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Publication numberUS2542400 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1951
Filing dateMar 26, 1948
Priority dateMar 26, 1948
Publication numberUS 2542400 A, US 2542400A, US-A-2542400, US2542400 A, US2542400A
InventorsDonofrio John M
Original AssigneeDismat Corp
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Infant's anchored dish
US 2542400 A
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Feb. 20, 1951 J. M. DONOFRIO 2,542,400

INFANTS ANCHORED DISH Filed March 26 1948 7 j gwuwm g fihr; iZ Dana/2Z0 Patented Feb. 20, 1951 John M. Don'ofrim Toledo} Ohio, assignnr to" Dismat Corporation, ,Toledo, .Ohio,. a corpora-" tion of Ohimv Applicatio'ifMar-cli 2e, 194s,serial-manger. 3 Claims. (01. 65-15) This invention relates to anchoring of vessels, carriers and containers, especially against shifting as to a normal support region therefor, thru the medium of concealed means more readily responsive to attachment than detachment.

, This invention has utility when incorporated in dishes, more particularly as to food containers to be placed on trays for infants. There is adjustable placing of the dish at a location where the child may reach it for access to the food therein. However, it is primarily in order that the parent or nurse, in this act of placing the dish, shall do so by relying more than on the mere contents of the dish and the weight of the dish. That is, the dish is given a slight thrust flatwise as to its under face or side, at least to have its drop rim exposure to the child.

This invention may also be used for anchoring cuspidors, dog dishes and the like, to the floor or their supporting surfaces.

Referring to the drawings:

Fig. 1 is a plan view of an embodiment of the invention in a food dish for infants;

Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the dish of Fig. l, a portion being broken away in proximity to a suction cup therefor;

Fig. 3 is an enlarged sectional fragment of the dish with a suction cup therefor partly in sec 1 tion; and

Fig. 4 is a fragmentary detail of the dish and a suction cup therefor in gripping relation as to a supporting face, such as the top of a tray for an infants highchair.

An infant's food dish I is herein shown as of a circular form having a food-carrying bottom 2 1 bounded by a riser wall 3 extending to a top 4 from which there is herein shown a slightly outwardly flaring depending rim 5 with a free endless edge 6. The rim edge 6, desirably lies in a plane to some extent lower than underside 'l of the dish I be molded, as of plastic, there may be an" approximately uniform wall thickness thru-' out, thereby leaving a re-entrant space or channel 8 open at the lower side and between the rim 5 and the riser wall 3. There is shown uniformly spaced about in the groove or channel 8, wall thickened regions, columns or lugs 9 in which may be screw portions ID of suction cups having base or collar portions I l with flat upper side l2 snugly seating against flat complementary lower side l3 of the lug 9.

From the suction cup base portion ll, say of yieldable rubber-like material, and integral therewith is a spread or flare portion having a convex outer face or zone I 4 with an inner concave polar zone face l5. Remote from the base II, the faces l4, l5, terminate in a circular planar yieldable ring face IS. The face I6 is, at normal or uncompressed position for the device, in a flat relation parallel to the faces l2, I3. Under the invention, the concave face l5 defines an open bottom cup or chamber ll of extent fractionally below the plane of the edge 6. When the vessel or dish I is thrust downwardly to anchor it by means of the suction cups, the faces l4 and I5 of the cups are distorted and spread, reducing the capacity of the cup H and changing it into the form l8 as shown in Fig. 4, wherein also the face I6 is tilted as at H! to the surface 20, of a tray Or the like, to which the cups adhere.

What is claimed and it is desired to secure by Letters Patent is:

1. A dish to be held having a bottom lying in a first plane, there bein integral with said bottom a riser wall rising to a top, surrounding said bottom a depending endless rim connected to said top but spaced from said riser wall and therebetween forming a channel, said rim having a free lower edge in a second plane spaced more remotely from said top than said first plane, there being a plurality of thickened portions forming columns in said channel integral with a wall of said channel and providing seats at the lower end of said columns, and suction cups attached to said columns having surfaces seated against said seats, said suction cups lyin within the periphery of said depending rim and being substantially concealed by said rim.

2. A vessel to be anchored to a flat support, said vessel having a bottom lying in a first plane, there being integral with said bottom a riser wall rising to a top with a dependent rim spaced from said riser wall to form an endless channel with said rim having a free lower edge extending downwardly to a second plane spaced more remotely from said top than said first plane, there being a plurality of seat-providing lugs in said channel integral with said riser wall, and suction cups having complementary seats assembled against said lug seats, said suction cups lying within the periphery of said depending rim and being substantially concealed by said rim.

3. An infants dish to be anchored to a table top, said dish having a planar bottom bounded by a downwardly open channel integral therewith formed by a riser wall rising to a top and thence downwardly extending into a skirt having a free edge lower rim in a plane spaced downwardly from said planar bottom, there being seatproviding lugs integral with said channel, and suction cups havin complementary seats assembled against said lug seats, said suction cups lying within the periphery of said skirt rim and 15 being substantially concealed by said skirt.


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International ClassificationA47G19/10, A47G19/00
Cooperative ClassificationA47G19/10
European ClassificationA47G19/10