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Publication numberUS2539718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 30, 1951
Filing dateSep 13, 1948
Priority dateSep 13, 1948
Publication numberUS 2539718 A, US 2539718A, US-A-2539718, US2539718 A, US2539718A
InventorsJulius Balzak
Original AssigneeJulius Balzak
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Paper holder
US 2539718 A
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J 1951 J. BALZAK PAPER HOLDER Filed Sept. 15, 1948 we] dzzlzluas JBaZZmE;


Patented Jan. 30, 1 951 UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE PAPER HOLDER Julius Balzak,'Chicago, Ill.

Application September 13, 1948, Serial No. 49,018

The invention relates to a paper holder de- With these and other objects in view which will become apparent from a disclosure of the invention the latter comprises the means described in the following specification, particularly pointed out in the claims forming a part thereof, and illustrated in the accompanying drawing, in which Fig. 1 is a top plan view of the holder device constructed in accordance with my invention.

Fig. 2 is a section on the line 2--2 of Fig. 1.

Fig. 3 is a top plan view of a modification, and

Fig. 4 is a section on the line 44 of Fig. 3.

Referring to the views in the drawing l designates a sheet of pliable material such as oil cloth, plastic or other material capable of being wound around the roller of a typewriter.

As shown the sheet is of square form, but any other shape may be selected with equally good results.

Near the upper end the sheet ID has two slits I I and 12 which are in proximity to the side edges l3 and I4 respectively.

The slits ll, l2 are approximately parallel and in horizontal alignment, as shown in Fig. 1.

A strip 15 of flexible material of the same length as the width of sheet In is placed on the sheet and its ends are inserted in the slots II and [2 respectively.

A seam I6 near the upper edge of the strip secures the latter to the sheet [0.

If it is desired to type on a narrow piece of paper such as the label l8, which heretofore could not be done with speed and accuracy, the label It is first inserted underneath the strip IE to be held thereby to the sheet l0. Thereafter the holder and the label are inserted in the typewriter and the label is held to the platen since the sheet Ill affords sufl'lcient contact area to prevent shifting or displacement of the label.

The modification shown in Fig. 3 is designed to hold a sheet of paper so that when typing the last line no shifting should occur.

To this end a pliable sheet 20 similar to sheet I0 is provided with a flexible strip 2| which is se- 6 Claims. (01. 197-135) cured to the sheet by a seam 22 along the left edge of the strip as viewed in Fig. 3.

A sheet of paper 23 is inserted underneath the strip so that the lower edge of the paper rests on the sheet.

The sheet and paper are then inserted in the typewriter and again the contact area between the pliable sheet and platen prevents the paper sheet from shifting while the last line is being typed. ,g

While the drawing shows two embodiments of the invention, numerous changes and alterations may be made without departing from the spirit of the invention.

I, therefore, do not limit myself to the details of arrangement and construction of parts, as shown, but want to include all changes, alterations and modifications which constitute departures within the scope of the invention as deflned'in the appended claims.

I claim:

1. A paper holder, comprising a sheet of pliable material, said sheet having a pair of slits, a strip of flexible material inserted with its ends through said slits, and means for securing one edge of said strip to said sheet to permit a sheet of paper to be inserted underneath the unsecured edge of said strip.

2. A holder for use in a typewriting machine or the like and comprising a base sheet, spaced parallel slits at the sides of said sheet and near one end thereof, an elongated, pliable insert having its ends inserted respectively in one of said slits, and means securing said insert to said base sheet along one longitudinal edge portion, said insert having thereby three attached edge portions and a free longitudinal edge portion beneath which a sheet to be typed upon may be inserted, said base sheet being adapted to be rolled on the platen of a typewriting machine to carry with it and grip said inserted sheet.

3. A label holder, especially for use in typewriting machines, said holder comprising a pliable base sheet having a pair of parallel slits in alignment adjacent one edge thereof, and an elongated strip of flexible material having one of each of its opposite ends projected through one of said slits, and being attached to said base sheet at points along and close to one of its longitudinal edges, whereby a label may be received and held in the space beneath the unattached parts of said strip between said slits.

4. A sheet holder of the class described com,- prising a rectangular, thin pliable sheet having a pair of aligned slits formed near one side edge thereof, each slit being approximately parallel to the other and to an opposite side edge of said sheet adjoining said first-mentioned edge thereof, and an elongated strip of flexible material positioned close against said sheet with one of each of its opposite ends projected through and beyond one of said slits to lie on the opposite side of said sheet from that on which said strip lies, said strip being attached to said sheet by flexible means engaging through both the strip and sheet at points extending along an edge of the strip which is closest to said first-mentioned edge of the sheet, whereby to form a shallow tight sheet-receiving pocket between the strip and sheet in the region between said slits and underlying the unattached parts of said strip.

5. A holder of the class described comprising a flexible base sheet having secured thereon, near an edge thereof, a narrow, elongated holding strip of flexible material, said strip being attached to the base sheet along. a line close to one edge of the strip, the opposite-ends of said strip being fully engaged in formations formed in said base sheet whereby said strip is held firmly but flexibly to the base sheet along three of its edge portions and yiel-dable for limited separation from the base sheet to receive and hold a sheet-like mem ber therebeneath.

6. A label holder for use in typewriters and the like and comprising a flexible base sheet having an elongated, narrow flexible holder strip attached thereto by thread stitching passing through both strip and base sheet at points along and close to one longitudinal edge of said strip, the opposite end regions of said strip respectively passing through corresponding openings in the base sheet, and said stitching extending in 01)- posite directions beyond said openings close to the respective longitudinal ends of said strip, the latter being normally held firmly flat against the base sheet but being yieldable for limited separation from the base sheet to receive an edge portion of a label therebeneath, and being sufflciently flexible to roll freely into and out of Writing position on a typewriter platen.


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