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Publication numberUS2540353 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1951
Filing dateApr 28, 1947
Priority dateApr 28, 1947
Publication numberUS 2540353 A, US 2540353A, US-A-2540353, US2540353 A, US2540353A
InventorsSchick Howard M
Original AssigneeSchick Howard M
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Display fixture
US 2540353 A
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Feb. 6, 1951 sc c 2,540,353

DISPLAY FIXTURE Filed April 28, 1947 2 Sheets-Sheet l MRIWM 22 i Inventor HIHII i v Howard/4. Sch/ck 9 J 2 MA v l2 8 Gttotncg S Patented F eb. 6,


Application April 28, 1947, Serial No. 744,492

2 Claims. (01. 211-137) This invention relates to display fixtures and more particularly to a fixture having a plurality of shelves supported in vertically spaced relation to provide substantially the entire area for attractive display purposes with sources of light arranged relative to selected shelves whereby the articles displayed are between the light sources and the observers eyes.

The objects of the present invention are to provide a display fixture having a large storage and display area conveniently accessible and visible from all angles to provide a fixture in which substantially all the area is usable; to provide a display fixture including a base having storage space therein and a display area thereon with a plurality of spaced, upwardly extending columns carrying vertically spaced. arms for sup porting shelf sections thereon; to provide a fixture with a plurality of vertically spaced, transparent shelves; to provide sectional shelves and support therefor in forming continuous shelves around vertical columns; to provide a fixture with a source of illumination relative to selected shelves whereby the light is visible through the shelves and/or merchandise displayed thereon, particularly adapted for colored glassware and the like in such a manner as to enhance the appearance of the displayed articles; to provide for supporting tubular lights on the column centrally and longitudinally of the shelves; and to provide a display fixture of large display area and of simple, sturdy construction, easily assembled and maintained and having sectional shelves mounted to permit expansion and contraction, ready insertion, and removal thereof in relation to the shelf supports.

In accomplishing these and other objects of the present invention I have provided improved details of structure, the preferred form of which is illustrated in the accompanying drawings, wherein:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of a display fixture embodying the features of the present invention.

Fig. 2 is a vertical transverse section through the display fixture.

Fig. 3 is a vertical longitudinal section through the fixture.

Fig. 4 is a detail perspective View of one of the columns and the shelf supporting arms thereon.

Fig. 5 is a detail perspective view of the arm for supporting the side sections of the shelves.-

Fig. 6 is a detail perspective view of the supporting arms for the end sections of the shelves;

Referring more in detail to the drawings:

I designates a display fixture comprising a base 2 having a fiat display surface 3 thereon from which a plurality of columns 4, 5 and 6 extend upwardly for supporting a plurality of shelves 7, 8,- 9 and I ii in spaced relation above said base. The illustrated fixture is of the island type with the base and shelves having the same general contour, particularly rounded ends, however, the contour may be varied to provide fixtures of various shapes and suitable for various locations in stores and the like. The base preferably consists of a bottom member i I supported in spaced relation to a floor or other support for the fixture by a vertical wall 52 inset from the edges of the member H, as at 13, and extending downwardly therefrom a suitable distance to provide space for a persons toes under the member ll, thereby permitting persons to closely approach the fixture.

The member II has rounded corners l4 and the sides and ends are notched, as at l5 and I6, to receive the front panels ll of drawers [8 and [9 at the sides and ends respectively of the fixture. The sides of the drawer space are enclosed by L-shaped walls 20 mounted on and extending upwardly from the bottom member Ii adjacent the rounded corners M, said walls 253 being slightly higher than the drawers l8 and I9 and supporting the top member 2! of the base in spaced relation to the bottom member I I whereby the drawers I8 and i9 may be moved in and out of the spaces therefor. The top member 2! is larger than the bottom member ll whereby the peripheral edge of said top member projects outwardly to form an overhanging ledge 22. The top member 2| forms the display surface 3 and the peripheral edge thereof is provided with a trim 23, preferablyof metal and extending upwardly above the surface 3 to form a rim 24 thereabout. The L-shaped walls 2%? cooperate with the bottom member ii and top member 2! to form a hitch or shelf 25 at each of the corners of the base for display of merchandise and the like. The inner ends 26 of the drawers [8 are spaced as at 21 to accommodate base plates 28 of the columns 1%, 5 and 6, said base plates being secured to the bottom member H.

The columns extend upwardly through apertures 29 in the top member 2! and are provided with members 35 suitably secured to said columns and to the lower face 3! of the top member 2! to provide additional bracing and support rmsaid columns. As the columns may be formed of any suitable material, and preferably consist of chan nels 32 and 33, spaced as at 34 with the webs 35 arranged toward the sides of the fixture, said channels of the respective columns being arranged on each side of the longitudinal center of the display fixture, the outer columns 4 and 6 being spaced approximately the same distance as the length of the straight portion of the sides of the top member El of the base.

The shelves l to H) are preferably formed of glass or other transparent material, and extend around the columns in such a manner that merchandise may be displayed completely around said column. The shelves may also be of various sizes and are preferably arranged to provide a modified terrace effect wherein shelf 1 is the largest and shelf iii the smallest. In the illustrated fixture, the shelf 9 is smaller than shelf 1 and larger than shelf 8, however, other shelf arrangements may be made for accommodating the fixtures .to display variations of large and small articles of merchandise in various attractive arrangements.

In order to form continuous shelves around the columns and to facilitate removal for cleaning, replacement and the like, it is preferable that the lower shelves be sectional, each shelf consisting of side members 36 and 3? of suitable width and of sufiicient length to extend to the outer extremities of the columns longitudinally of the fixture, the inner edges 38 abutting against the webs of the channels 32 and 33. The space between the side panels 3%? and 31 and columns 4 and 5 and 5 and 5 is preferably filled with shelf panels 39 and Q9. The ends of the shelves are formed by end panels 41 and 42 of any suitable contour conforming to the contour of the base, in the illustrated structure said end panels being semicircular with the straight edge 43 abutting against the flanges of the channels 32 and 33 and the end edges 24 of the side panels 36 and 3'1. All of the shelves, with the exception of the upper shelf, are preferably constructed in this manner.

The upper shelf :9 is preferably mounted above the upper end of the column and therefore may be a single panel. The upper shelf is supported on arms 45, preferably angle members having one leg it arranged horizontally and a depending leg 41 secured to the columns 4, and 6 by suitable fastening devices such as screws 48. The arms extend from the columns transversely of the fixture and have suitable pads of rubber or the like 49 mounted on the horizontal leg 46 of said arms to provide a resilient support for the shelf and prevent contact of the transparent material with the metal of the arms or columns.

Spaced below the arms 45 and secured to the flanges of the columns 4 and 6, adjacent the column 5, are arms 59, said arms being substantially of the same structure as the arms 45 and of suitable length to support the outer edges of the side panels 36 and 31 of the shelf 9 on resilient pads 51, resilient pads 52 being mounted on the arms adjacent the columns for supporting the inner edges 38 of the side panels 36 and 31 and the end edges of the panels 39 and 40. A similar arm 53 is mounted on the column 5 and of sumcient length to support the outer edges of the panels 36 and 3?, the opposite flanges of said column 5 being provided with angle-shaped brackets 54 of substantially the same length as v the width of the panels 39 for supporting the end of the panel 39 adjacent the column 5. Arms 56 and 51 of substantially the same structure as the arms 50 are secured to the respective columns in 4 spaced relation below the arms 59 for supporting the panels 36, 31, 39 and 40 of the shelves 8 and 1, respectively.

Mounted on the outer flanges of the columns 4 and 6 are suitable supports 59 for the end panels 42 of the shelves 1, 8 and 9, said supports being particularly illustrated in Fig. 6, and consisting of angular members 59 and 69 having the vertical leg 6'] bent to form flanges 62 adapted to engage and be secured to the webs of the channels 32 and 33 of the columns 4 and 6, said members 59 and 69 being connected adjacent the fianges 62 by an angle member 63 by welding or the like, the vertical leg 64 of the member 63 being suitably secured to the flanges of the channels 32 and 33 in such a manner that the angular members 59 and 68 form diverging arms toward the ends of the display fixture for supporting the end panels 42, said angle members 59, 60 and 63 being provided with resilient pads 65 for supporting said end panels in spaced relation to the metal members.

Illumination for the fixture is preferably provided by a light source arranged under selected shelves and/or positioned in such a manner that the articles being displayed are between said light source and the observer, whereby said light passes through said shelves and/ or the merchandise thereon for illuminating same providing an attractive display particularly where colored glass articles are placed on said shelves, and a person standing adjacent the fixture looks at the light through the glass articles and/or shelves. The fixture is also adapted for displaying other articles separately or in combination with colored glass or like articles for arranging an attractive display.

As shown in Fig. 3 the lights may consist of fluorescent tubes 56 arranged longitudinally of the fixture and supported under selective shelves, for example shelves 1 and 9. The tubes extend through the space 39 between the channels 32 and 33 and are preferably mounted thereon by means of suitable blocks 5'! having apertures 68 for said tubes. Mounted on the ends of the respective tubes are suitable terminal blocks 69 connected by conductors i8 extending downwardly through the respective columns into the base 2 to a conventional starter ll and ballast 12, a plug 73 being connected therewith and adapted for connection with a suitable source of electric current.

The display fixture constructed as described adapts itself readily to various positioning in stores and forms a very attractive display due to the various color effects that may be obtained by placing colored glassware on shelves 1 and 9 with various other merchandise on the surface 3 and shelves 8 and [9. For example toasters, pans and the like may be placed on the display surface 3. The nitches 25 may be utilized for display of other articles and various merchandise may be stored in the drawers !8 and 19, therefore substantially all of the area of the display fixture is utilized for storage and display purposes. Each and all of the panels forming the transparent shelves 1 to ill inclusive may be removed for cleaning or to accommodate special types of merchandis without disturbing merchandise located on the other portions of the display fixture.

While the preferred form of the invention has been herein shown and described, it is to be understood that various changes may be made in the details of construction and the combination [5 and arrangement of the several parts within the scope of the claims without departing from the spirit of this invention.

What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A display fixture having a base and a plurality of upright columns spaced longitudinally thereon, a plurality of vertically spaced sectional shelves each comprising, elongated transparent shelf panels on each side of the columns and each having such length that the end edges thereof align with the outer extremities of the columns longitudinally of the fixture and adjacent side edges abutting the sides of the columns, an elongated transparent shelf panel extending between the columns and having side edges aligned with the sides of said columns and abutting the adjacent side edges of the first named shelf panels, transparent end shelf panels, each having an edge abutting a column and the respective end edges of the first named shelf panels, said edge of the end sections being coextensive with the width of the columns and said first named shelf panels whereby the shelf panels cooperate to form a substantially continuous horizontal shelf surface, and shelf supporting arms secured to the columns and extending under each panel whereby said panels rest on the arms.

2. A display fixture having a base with an upper surface forming a display surface,. a plurality of upright columns supported on the base and spaced longitudinally thereof, a plurality of arms on each of the columns in vertically spaced relation extending laterally from said columns, said arms on one column being in horizontal alignment with corresponding arms on other columns, pairs of transparent shelf panels having a length substantially coextensive with the distance to the outer extremities of the columns longitudinally of the fixture, said panels being on each side of the columns and resting on certain of the arms with the adjacent side edges of said panels abutting the sides of the columns, transparent shelf panels extending between the columns and resting on certain arms with the side edges of said panels aligned with the sides of said columns and abutting the adjacent side edges of the first named shelf panels, and transparent end shelf panels, each resting on certain arms and each having an edge abutting the outer side of the end column and respective end edges of the first named shelf panels, said end edges of the end panels being coextensive with the width of the columns and said first named shelf panels whereby the upper surfaces of the shelf panels cooperate to form substantially continuous horizontal shelves surrounding the columns for supporting articles to be displayed.


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