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Publication numberUS2540718 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 6, 1951
Filing dateNov 26, 1948
Priority dateNov 26, 1948
Publication numberUS 2540718 A, US 2540718A, US-A-2540718, US2540718 A, US2540718A
InventorsDuskin Morris L
Original AssigneeDuskin Morris L
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Identification tag
US 2540718 A
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M. l.. DUSKIN IDENTIFICATION TAG Flled Nov 26 1948 llllfllllllllllllllllll!!! Patented Feb. 6, 1,951

i UNITED ASTATES PATENT ,OFFICE l v 2,540,718 i y IDENTIFICATION YTAG Morris L.A Duskin, Evanston, Ill. Application November Z6, 1948, Serial- N`o. 62,036.

This invention-relates to an identification tag and more particularly to such a tag which may be conveniently applied to luggage to permit of ready identification thereof. y

Although identification tagsy which have been used heretofore have been marked with the owners initials or lwith the name and address of the owner, such procedure has involved the imprinting of adesired combination lof a special order which is attended with delay and added expense. Y v

It is an object, therefore; of the present in. vention to provide an identificationy tag which may be readily set up to display any desired combination of marking indicia bysimple and inexpensive procedure readily effected at the time of sale. Y

Itis afurthercbjectof this invention to provide an identification tag wherein marking indicia selectively associated therewith is retained insuchassociated relationship by the attachinf'7 It is anothenobject of this invention to provide an identi'cation tag of transparent material havinga recess therein for` the reception of, selectivelyv arranged decorative marking indicia which when" so installed is visible through one side ofthe tag vandfor'the reception of further identifying data visible through the other side of thetag.

' Itis also an object of this invention to provide an identication tag which is attractive in appearance, relatively inexpensive and which may be readily equipped with desired identifying indicia at any time.

Other and further important objects of this invention will be apparent from the speciiication and the accompanying drawings.

The invention (in a preferred form)v is shown on the drawings and hereinafter more fully described.

On the drawings:

Fig. l is a plan view of an identification tag embodying the principles of this invention show'- ing the appearance from the rear side of the tag wherein the name and address of the owner may be imprinted.

Fig.' 2 is a view similar to Fig. l showing the opposite side of the tag with decorative arrangement of owners initials as viewed through the transparent cover. l

Fig. 3 is a perspective exploded view showing a preferred form of a tag embodying the principiss of, this invention, the'A manner of inserting identifying infimaV in the recess therein and 2y showing. the cover withdrawn from the body'pore tion. of the tag for" that purpose.

Fig. 4 is' an enlarged section taken on the line IV-IV of Fig. 2.

' Fig. 5l is an elevational view showing a modified form of invention'wherein a rotating slide' type" of cover is'provided', the cover in open position being shown in dotted lines.

Fig. 6' is an enlarged sectional View on 'the line VLJVI of Fig. 5.

Fig. 7 is an enlarged sectional view on the line VII--VII'of Fig; 5'. l

As shown on the drawings:

The improved' identication tag of this invention is'preferably made. from a transparent plas tic,`the partsof'whicl'i maybe molded to the form show-n. In theA form shown in Figs. l to4, inielusive, a body portion IU made of such molded when@ transparent plastic is recessed as at I I` for reception of the identifying 'indicia to be hereinafter described. Each edge-'of the recessed portion I'I is provided'- with 'a grooved track I2 which is adapted to 'slidably receive a beveled edge. Ioi'- a transparent cover lportion III so thatsuchcover portion mayl beA slid inwardly into the body portion Ii along such tracks I2 to close the top of' the recess Il'. Since the cover portion I4 is alsov Voi" transparentr plastic or similar material it is apparent thatthe'interi'or of; the recess I'I may be viewed therethrough. v'

In order to Vclosev the end oi the recess the cover portion Il' ispreferabl'y provided at its outer end with a boss or projection I5 that terminates flush with the end of the body portion when the cover is closed.

In order to provide detailed identication data, a Vcard I6 having imprinted thereon the name and address o-f the owner may be positioned in the bottom of the recess I I in such a manner that data imprinted thereon may be viewed through the bottom of the tag as shown in Fig. l.

Decorative identification indicia is provided by the markers I1 which are preferably of rectangu larv shape and formed of plastic material but'. Y

each of which may be imprinted with a different letter. It is apparent that a dealer can keep a supply of these markers I1 imprinted with various letters of the alphabet and with different designs, and that at the time of the sale of a tag embodying the present invention, any desired combination of letters may be formed by iny sertion of appropriate markers in the recess. ver III is closed the initials or other data on these markers `are visible The body member I and the cover I4 are provided with apertures I8 and I9, respectively, which are so positioned that they are in register when the cover is closed. An attaching chain may thenbe inserted through these' apertures and that chain serves two purposes, first, it holds the cover and body member in Vpermanent association and secondly, it is used for attaching the assembled tag to a piece of luggage or other artiimprinted on the card I6 is visible therethrough.

The markers I1 are retained in position and the recess isl covered by a cover member 22 which is secured to the body member by a rivet 23 that also acts as a pivot about which the cover 22 may be swung. as for example to the dotted linefY position shown in Fig. 5, to afford access to the recess in the body member andV to permit of Vinsertion of va; desired combination of markers I1 therein. The cover 22 is of transparent material, such for example as molded plastic or sheet plastic, to permit viewing the indicia` on the markers Iztherethrough.

Registering apertures are provided in the cover 22 and inthe body member2l at-the end thereof opposite the pivot23 and a chain 20a engaged through these apertures," as in the previous form, serves to retain theY cover and body -member vin assembled association and asa means for attaching the tagto a piece of luggage or other article to be identified thereby, t Y

Itwill `be apparentfrom the foregoing description thatthe identification tag o f this invention `is susceptible of economical manufacture in that it may be readily equipped with desired identification data at the time of sale by the simple expedientv of removing the cover member, insertinga suitably imprinted card I6 and thereafter a suitable arrangement of markers I1, after which the cover member is returned to closed' position, the chain 20 or 20a inserted through to affix the tag to a piece of luggage in the usual manner.

I 'am aware that various details of construction may be varied Without departing from the principles of this invention and I, therefore, do

not purpose limiting the patent granted hereon otherwise than necessitated by the scope of the appended claim.

I claim as my invention:

An identification tag comprising a body of molded transparent plastic or the like, said body having one fiat face and an opposite face defining an open ended elongate recess therein, the edges of the recess being stepped to define a markerseating lportion and dovetailed guide tracks, a card adapted to have characteristic markings thereon insertable inthe marker-seating portion of the recess, said card being visible through the fiat face of the body, a plurality of markers adapted to have characters thereon insertable in the marker-seating portion of the recess in abutting relationship to the card, a cover made of molded' transparent plastic o r the like. said cover having bevelled edges for mating engagement withsaid dovetailed guide tracks and being positionable in the body to abut the markers so as to permit visibilityof the markers therethrough, a boss dep fined on one end of the cover, said boss defining'` fili a configuration to matingly seat within the open" end ofthe body recess, said boss terminating flush with the end 4of the body portion when the:

the tag to an article to be identified.

the registering apertures therein andin the body member to hold the body and cover in permanent association. Thereafter, the chain may be used MORRIS L. DUSKIN,

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International ClassificationG09F3/08, G09F7/08, G09F3/18, G09F7/02
Cooperative ClassificationG09F7/08, G09F3/18
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