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Publication numberUS2537598 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 9, 1951
Filing dateSep 3, 1948
Publication numberUS 2537598 A, US 2537598A, US-A-2537598, US2537598 A, US2537598A
InventorsV Vincent I. Mason
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Parking timer x
US 2537598 A
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V. l. MASON PARKING TIMER Jan. 9, 1951 Filed Sept. 5, 1948 l Maso Patented Jan. 9, 1951 PARKING TIMER Vincent I. Mason, Newton, Mass., assigner to Boston Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass., a

partnership Application September 3, 1948, Serial No. 47,621

1 Claim.

This invention relates t parking timers or (ci.r

time indicators, adapted to show the time at.

which a motor vehicle was parked on a public way and to serve as a reminder of the time When the parking limit will expire.

The principal purpose of the invention is to provide a handy device which may be conveniently carried in the pocket, purse or handbag and may have a key chain for holding the switch key of the vehicle, and which comprises a fiat casing containing a movable dial having time symbols visible through a window of the casing to indicate the time of day set on the dial.

A further object is to provide a time indicator of this type having a recess or socket between the sides of the casing for removably holding a coin which may be inserted in a parking meter of the type now frequently installed in many cities and towns.

The device is particularly useful in metered parking zones, for the dial may be set at the time a coin is rst deposited in the meter, and reset at any subsequent deposit, and the owner or operator of the vehicle thus has a ready reminder of the actual time of parking and need not rely upon memory to appreciate when the vehicle must be moved,-or another coin inserted in the meter.

A recommended embodiment of the invention is shown in the accompanying drawings, but it will be understood that the size, shape and structural details of the device herein illustrated and described may be varied without departing from the essence of this invention as defined in the appended claim. In the drawings,

Fig. 1 is a side view of the improved parking timer;

Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section thereof, taken on line 2-2 of Fig. 1; and

Fig. 3 is a face View of the movable dial forming part of the device.

The timer or indicator herein illustrated has a casing II comprising flat side pieces I2 and I3 of sheet metal, such as plated steel, brass or the like, having their marginal edges inturned and abutting each other as. indicated at I4 (Fig. 2), except at the edge openings hereinafter described. The two sides 0f the casing are held in peripheral juxtaposition by fasteners such as the eyelets I5 and I5', so that the body portions thereof are maintained in spaced parallel relation. n

A disc I6 made of metal or other suitably rigid material and having a dial I'I on one face, is received in the space between the sides I2 and I3,

and is rotatably mounted on the eyelet i5. The edge of the casing is cut away at I8 to expose a portion of the periphery of the disc, and the edge of the disc is preferably knurled or serrated at I9 so that it may be easily turned by the thumb or finger.

The dial has suitable indicia thereon displaying hours of time and fractions of the hour, for example, five minute intervals, and the front side of the casing has a window opening 20 disclosing such indicia. A scribed mark, such as the arrow 2|, or other guide line, designates the time at which the indicating disc is set; and such symbol may be identified by the notation Parked at on the surface of the casing front. 'Ihe setting in Fig. 1 shows the time as 4:15. Hence, if the vehicle has been parked at that hour and the dial set accordingly, the holder of the parking timer has a constant reminder that the vehicle must be moved, 0r another coin must be inserted in the parking meter, after the lapse of one hour or other prescribed period following the time set on the indicator.

The provision of the eyelet I5 not only serves to secure the two sides of the casing in spaced relation, but also provides an opening for receiving the chain 22 which may serve to retain the ignition key of the vehicle or other keys or objects which the user desires to carry when leaving the parked car.

The spaced sides of the casing also provide a pocket located intermediate the fasteners I5 and I5', for the reception of a coin 23 which is insertable through an edge slot 24 and retained between the eyelet I6 and opposed detents or separators 25 struck inwardly from the casing sides YI2 and I3. Said sides may also have 0D- posed, inwardly indented depressions 26 which frictionally engage opposite sides of the inserted coin and yieldingly retain it in the coin pocket. The coin may be withdrawn by grasping the exposed edge portion which projects through the slot 24, as shown in Fig. 1.

A timer or indicator constructed as herein described is simple and economical to manufacture Y of light weight metal in convenient size to be 3 which `a car was parked, will be evident from the foregoing. I claim:

A time indicator of the character described comprising a casing having spaced, substantially parallel sides, the marginal edges of the sides being inturned at both ends and along at least one longitudinal edge of the casing, said inturned margins abutting each other, the other longitudinal edge of the casing having a cut-away opening and a slot therein, a rotatable indicator disposed between said sides and having a peripheral portion projecting through said cut-away opening, the indicator having a time scale on one side thereof and one of the casing sides vhaving a window exposing said scale, means extending through the casing sides and through said indicator for holding said sides in edge abutting relation and pivotally mounting the indicator therebetween adjacent one end of the time indicator, and an eyelet passing through said sides adjacent the opposite end of the time indicator for holding said sides in edge-abutting relation, said eyelet being disposed remote from said rotatable indicator whereby to provide a pocket between said casing side adjacent said edge slot for the reception of a flat article inserted through said slot, the casing sides having indented depressions in the region of said pocket, thereby frictionally to retain an article inserted through said slot.


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