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Publication numberUS2536271 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 2, 1951
Filing dateOct 18, 1946
Priority dateJul 11, 1945
Publication numberUS 2536271 A, US 2536271A, US-A-2536271, US2536271 A, US2536271A
InventorsJacobus Fransen
Original AssigneeHartford Nat Bank & Trust Co
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Device for the medical treatment of persons with high-frequency energy and electrodefor such a device
US 2536271 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

Jan. 2, 1951 J. FRANSEN 2,535,271


signor to Hartford National Bank and Trust Company, Hartford, Conn., as trustee Application October 18, 1946, Serial No. 704,003 In the Netherlands July 11, 1945 Section 1, Public Law 690, August 8, 1946 Patent expires July 11, 1965 2 Claims. 1

This invention relates to a device for the medical treatment of persons with high-frequency energy, in which the electrodes consist of flexible flat conductors covered with insulating material, and to electrodes for such a device.

As has hitherto been usual, two of such electrodes are placed either adjacent or opposite each other on the body of the patient and each of these electrodes is connected through a single core cable to the device supplying the high-frequency energy. This has several drawbacks. In the case of movements of the patient the distance of the two supply cables and of the two electrodes varies steadily, which causes detuning of the circuit of the patient and consequently variations of the energy supplied to the patient. Consequently, much supervision is required. In addition, the cables, which are at a fairly large distance from each other,'constitute a source of radiation due to which considerable quantities of energy are lost and serious disturbances are caused in the neighbourhood.

According to the invention the device for the medical treatment of persons with high-frequency energy comprises a twin-core cable having connected to it two fiat flexible conductors which are embedded in a single plate of insulating material.

This yields the advantage of facilitating the application of the electrodes which now constitute a mechanical assembly, and in addition movements of the patient no longer give trouble by detuning due to movements of the cable and movements of the electrodes with respect to each other. Furthermore, less energy is lost due to radiation and less disturbances are caused in the vicinity. Moreover, much less supervision is necessary.

To reduce radiation losses as much as possible, it yields particular advantages to make use of a transmission line free from radiation.

In order that the invention may be clearly understood and readily carried into effect it will now be described more fully with reference to the accompanying drawing, given by way of example, which represents a pair of electrodes according thereto.

In the sole figure the reference numeral I denotes a flexible rubber plate in which two electrodes 2 and 3 of copper gauze are embedded. The electrodes 2 and 3 are connected througlr short connecting wires 4 and 5 to the two conductors 6 and I of a twin-core shielded cable, of which 8 denotes the shielding means. In pracill 2 of the body to be treated, in which case the electrodes 2 and 3 lie adjacent each other. Or, if preferred, the device may be so dimensioned as to enable the encirclement of the body by plate i so that electrodes 2 and 3 are disposed on opposing sides of the body.

What I claim is:

1. Apparatus for the medical treatment of patients with high frequency energy comprising a deformable plate of insulating material, a pair of copper gauze electrodes disposed in spaced relation and embedded within said plate, and a nonradiating transmission line for applying high frequency energy to said two electrodes, said line including a pair of spaced conductors each connected to a respective electrode.

2. Apparatus for the medical treatment of patients with high frequency energy comprising a rubber plate, a pair of copper gauze electrodes disposed in spaced relation and embedded within said plate, and a transmission lin for conducting high frequency energy to said two electrodes, said line including a pair of spaced conductors each connected to a respective electrode, and a tubular shield surrounding said conductors.

tice, the plate I is placed flatly against a portion JACOBUS FRANSEN.

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Cooperative ClassificationA61N1/06
European ClassificationA61N1/06