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Publication numberUS2539648 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1951
Filing dateFeb 21, 1949
Priority dateFeb 21, 1949
Publication numberUS 2539648 A, US 2539648A, US-A-2539648, US2539648 A, US2539648A
InventorsArthur B Wink
Original AssigneeArthur B Wink
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Pocket coin holding and delivering device
US 2539648 A
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Jan. 30, 1951 A. B. WINK 2,539,648


Application February 21, 1949, Serial No. 117,511

This invention relates to a pocket coin holding and delivering device, and its main object is to provide a small, neat and practical coin holding device, which is convenient and which can be loaded with coins, and from which said coins can be discharged or delivered one by one, by a simple finger manipulation.

The device shown in the drawings is full size, and isdesigned particularly for holding dimes, and has two pockets for dimes, with a movable cover member which can be moved from one pocket to the other, or when positioned between" said pockets, the coins are held against removal.

Another object of the invention is to provide a coin holder having coin pockets therein. with a movable cover member, the underside of which is provided with a slideway, the thickness of the coin, and through which a coin can slip as said cover and the slideway is moved over the pocket and the coins therein.

In order to explain my invention more in detail, I have shown on the accompanying sheet of drawings one practical embodiment thereof, which I will now describe. In the drawing:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a full sized coin holding device embodying my invention;

Figure 2 is a bottom plan view thereof;

Figure 3 is a front edge view thereof;

Figure 4 is a sectional view taken on line 4-4 of Fig. 3;

Figure 5 is a View similar to Fig. 4, showing the top moved to one side in full lines, and indicated to the opposite side in light broken lines;

Figure 6 is a vertical sectional view through the device, as seen in Fig. 1, on line 6-5; and

Figure 7 is a sectional view taken on the line 'l--1, Fig. 1.

Figure 8 is a plan view of the device with a coiled spring imbedded between the body and the cover for automatically closing them.

Referring in detail to the drawings, a flat body 8, with a pair of coin pockets 9, Si therein, is shown, of substantially the form shown. The bottoms of the coin pockets are open, but of less diameter than the pocket proper, whereby coins in the pockets can be seen through their open bottoms.

This will be understood from Figs. 1 and 2. The thickness of the body 8 and the depth of the coin pockets is such that each pocket will hold four or five dimes, for example, though this can be changed within the spirit of the invention.

Pivotally mounted on said body, over the open ends of said coin pockets, is a cover member it,

of the same form as said body, and so as to register around its edges therewith, as shown.

5 Claims: (Cl. 1336) Said cover has its under side, adjacent the body, in its middle portion, a coin slideway, as

H, adapted to be moved into and out of registerwith either of the coin pockets and having its front side cut away to form the slideway. The depth of the slideway is the same as the coin thickness, and in the present showing is about half the thickness of the cover member.

1 The edge of said cover member it, at the end of the slideway, is also cut out in a semicircular notch, as at $2, for conveniently movin said cover member with the thumb or finger, as the case may'baresting over the notch as the device is held in the hand.

The cover is shown pivotally mounted, as at it, with a pin and slot limit stop, as It, thus making it possible to move the cover in either direction and have it stop with the coin slideway in register with the pocket, so that the top coin can slip out through said slideway H, in the under side of said cover member. The edges of said slideway ii are slightly beveled, as at l l to facilitate the movement of the cover over the coins in the pockets without catching on the edge of the coins.

In Fig. 8, I have shown a slightly modified embodiment of the invention in that between the body and the cover I have provided a curved coiled spring, as 5's, in a curved pocket formed half in the cover and half in the body, as at l5 and it, whereby said spring operates normally and yieldingly holds said cover and body in register with each other, or in closed position, so far as the coin pockets are concerned.

I claim:

1. A pocket coin holding and delivering device having a flat body having a pair or" coin pockets therein, side by side, to receive coins flatwise therein, one upon the other, a movable cover memberon said body over said coin pockets to close them, said cover member having a coin slideway in its under side for a part of the thickness of said cover and corresponding to the thickness of a coin, said cover member being movable to position said slideway on its under side over and in register with the coins in either of said pockets, whereby the top coin can slide out as said device is turned over and tilted.

o pen from said pockets can move through said slideway out of said pocket as said device is turned over and tilted, a stop means for stopping said cover in register with either of said pockets, and means normally and yieldingly moving said cover to normal position in register with said body.

3. A coin holding and dispensing device consisting of a body having a plurality of coin pockets therein, said pockets being open in their bottoms with an opening of less diameter than the coin, whereby the coin is seen through said open bottom, a cover pivotally mounted on said body, said cover having a coin slideway in its middle underside, movable over said pockets, to permit a coin to slide out of said pocket through said slideway, when said body is turned over and tilted up on its edge, and stop means between said body and said cover to stop said cover slideway in register with either of said coin pockets.

4. In a coin holding and delivering device including a body having two coin pockets therein side by side, to receive coins therein flatwise, one upon the other, the bottoms of said pockets having openings to expose the coins therethrough, a cover member pivotally mounted on said cover, over said pockets, to be moved back and forth over said pockets and holding the coins in said pockets, said cover member having a coin slideway formed in its under side, in its middle, and movable over either of said coin pockets, to register its slideway with the coins in said pocket, the edge of said cover member, at said slideway, being notched to provide means for conveniently moving said cover member in either direction, and whereby the thumb or finger in said notch also can stop a coin sliding through said slideway, when said body is turned over and tilted on its edge.

5. A coin holding and delivering device including a body having two coin pockets formed therein, flatwise thereof, for the main part of the thickness of said body, the bottoms of said pockets being open to expose coins therein, a cover member corresponding in form to said body, pivotally mounted thereon, said cover member having a coin slideway formed in its underside, in its middle, to be moved into register with either of said pockets and the coins therein, whereby the top coin can slide out of said pocket through said slideway when said device is turned over and tilted on its edge, and a pin and slot stop means between said body and cover member to stop said cover with its slideway in register with either coin pocket.


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