleh to prevue en eterehuve electric heed Intern of simple contraction in which It in em te chance or replace the leap end the heeeerlu.

Thee! and other oblecfle will be epuerent from the dra mil the NW! l !ef l to the mm. which l; for illustrative mm 0111!:

I12. 1 is an elevation! vlew of e lantern embodylng the invention:

I'll. 2 le e verileel sectional view an en enlerled emle eflheeevleeeflle- I;

I'll. 3 is e eeeflxmel Wen flew an line 01 H8. mfiiineleeeeeflmllplsnvlewmllneeqq liefnumwm xmmmunee-nr 1; flmekefrelmenwl'mwflvemde portion a! the learn lemma: mm el. the unper end a! the m: and

He. 1 in e We: view or one lemn locket member.

M r mtleulerlr duel-Mal the invention. reference numerel ll emerell lndleetee the and mutual an upper enema 1mm IIeneMe eontt-lmem and he med thereon in en eulteble mennlr. el l7 mean! of mm ll. Preferable the hue le eyllndrleel. etthaulh 1t niche eeneelvebly other The me my be mule a! eheet new, plum or other eulte le mterlel.

the We are e pellmm M um well I! of the hue The tube: ll hen of his invention ta prmdee' The relate is provided with en upturned periphere time u about whluh flte e named cover 2!. Theeetwoparts erehelazegetherhymeem or a. nendle ur hell 2!. the end! 2? 0! which extenrl thrmh regmerlnl' hole: I! in the never and the Me 1: a! hiete :2 (11:. 8) Wm: this eemtmetlen m me my be reedlls removed from the remainder at the lamp when desired.

The pink ll 1: wedded with e cents-e1 neeeeed human I! an m ammeurfeee end lhe unpuwell ll of the hm la elmflerb med or fished to provide 1 mesa ll. A mllhdrlcel aloha II in moaned between the Dede. the llohe fibtine within the feremehlluneu receeeee ll and SI et the peripheral umane thereof.

The upper wall II o! the emu: and the plate :2 ere eeeh eehtrelly epertured et II sad 18. respectively. to mode" the and: e? th fluereeeent tube 2|. nae pleee elm :he eeelng we]! eeuh have e weleeflal epemzrfi 37 own which :1 lamented e lean mim rebel-e211 ladle!!! h: it; flee lamp locket hem en el ertnml presume mmtim plete 81 throne whlul'l rlvete se extend Prderehlr the centre! enemas 08 in em plete 5e leree mean; in permltoftheremnvelufthelemptubeemuueh 33 m 3 am. the men me! he uh ne'ed The hue Ill t emerge m etereer eml mm: meehenlem I: including e mm button I end In "6! when H. which molest thruueh me well at the hue. The eterter he; been eehememelly ehm eml m eenem or en! eunvenelonel eleeu'lcel meme. ea In emmoaly emplwefl en provide e um chem to when; lleht the lean.

the hue eeeemmedefiee m er more better lee N. 'Iheee better-lee ere mum in m oramer: ever in m m end nmaen meshefl-lndwlreeerenmtememlemp eoekeie. Al nrmaely l all, the when I! endfltntheumer trunfluuflththemppuma: tuba II. It 1:, e: eeuree. mneenpleu mvmmm a:

I here ofl'lerhollowtllbe. up

men the eenetrueelm lelerlhed. 1: m be enherent flat eh eta-lathe lenhm at in We: is been melded. The belherlee meyberepleeedhrrememeeren leeoreleeee theeeelmeeellen it. Theme tubemerne lneeelledendremuvedthmwhmeupenmll inthenlehe I2. mthlemrettnmltllmly neeeem'nemremevetheeeverllwweadammo 8 In; the and: o! the bundle to remove them from the cover and all: the tamowhflu the invention bu been nmwumlv lhovm 1nd dmrlbad, it in contemplttod that vm'lom chm! and modlfimtlonl an be mud. without departing from the none met-e91 1| let forth in the maxim elm.

l. A portable hmd lantern cumming n be" ldnuod at a clruular hollow own: man: adapted to conhln l battery. llld culn: hum! I. nmu; apertured upp r will dished to form I mm: nun'wndlu the aperture. a pm of upright nuppom mounted on uld blue. 1'. plate mfluntcd on aid support: at the upper ends thereof, uld. plate beta: cum-all! nurtured and vlaeumeaedmflartothntotaaldumr wall of said base. a lump socket supported by mid mm behind the central aperture therethruuah md I lecnml lamp locket lupporbed by the upper wall 0! ma out behind the central aperture 21161991101181! mumnmm.,.vmwm between n44 lgcggieaald mature in said mm a men to permit of the removal therethrough 0! said lamp tube put um socket. and a 1mm trumnmm; lobe extendlns between uld blue 1nd uld plate enclnlinl mid lamp tube,

2. A portable 1mm lantern oompflmm e lam termed o! a ell-emu nollnw using mam mum to bunk-1n .1mm. mid calm hnvlng l mmu: aplrturld ul plr will dlslm'l to 20m 0. mealurmmdm memmdmotupram tubes mounted on M um, I plate mountedonuldtubnltthl mmendlthareoflmd p1. being centrally nurtured and luwlng a. recul mm to am of nld upper well of aid hue. I lean mint lumrted by Ild plate be mad the aunt-ml aperture therethrouah M e would my locket luppomd b7 the upper wall 0! Id onlng behind the centre! mature llamtlu-ouzh, e lump tube 08m vertically hetween nld mkefl, It! We in mid p11. behuohullclmtellehvemltufmremmn i c 5 al s fif MLBARR.

REFERENCES mm The folluwln reference: m 0! record in the file of this patent:


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