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Publication numberUS2542246 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1951
Filing dateJan 24, 1947
Priority dateJan 24, 1947
Publication numberUS 2542246 A, US 2542246A, US-A-2542246, US2542246 A, US2542246A
InventorsGrosz Zoltan J
Original AssigneeGrosz Zoltan J
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Handbag convertible to a shoulder bag
US 2542246 A
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Feb. 20, 1951 z, J, GRQSZV 2,542,246



ZoltanJ'. Grosz, New York, N. Y.

Application January 24, 1947, Serial No. 724,179

2 Claims.

The present invention relates to aladys handbag convertible-to a shoulder bag.

It is the object of the present invention to providealadys bag which maybe used as a handbag that I may be carried by the hand or under thearm, or as ashoulder bag; supported by a strap from the shoulder;

It is also an object ofthepresent invention to providea bagof the-character described which may be converted from ahandbagto a shoulder bag with a single, slmple and rapid operation that may, be carried outwith one. hand- It isa still further object" of'the present invention to provide a bag of the character described which is of simplified construction and is provided with simple means for conversion from one type to the other that are safe and certain in operation and which is easy and convenient to manipulate.

The foregoing and other advantages and superiorities of the convertible bag. of the present invention will become more readily apparent from the accompanying drawing showing one embodiment thereof and from the description following. It is to be understood, however, that such embodiment is shown b way of illustration only, to make the principles and practice of the invention more readily comprehensible to those skilled in the art, and without any intent of limiting the invention to the specific details therein shown.

In the drawing:

Fig. 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment of the bag of the present invention, viewed from one side thereof, and showing the strap handle released from its handbag position and ready for extension to form the shoulder type bag; and

Fig. 2 is a perspective view of the same, viewed from the other side thereof, showing the strap fully extended for supporting the bag from the shoulder.

Referring more specifically to the accompanying drawing, the bag of the present invention, generally designated as Ill, may be made of any material conventionally used for the purpose, as natural or artificial leather, plastic, cloth, or the like and may be of generally conventional construction.

The bag ID is formed with side walls, II, and with a connecting and spacing member or gusset, I2, extending along the ends and bottom of the bag and forming end Walls, I3, I3a, and a bottom wall, M. The gusset may be inwardly offset from the edges of the side walls, Ii, in any suitable manner which is well known in the art and not thought necessary to be shown in detail,

to provide a trough-like guideway along the ends and bottom of the bag, designated'as [6a, for the purpose which will hereinafter become clear.

The bag ma beprovidedwith a closure of any conventional type, such as a lock frame, slide fastener or in the form of a flap, I5 xtending from one side wall, I I, over the top of the bag and engaging by a lock, I6; the other side wall thereof.

The bag, Iii, is provided with a handle in the form of a strap, I1, which is secured'at one end, I8, adjacent the upper edge of one of the end W8.11'S,'I3.- Thest'rap, I'll} is'of sufficientlengtli to extend in spacedrelation' over the top of tliebag to form-the handle portion; I9; and to pass all around the bag, along its other end, I3a and bottom walls, Within the trough, Ifia, to have its other end, 2i], releasably secured adjacent the end I8 thereof.

Preferably, the releasable securing means for the end 2! may comprise a turnlock element, 2I, which may be stapled through the end I8 and the gusset, I2, to thereby serve also as the securing means for such end I8, and which may have a stud, 22, and an oval shaped turning element, 23, on the top thereof. A grommet, 24, having the oval opening, 25, therein, is set into the end, 26, of the strap, 11.

It will be apparent that when the end 20, of the strap, It, is passed around the ends and bottom of the bag and the grommet is fitted over the stud, 22, and the end 23, is turned, the strap will be locked in place in shortened position, for use as a conventional handbag, capable of being carried by hand or under the arm.

In order to have the strap extended for use as a shoulder bag, supported from the shoulder, after the end 29 is released from the lock element, 2 I, and keep the end ZI! connected to the bag, there is provided on the end wall, I3a, opposite the one having the lock element, 2I, adjacent the upper edge thereof, a horizontally disposed bar, 26, disposed within a trough, I511, and slightly spaced from the Wall, I I, sufiiciently to receive and guide the strap, H, but not sufliciently to permit the Withdrawal therethrough of the thickened edge, 2?, of the strap end, 20, which may be formed by doubling over the end, to form a loop and placing a rod or bar Within the loop to prevent its flattening out.

This completes the description of one embodiment of the convertible bag of the present invention. It will be readily apparent that such bag is convenient for use, being capable of conversion from one type to the other by simple means easily, simply and rapidly operated; that the conversion and modification may be made in the embodiment illustrated, by any one skilled in the art, within the principles of the invention and without the use of any inventive ingenuity. I, therefore, desire to be protected for all such variations and modifications that may be made within the spirit of the invention and the scope of the claim hereto appended.

I claim: 1. A handbag of the character described, comprising a bag having side walls, end walls and a bottom wall, said end and bottom walls being inwardly spaced from the edges of the said side walls to form a guide trough for a strap, a strap secured by one end to one of said end walls adjacent its upper edge, said strap passing over the top of the bag and being of a length sufficient to pass around the ends and bottom thereof, means for releasably securing the free end to the first of said end walls adjacent the secured end of the said strap, and means on the opposed end wall for automatically engaging the said free strap end when it is re leased from the said first end wall.

2. A handbag of the character described, comprising a bag having side walls, end walls and a bottom wall, said end and bottom walls being inwardly spaced from the edges of said side walls to form a guide trough for a strap, a strap secured by one endby a turnlock element to one end wall of the said bag, said strap passing over the top of said bag and being of suflicient length to pass around the ends and bottom of the said bag, within the said trough, a grommet set into the free end of said strap adapted to be releasably engaged on said turnlock element, a transversely disposed bar arranged within the said trough on the opposed of said end walls and spaced ther from to form a guideway for said strap, and means on the free end of said strap for preventing i passage through the said guideway formed by th said bar.


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