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Publication numberUS2537504 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1951
Filing dateJul 25, 1946
Priority dateJul 25, 1946
Publication numberUS 2537504 A, US 2537504A, US-A-2537504, US2537504 A, US2537504A
InventorsDonald G Anderson
Original AssigneeDonald G Anderson
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Combination child's toilet seat and carrying bag
US 2537504 A
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Jan 9, 1951 D. s. ANDERSON 2,537,504

COMBINATION CHILDS TOILET SEAT AND CARRYING BAG Filed July 25, 1946 Patented Jan. 9, 1951 COMBINATION CHILDS TOILET SEAT AND. CARRYING BAG Donald G. Anderson, Columbus, Ohio Application July 25, 1946, Serial No. 686,191

My invention relates to auxiliary childs toilet seats, and more specifically to auxiliary toilet seats of this general character combined with a detachable bag adapted to receive and carry toilet accessories, such as diapers, baby clothes, and toilet articles.

3 Claims. (Cl. 4--237) Particularly in traveling with a small child, it 7 Accordingly, it is an object of my invention to provide a carrying device which embodies a folding auxiliary toilet seat in combination with a flexible open-ended bag detachably carried thereby; whereby the toilet seat, in its folded condition, serves as a handle member for the carrying device, and in its unfolded condition with the bag detached, as an auxiliary toilet seat.

It is another object of the present invention to provide a single carrying-unit for transporting the various articles comprising a childs traveling gear.

It is a further object of my invention to provide a device of this character which is structurally simple, and which may be inexpensively manufactured.

For a more complete understanding of the present invention, reference is made to the following detailed description and accompanying drawing wherein: p

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of my improved combination toilet seat and carrying-bag in its folded condition;

Fig. 2 is a vertical sectional view taken along the line 22 of Fig. 1;

Fig. 3 is a perspective view, partially in vertical section, disclosing the auxiliary seat member in its unfolded condition, and detached from the carrying-bag.

Referring now to the drawings, it will be seen that my improved combination device embodies a portable toilet seat, generally indicated by the numeral 5, which is formed of a pair of hingedly united segments 6 and '5 respectively; and a flexible open-ended bag 8.

The two segments 5 and l are joined along their internal edges by a pair of hinges 9 which permit of free folding movement through approximately a 180 degree are with respect to each other. As shown in Fig. 3, when the seat is in its unfolded state, the adjoining edges of the segments fit flush and engage one another so as to 2 maintain the seat in a substantially horizontal plane. Each of the segments is adjacently recessed along the central portions of their adjoiningedges in a substantially arcuate manner to form a central seat-opening Ill. The upper surfaces of these edges are beveled as at I l to present a rounded contour to the body of a user.

The edges of the segments 6 and l, which define the opening iii, are formed with an internal annular slot Ila of substantially circular crosssectional configuration. The edges are further provided with a relatively narrower rectangular slot l2 which joins the circular slot H with the periphery of the seat-opening Ill.

The peripheral edge 43 of the open end of the bag 8 is provided at spaced intervals with a multiplicity of relatively enlarged beads 14 which are suitably joined therewith by bonding, or by sew- 7 ing. In place of the beads, any suitable flexible stiffening means may be employed, such as a bead chain of the type commonly employed as the pull cord for electric switches; the object of the stiffening means being to provide an enlarged edge at the open end of the bag, which possesses a. cross-sectional size so as to fit freely within the circular slot I la of the seat segments 6 and 1, and at the same time possess a large enough size so as to preclude slippage through or within the adjoining rectangular slot l2. It will be manifest, that the beads 14 are placed along the edge of the bag so as to form a pair of strips, rather than a continuous strip. This is to allow for the insertion of each of the strips into the circular slot Ila.

With the seat in its folded condition, as shown inFigs. 1 and 2, it will be seen that the circular slot will be divided into a pair of parallel slots which are open at their bottom ends. By inserting or threading the beads l4 within these slots, with the upper edge of the bag passing through the rectangular slots l2, the bag may be easily and quickly attached to the segments of the seat. Conversely, by withdrawing or sliding the beads out of the slots, the bag is detached from the seat segments. I

Each of the seat-segments 5 and l are provided, toward their outer edges, with enclosed slots l5 which form, when the seat is in its folded condition, with the outer edges, a gripping or carrying handle l6.

In operation, the bag may be attached to each of the segments to form a convenient carrying bag for diapers and/or other childs gear. When it is desired to use the toilet seat for its purpose, the upper stiffened edge of the bag may be slipped out of the circular slot I la, and the seat unfolded and placed upon the ordinary toilet seat or rim to provide a rigid and steady auxiliary seat.

My invention is characterized by its utility, its ease of and efficiency of operation, its simplicity of construction, and its ease and economy of manufacture.

While I have disclosed what I now deem to be a preferred form of my invention, it will be manifest that various modifications are comprehended without departing from the spirit of the invention or the scope of the following claims.

I claim:

1. The combination of an auxiliary toilet seat having a pair of hingedly united folding segments, with a flexible bag having an open end, said segments being adjacently recessed to constitute a seat-opening, the walls of said opening being formed with an annular peripheral slot, the edges of said bag at its open end being formed with relatively flexible stiffening means adapted to be detachably carried within said slot.

2. The combination of a. portable folding toilet seat formed with a seat-opening, with a flexible open-ended bag, the peripheral edge of the open end of said bag being provided with relatively enlarged stifiening means, said toilet seat being formed with an internal annular slot adjacent to and communicating with said opening, said slot serving to detachably receive and hold the stiiiening means provided at the open end of said bag.

3. A combination portable toilet seat and diaper bag comprising a pair of adjoining hingedly united seat members having a portion of their adjoining edges recessed to constitute a seat opening, the recessed edges of said members being formed with an internal annular slot adjacent to and communicating with said opening, and an open-ended diaper-receiving bag having stiffening means provided at the peripheral edge of its open end adapted to be detachably received within the, annular slot of said seat members.


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