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Publication numberUS2542781 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 20, 1951
Filing dateFeb 14, 1947
Priority dateFeb 14, 1947
Publication numberUS 2542781 A, US 2542781A, US-A-2542781, US2542781 A, US2542781A
InventorsJohn H Sawyer
Original AssigneeJohn H Sawyer
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Inflatable mattress unit
US 2542781 A
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Feb. 20, 1951 J. H. SAWYER INFLATABLE MATTRESS UNIT Filed Feb. 14, 1947 Patentecl Feb. 20, l95l UNITED STATES PATENT OFFICE INFLATABLE MATTRESS UNIT John H. Sawyer, Mobile, Ala.

' Application February 14, 1947, Serial No. 728,443

2 Claims.

The present invention relates to improvements in inflatable mattress unit and has for an object to provide an improved pneumatic mattress unit to replace the present forms of inner-spring mattress units which may be constructed at substantial saving in initial cost and yet have improved emciency over the conventional types of mattresses now in use.

Another object of the invention is to provide an improved form of pneumatic mattress so constructed and arranged that more or less volume of air at greater or less pressure may be introduced to the interior of the mattress to satisfy individual taste, more air being introduced to accommodate a person desiring a firm mattress, while for a soft mattress the user would introduce a lesszr volume of air.

A further object of the invention is to provide an improved inflatable mattress so constructed and arranged as to be easily inserted in the conventional mattress cover by the ordinary purchaser without requiring the services of a specialist in this field of work.

A still further object of the invention resides in providing an improved inflatable mattress unit which is light in weight, easily moved, and capable of being folded or bent into any shape without harm to the unit. 7

A still further object of the invention is to provide an improved inflatable mattress unit capable of being completely deflated for purposes of shipping or moving, thus occupying small space as compared to present type mattresses.

Other objects of the invention are to provide a unit that is waterproof, in which usage does not cause deterioration, which has long life and retains its elasticity through continued use, in which the mattress cover is not subjected to the hazards encountered with inner-spring mattIGSSiS and therefore has longer life and maintains its presentable state, the mattress cover protecting the rubber mattress from puncture and other damage.

With the foregoing and other objects in view, the invention will be more fully described hereinaftcr and mor partcularly pointed out in the appended claims.

In the drawings, in which like parts are denoted by the same reference characters throughout the several views,

Figure 1 is a perspective view, with parts broken away and parts shown in section, of an improved inflatable mattress unit constructed in accordance with the present invention.

Figure 2 is a transversesection, taken on an enlarged scale, through the unit with parts broken away and parts shown in section.

Figure 3 is a fragmentary edge elevation along one longitudinal edge of the mattress.

Figure 4 is a fragmentary perspective view showing the interior cellular construction of the unit.

Referring more particularly to the drawings, ll designates a mattress cover containing the improved unit which is provided with a nozzle or valve stem containing the usual valve core by which a service air pressure hose nozzle may be applied to the mattress for the purpose of introducing air under pressure to the internal cells thereof.

This unit is formed of rubber or other suitable material fabricated into a cellular construction in which longitudinal spaced parallel partitions l l intersect transverse spaced and parallel partitions 22, the partitions intersecting at the zones l2 where the same are molded or vulcanized together. Horizontally elongated slots I5 are made in the longitudinal partitions l4 and are spaced apart vertically and arranged in preferably parallel arrangement. The companion transverse partitions 22 have vetically elongated slots 23 therein which are spaced apart and substantially parallel to one another. Preferably two such vertical slots 23 are provided to four of the horizontal slots l5 although this precise number is not essential and the openings I5 and 23 may be of other forms although this particular arrangement gives very efficient results as hereinafter described. The cells between the partitions I4 and 22 are closed at the top and bottom by the horizontal rubber or other sheets I!) and 24, the same being vulcanized or otherwise connected to the upper edges of the transverse partitions 22 by seams 25 and also being connected to the longitudinal partitions M. In the same way longitudinal side walls 20 of rubber form continuations of the upper and lower sheets l9 and 24 and are seamed at 26 to the side edges of the transverse partitions.

The entire unit comprising the partitions M and 22, the top and bottom walls [9 and 24, the longitudinal side walls 20 and including end walls are all preferably made of rubber sheets of material having resiliency and capable of expansion and contraction. This entire unit may be introducedinto the cover II which cover may have a lining l 6 of felt or cotton placed next to the rubber internal unit and being attached to the interior of the cover II through the application of -quilting or the like ll. The mattress cover may be provided with a zipper 18 or the like through which, when opened, the inflatable unit may be inserted.

In use, air is introduced through the valve stem [3. This valve stem is shown as placed at a substantially central position of the unit but its relative position is unimportant as the air may flow in common to all of the cells between the partitions l4 and 22 through the slots l5 and 23. Therefore all of the cells will be inflated to the same pressure and this pressure may be high or low according to the desires and dictates of the occupant of the mattress.

The partitions T4 and 22 serve a number "of functions: they equalize the air pressure through the firm attachment of the rubber sheets I9, 24 and 2B. The seams 25 and 26 occur at regular intervals, thus preventing the bulg-in-g-af the mattress unit; secondly, the partition structure increases the efiiciency and the ruggedness of the unit; thirdly, the partitions serve to support the superimposed weight; fo'urtli'l'y,"i'lh'epartitions provide points of comiection 253 which strengthen the mattress structure throughout; and n-fthly, these partitions-enable the inclusion of the slots t5 and '23 whereby the cells may be air filled to the desired pressure in a short time and whereby all of the 'cells will instantlywcommunicate changes of pressure to one another through the entireunit.

It to be understood that the reinforcement or partition units "I l "and :23 are attached tothe rubber-sheets l9 and 24 at the top and at the bottom and also at the sides 20 by vulcanizin'g or any other proper method or application of heat and 'iressure.

It is also to be noted that the openings f|5 and 23 are shown in 'two'rdifierent forms, that :is, vertical and horizontal. Snch'openings "are placed in the partitions I 4 and .22 for two reasons; first, to allow the air to equalize throughout the mattress unit :and, secondly, to keep the partitions 14 "and 722 from being too rigid. iDherefore almost "any type or shape of open-5mg would serve in these partitions, those shown in the "drawings being merely two isugge'stive types which however have certain functions in 'relation to the material, namely rubber, tit-which the cell block is fformed. For instance, the blank wallsof thepartition's 2M and 22 between the slots 15 and 123 'form con- 'necting webs which are the rigid portions of the partitions. in the case of the horizontally elongated slo'ts; the :slots =15 are shorter than "the vertical slots 23 but the :slots are preferably more numerous :to :provide three connecting webs between the slets to compensate with more imater'ial of the partitions :M ior the weaknessprer- Iduced by slots .15 which lru'n horizontally and therefore produceagreater weakness-n1 averticall 7 direction than do the slots .2 3 ofthe'ipartitionsazz, the :slots '23 being "very :narrow in ia Vertical :sense so that vertically the major area of the partitions :2-2 is unimpaired and not weakened. Again, the change of direction of length of the slots Hi5 and 23 presents changes'of iport area to the air so that the flow of :air tends to vbe unidirectional through successive partitions M rand iinidirectional through jpartitions 2 2-.; otherwise if the :air turns at right angles :from the horizontally elong'ated'slots to-the vertically elongatedislots fl,

.tress units and also any type cushion which has 75 4 an inner-spring unit or inner-spring construction. The improved inflatable mattress unit is ideal for use in boats and ships because of its extremely light weight.

It is to be understood that while the unit is to "he cempcsednf rubberfi t is "in M0 sense like the present type sponge i ubber er foain mattresses or cushions, and the present invention is not to be confounded with the present type iniiatable mattresses used on camping trips or the like, inasmuch as the improved mattress unit acooriiing th the present invention is primarily intended to replace inner-spring mattress units.

The partitions may be vertical or horizontal or health; or if preferred, diagonal partitions may be employed.

While I have disclosed herein the best dorm of-the invention -known to mje atthe present time, desire it to be understood that Lreserv-e the .r-igh-t to make el-ianges and modifications in the hereindescribed embodiment hi the invention provided such changes tall within the scope of the following-claims. I

What I claim is: V 7

i1. inflatable :unit made of rubber rfor .re- .placing innerspring units comprising a plural- :ityoi parallel transverse partitions having @a plurality of verticall elongated-slots thereth-nough, a plurality of parallel longitudinal partitions ihavinga plurality of horizontally elongated slots therethr-oug'h, said Jon'gitudinal and transverse partitions :fOlmii-lg box-like :air icell supports tor providing over their surface area ;.a iriggid support, top and bottom walls for :saidiunit, and 'side :and end walls for said unit the :height ef said walls being :gubstantially that of said partitions, Esaid transverse j-parti-tions being secured at "their extremities to :said 'side walls and said longitudinal partitions being secured at their extremities to said :end walls =ior providing :a transversely and :l'ongitudinally stabilized?unit.

2. inflatable imit as claimed in fclaiin 1 whereinthe 310135 in :sa'sid dong itudinal ipartitions are disposed with their major axisisnbstantialh' horizontal and are disposed vertically one above the other while said slots in said transverse martitions are disposed with their .cna-jor axis 2811bis'tantially vertical rand are hrranged aside by=side, all of isaid :slots b'enrg ipermanently iopened :slots thereby providing {3, continuous massage Bffll air .rncm one cell to :another to maintain :eq-ualpresfsure throughout the box-line cells nd the ;unit.

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human zrzrrrnrrs

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