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Publication numberUS254286 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 28, 1882
Filing dateApr 2, 1881
Publication numberUS 254286 A, US 254286A, US-A-254286, US254286 A, US254286A
InventorsFrederick S. Dellenbaugh
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US 254286 A
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(No Model.) v

T. lS. DELLENBAUGH- HOLLOW Ammh No. 254,286. Patented Feb. 28,1882.A




SPECIFICATION forrriing` part of Letters Patent No. 254,286, dated lFel )ruary"28, 1882.t l

Application tiled `Apri121, 1881. (Nomodc1.) r

' 5 vented certain new and useful Improvements in Hollow Bits; andI do vhereby declare that the follow-in g is' a full', clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and to the letters of referwence marked thereon, making a part'of this l specification.

This invention relates to an improved' boring-tool or auger; and it has for its objects to provide a tool orbit which maybe` employed x 5f in connection with a brace or'other deviceand;

whereby a circular aperture may be produced in the material to be bored with greater facility and expedition than heretofore, while the tendency to split the material will be materizol allylessened, if not whollyobvinted, and a truer go'sists of a cylinder, of steel, having, a boss orl and smoother aperture produced. These objects I attain by the .devices illustrated in the accompanying drawings, in which-a- Figure 1' represents a view showing my im' 4 25 proved bit attached'to a brace. Fig. 2 represents a detached perspective view of my iin- .proved bit, and Fig. 3 represents a sectional View of the same. The letter A indicates the' bit, which conhead, B', at the upper end',adapted to t'in the socket in the drill-brace, and apertures by which it may be held bythe screw or spring'- catch thereof. The other end of'said cylin- 3-5 der. is provided with a .series of saw-teeth, C,

inclined in the same'direction', as clearly indicated in the drawings. rlfhe said teeth maybe set, if desired, in the same man-ner as an`ordi.

nary saw, a'id the inclination or-angle may' be varied according to the material dto be bored, whether'hard or'soft-. t

' l It will be seen from the above description 'that I have' an auger-bitwhich hasan opening I ot' the same .diameter entirely through it, so that when itis used in combination with the angular brace thecore"`will Kpass through the' l lsocket of the bracel't` inteededby my invention to make saw-dust or-s`iavings ofthe-X core, butto bore through a pla-nk or'beam and allow the solid core to pass freely.- It is also essential to my invention to have the. upper end of the hollow bit re-enforced, so that the bit can be securedrigidly to the socket of the breast-bracewithout bending or-'crushing the bit, and without the necessityof using such a ofthe core.l

The combination of the tubular bit',the sersecuring'the 'bit to the brace, substantially as described. i 4 L'In testimony whereof I aflixmy-signaturmin presence of two witnesses, this 14th day of April, 1881. n l l j l y' FREDERICK s. nnttnr'iiiuem Witnesses:


'Jon'N H. RNsrIAwE. A

rations C, the shoulder ofthe brace H, having l the angular curves, thesocket G' ofthe brace, y. having au openingV through it, and means for 6s S5 fastening aswouldinterferewitli the expulsion A.

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Cooperative ClassificationB23B51/0473