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Publication numberUS2541029 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 13, 1951
Filing dateFeb 2, 1948
Priority dateFeb 2, 1948
Publication numberUS 2541029 A, US 2541029A, US-A-2541029, US2541029 A, US2541029A
InventorsCalvin Burton Walten Charles
Original AssigneeCalvin Burton Walten Charles
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Reclining accessory for bathtubs
US 2541029 A
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1951 w. c. c. BURTON RECLINING ACCESSORY FOR BATI'XTUBS 3 Sheets-Sheet l Filed Feb. 2, 1948 Feb. 1951 w. c. c. BURTON RECLINING ACCESSORY FOR BATHTUBS 5 Sheets-Sheet 2 Filed Feb. 2, 1948 7.2- 5 z4 Z/ /Za M M vM 9 3 Sheets-Sheet 5 W. C. C. BURTON RECLINING ACCESSORY FOR BATHTUBS Feb. 13, 1951 Filed Feb. 2, 1948 Patented Feb. 13, 1951 UNITED F FICEL nscamme ACCESSORY FOB sarn'rnss Walten'Gharles Galui-n Burtnmiiloiumbusfilthia Apnli'catibn February 2, 1948,, Serial No. 5,811

This inventionreal tss toa bathing and 1 reclining accessory.

An object" or thi's invention isto provitlea bathingand reclinihg'accessory maybemounh ed in a bath tub whereby the user' may: take a steam ba-t'hwithout becoming chilledl the device including a padding engageable within a tub; and

a flexible cover which may besecured to the edges or the padding by intereng-ageablefastening means.

Another object of this inventionis to provide a device of this kind which can be used" within a tub; or if desired may-be used as a or picnic accessory and provide an enclosed padding or mat outdoors. The'coverirrgbeing'removable, the padding: may used either: with or" without the covering when the device is used: outdoors. The device may a1sobe used in a. tub without the covering where it is desired to restor recline in hot water or the like.

To the foregoingcbgiects; and others which may hereinaftermore fully appear; the invention cons-i'sts oi thenovel construction, combination and arrangement of parts, as will be-more specifically referred ta and illustrated i-lr the accompanying drawings, but it istabe understood thatchan-ges, variatiensg and modifications may be resorted to which fall with-in the scope or the invention as claimed.

In the drawings:

Figure 1 is a plan view of a bathing and reclining accessory constructed accordin to an embodiment of this invention.

Figure 2 is a plan view of the device with the cover removed.

Figure 3 is a plan view of the mat or padding.

Figure 4 is a plan view of the cover.

Figure 5 is a plan view of the cushion.

Figure 6 is a longitudinal section taken substantially on the line 6-6 of Figure 3.

Figure 7 is a transverse section taken substantially on the line 1-1 of Figure 3.

Figure 8 is a longitudinal section of a modified form of pad or mat.

Figure 9 is a transverse section of the modified form of mat or pad shown in Figure 8.

Referring to the drawings, the numeral l0 designates generally a conventional bath tub having a well I I. In order to provide a means whereby a person may obtain a steam bath or the like in the well H of the tub, I have provided a mat or padding, generally designated as I2 which is adapted to engage in the well ll of the tub. The mat or padding I2 is formed of a longitudinally disposed main pad M having longitudinally ex-.

1 claim (or. tr-16%):

tending side or wing pads l5 extending therefrom. Themain pad M is formed of an upper newbie-cover N3 and a lower flexible member i=6; wing or side member L5 is formed of upper and lower flexible cover members i=1 t3 and the coversl'F and i=3 maybe-formed integral with the covers F3 and 16 respectively, and the j'unc tier-r between the central member it and the win-g members may' be defined by a line of stitching F9.

The mat or pad r2 also includes a head: pad member 26 which is formed of upper" and lower flexible walls 2*! and 22* which may be formed in teg-ral-with the walls 4 3 and t5, respectively; and

the inner end or junction between the head member ZlFa-nd thebottonr pad member I 5"- maybe defined bya transverseline ofstitching 2 3 Each wing 15 has secured thereto an arm rest pad member 2 which is secured to the inner wall W of the wing and the arm rest members 2 4 are adapted} when the device is in the well of a tubtoengage on the-upper sideof a pillow or cushion member 25; The pillow or cushion member Z5 is disposed adjacent the head end of the central pad member Wr and being free or" themat or pad t2", cushion 25 may beshifted to any desired or" convenient position.

The marginal edges of the wing members t5 have an interengageable fastening means 26 secured thereto and therasteningmeans 216= extends about the foot end of the central pad M as indicated at 27 so that a single slider may be used for securing the cover to the Wings and the base or bottom pad member M. The head pad 20 is also provided with interengageable fasteners 28 for engagement with complementary fasteners carried by the cover as will be hereinafter described.

A flexible cover 29 which may be formed of waterproof fabric, vulcanized fabric or the like is adapted to engage over the padding member 12 when disposed in the well of a tub. The cover 29 has a configuration similar to the configuration of the well of a tub being elongated with a rounded head end and the cover 29 is provided with interengageable fastening means 30 on the outer edges thereof which are complementary to the fastening means 26 and 2?. The fastening means 30 terminates as indicated at 3| at substantially the neck portion of the covering. The upper rounded head end 32 of the covering 29 has fastening means 33 secured to the outer edge thereof which are complementary to the fastening means 28.

The cover 29 is split through the longitudinal center thereof as indicated at 34 and complementary interengageable fastening means 35 are secured to the edges of the split central portion 34 so that this split may be closed and preferably the slider for closing the split portion of the cover 29 is engageable from the inside of the cover. The cover 29 is formed with a rounded opening 38 at the head end thereof through which the head of the user may be extended. The cover 29 is also formed with a pair of split portions 31 inwardly from the head opening 36 and the slits 31 include interengageable fastening means 38 so that these slits may, if desired, be closed. When the slits 31 are open the arms of the user may be extended through these slits.

Referring now to Figures 8 and 9, there is disclosed an inflatable bathing and reclining device which is similar in every detail to the construction shown in Figures 1 to 7, with the exception that the padding between the walls of the device has been removed and the flexible material of which the device is formed is air-tight, being formed of rubberized fabric, rubber or the like. The main longitudinal pad 14a is formed of upper and lower flexible walls 13a and lBa which are formed of air-tight material and the head member 20a is formed of flexible walls 21a and 22a and the walls 2 la and 22a may be formed integral with the walls [3a and 16a. A pair of wings or side members I5a are carried by the lengthwise edges of the member Ma and the wing members l5ia arealso of inflatable construction and com,- municate with the interior of the main body member Ma so that the entire pad may be inflated through a-single air valve 39. The wing members l5a also include arm rest members 24a which communicate with the interior of the wing members 15a and receive air under pressure from the interior of the wing members. It will be understood that the marginal edges of the structure shown in'Figures 8 and 9 will include interengageable fastening means so that a cover similar to the cover 29 may be detachably secured to the inflated pad or mat.

In the use of this device the lower pad or mat 12 may be placed in the well I l of a tub with the head member 28 oppositely from the water discharge nozzle usually present at one end of the tub. The cover 29 may be secured about the marginal edge portions thereof to the marginal portions of the base pad l2 with the central slit 34 left open so that a person may enter between the cover and the pad. When a person is reclining on the pad I! the centralslit may be closed by pulling the slider from the foot end of the device, thereby snugly closing the cover about the neck, with only the head of the user projecting therefrom.

This device may alsobe used as a beach pad or apicnicaccessory and the cover 29 may optionally be used when the device is used outdoors.

I claim:

A reclining accessory for disposing in a bathtub comprising a pad member formed of an elongated impervious pad, a pair of elongated wings extending from the lengthwise edges of said pad, an impervious head pad extending from one end of said first pad and formed with divergent side edges, an arm rest'pad carried by the inner side of each wing adjacent said head pad, an impervious flexible cover having a length slightly greater than the length of said first pad and having a width substantially the same as the width of said first pad, said cover having a lengthwise slit and a head opening, means securing the edges of said slit together, and correlated fastening means carried by said cover about the marginal edges thereof and the outer edges of said wings, said head and the foot end of said first pad, said cover when in applied position holding said wings and head pad in upwardly inclined position.


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U.S. Classification4/573.1
International ClassificationA47K3/12
Cooperative ClassificationA47K3/12
European ClassificationA47K3/12